Narry: Last Chance

College boys. Niall is your typical gay, always near his 'friend with benifits' Louis. But Niall has one thing on his mind... The luscious bad ass Harry frickin Styles. Only two things stand in his way:
1. The fact that Harry's 100% straight
2. Liam. The homophobic fuckboy who happens to be Harry Styles' best friend.
Will Narry ever sail or it is just a ship ready to sink...?

*For the 'battle of the fandoms' comp*


9. Relief

Niall's POV

I opened Facebook, and went to my notifications. I scrolled through a couple of posts Louis tagged me in, until I got to it...

Liam Payne Tagged You and 19 Others In A Post

19 others? Shit, within hours everyone will be sharing it. I can imagine what they'll be saying:

'Hey, Did you here about that Niall Horan kid assaulting Harry?'

Help me.

I looked around, Louis was in the kitchen. Nervously, I clicked, expecting a picture of Harry and I kissing, with a disgusting caption. Instead, I found something I never expected of Liam Payne.

You and 19 Others Were Tagged In This Picture:

The picture was white text on a black background saying 'Tag Your Mates'.

What the actual fuck?

I clicked on the '19 others'

Nessa Way

Fredrick Turner

Max Smith

Samantha Red

Wait. These were all nerds?

I scrolled down.







At first I expected it to be one of Liam's 'funny' jokes to class the nerds as mates but why was Harry tagged in it?

There was only one thing to do.

+new message

I clicked on it, and found Harry's name. We weren't technically friends but because we had loads of friends in common, he showed up as the first 'H' in my list.

Hey, I know we're not friends

No. Too nice.

Look you dick, what you've done to me is unforgivable

That's even worse.

After writing out thousands of messages, I decided on screenshotting Liam's post with the caption Explain this.

Then it was sent and I couldn't take it back or change it in any way. It was there, for anyone to see.

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