Narry: Last Chance

College boys. Niall is your typical gay, always near his 'friend with benifits' Louis. But Niall has one thing on his mind... The luscious bad ass Harry frickin Styles. Only two things stand in his way:
1. The fact that Harry's 100% straight
2. Liam. The homophobic fuckboy who happens to be Harry Styles' best friend.
Will Narry ever sail or it is just a ship ready to sink...?

*For the 'battle of the fandoms' comp*


3. Facebook

Harry's POV

Liam had just left my apartment when I opened my laptop.


Status Update: Any one single?

Hey, don't judge me! I've been single for two whole days now and I'm afraid my reputation will go down.

1 Like: Niall Horan

I'd never heard of him before so I clicked on his page, the first think that popped up was him grinning, wearing a sombrero at some kind of Mexican restaurant. Maybe it was Nando's. Not the point. Anyway, out of politeness I liked it, as I was scrolling through the comments I realized who he was.

Liam Payne: GAY

Liam Payne: DIE


So that's the guy who my best friend, Liam Payne, had been endlessly torturing.

Liam was more popular than me, and had more girlfriends in one day than I could count. Currently, he was dating JJ, a hipster-indie kid in the year above us. That wasn't going to last. I knew her, she won't take any of Liam's bullshit.

1 new message

Liam Payne: Hey how's things

Harry Styles: I was thinking....

Liam Payne: Well that's new

Harry Styles: I'm serious. You need to lay off that Niall kid.

Liam Payne: Who the hell are you on about?

Harry Styles: Niall is the gay, Irish one that you tease.

Liam Payne: Ahh that one

Harry Styles: Yea

Liam Payne: God Harry, It's only banter.

Harry Styles: Oh go to hell Liam. I'm serious about this.. You're ruining his life.

Liam Payne: Lol, do u like him or somethin?

Harry Styles: Shut Up.

Liam Payne: Omg, you do!! I'm telling everyone!

Harry Styles: Liam stop. You'll regret it.

Harry Styles: Liam?

Liam Payne: Check my status.

*Liam Payne logged out*

So I did the most reasonable thing, and checked his status:

Liam Payne: Harry Styles is secretly in love with Niall Horan

Oh shit.

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