The Muggle of Hogwarts

Mavis Frank gets a letter from Hogwarts. Mavis Frank gets into 9/34. But Mavis Frank is a muggle.


3. Staying


Dread poured over me. 

"Oh no!" I cried. "Please don't send me home..." 

"Of COURSE we are sending you home!" Kimberly shrieked. "A muggle at Hogwarts? PREPOSTEROUS!" 

"Now, now." Professor McGonagal said sternly. "I believe that maybe Miss Frank could be an experiment if we let her stay at Hogwarts." 

"Wha...?" Kimberly said, dazed. "I don't know, Minerva. It could be dangerous." 

"Or it could be the best choice Hogwarts has ever made," McGonagal said. "we won't know unless we try." 

"Ok, maybe." Kimberly scowled at me.

"I'll call up a staff meeting to explain the idea," McGonagal said. "go round up whoever you find, Matilda, alright?" 

"Sure." Kimberly hurried away. 

"Lucky you," Milo said. 

"Yeah." I grinned. 


"Ok," McGonagal said. I was back in her office next to the sorting hat, who was glaring at me. "The Sorting Hat will sort you. Again." 

"Salazar Slytherin would despise this rotten idea." The Hat spat. 

"Ready?" McGonagal asked ignoring the hat. 

"Sure." I shrugged. McGonagal slowly put the hat on my head. Before he said anything, I knew where I'd be. 

"Hufflepuff." The Hat growled. "Useless muggle."

"That would be enough, Hat," McGonagal said sternly. Then she turned to me. "Your stuff will be moved to your dormitory. Room 657." 

"Thanks, Professor," I said. McGonagal waved her wand at my luggage, and it disappeared. "But first, can I ask you a question?" 

"MAY I ask you a question." She corrected. "Yes, you may." 

"What use am I to Hogwarts?" I asked. 

"Well," McGonagal said slowly. "Communication, muggle learning, many things. I would like to learn how to use the Inertet."

"The Internet." I corrected. 

"Well, yes." She nodded. "I have heard the devices invented by muggles are quite intelligent. I think having them here would be handy. I would want to test them first, of course." 

"Sure." I smiled. I turned to leave but stopped. "Thank you, professor."

"My pleasure," McGonagal said, and I exited her office, and began to head to the Hufflepuff common room, which was right near the kitchens. 

"Helga Hufflepuff..." I hummed as I tapped the rhythm the brown barrels like McGonogal told me to. "barrel two from the bottom, middle of the second row... whoops!" I cried as I tapped the wrong barrel. The lid flew off, and I was squirted with vinegar. 

"Who's there!"A high-pitched voice shrieks from inside. two girls pop out, one with black hair that was tied into braids, and the other with brown chestnut hair that flowed down her back. 

"Sorry, I tapped the wrong barrel!" I apologized. 

"You're not in Hufflepuff." The girl with the braids said. 

"I just got sorted," I muttered, glancing down at my soaked clothes. 

"Hey, aren't you that muggle?" the other one said loudly. 

"Oh, uh, yeah." I shrugged. 

"Why are you trying to break into our dormitory?" Braids said. "You should be on the train going back to wherever you came from." 

"Nope," I said, proudly. "I'm staying as an experiment." 

"In Hufflepuff?" Chestnut laughed. "Go get your own muggle laboratory where they can do their experiments on you."

"Is there a problem?" Milo said, coming over, from inside. "Oh, hey Mavis." He nodded toward me.

"Hiiiiiiii, Millllloooooo!" Braids giggled. 

"So you're in Hufflepuff, now?" He asked. I nodded. "That's great! C'mon in!" I paused and glanced at my clothes. Milo chuckled. "Here," he said. He waved his wand at my clothes, and they were dry. 

"Wow, Milo!" Chestnut gasped. "You're sooooooo smartttttt, aren't youuuuuu?"

"So you've met Fiona and Jane, have you?" Milo asked. 

"Vaguely." Jane (braids) said. 

"Well then..." Milo said. "Let's go inside." Fiona and Jane giggled, and followed him. I sighed.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, Mavis." I muttered to myself.

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