Kimchi's Diaries 2: Shady Culprit

And here’s the continuation of “Kimchi’s Diaries: Dangerous Fa(n)scination”! For those who didn’t sleep since my last diary, here’s good news – continuation! But is it really for your good? Part II of the diary: We finally got a long vacation from our company and we were going to not very known village Hwang-ya. However, was it really a good idea? Besides fun we were caught up in the mystery of the village, which later had unpleasant consequences... But soon I understood that this was more complicated than I ever imagined.


6. Witness

I spat out the water at the man, before he could grab me. Then I deliberately dropped the glass to wake everyone. I rushed toward the stairs, but the man caught my injured ankle and I fell down. I was screaming and kicking, trying to break free, but he was surprisingly strong as for his thin physique. When he began to choke me, members and Mr. Lee burst into the kitchen.

Mr. Lee freed me and I stepped back, coughing. Members dragged me to the wall, as Mr. Lee was fighting with the possible murderer.

“You’re okay?” Heejun whispered, massaging my throat.

I nodded, breathing heavily. Suddenly Mr. Lee hit the sink and fell down, and the hooded man turned to us. Inseong grabbed a broom and Youjin found a knife, but I knocked it from his hand, fearing that he accidentally would become a murderer too.

The man attacked. I tripped and fell down again, with Heejun, as Inseong started to fight with a broom. But the man was armed with a knife, so I regretted I deprived Youjin of his weapon. In the second the broom was in pieces. Inseong screamed shocked and staggered on Seungjun. I saw frightened that this time Youjin was man’s target.

Sudden courage (or stupidity, interpret it as you like) hit me and I bumped man’s chest with my head and we fell at the table, crushing it. I quickly turned on my back and threw salt into his eyes. He withdrew with a loud groan. Then Mr. Lee came to his senses and blocked the man with his arms, before he could run away.

“Get back!” he shrieked to us.

After that we heard a police siren. In a moment the kitchen was full of police officers. We sat down on a sofa and were interrogated. But after half an hour Mr. Lee ordered us to go upstairs and get back to sleep. We were going to continue tomorrow.

As if we could fall asleep after all of this...


And I slept like a dead (sorry about that accurate comparison). As Mr. Lee said, after we came to the living room, police was waiting for us.

“We caught the suspect,” one of them informed us, older policeman with thick glasses. “He’s silent. And we didn’t find the body. Where’ve you seen it?”

I repeated what I said yesterday. I was getting tired of repeating this over and over again.

“Well, I didn’t see anything,” police officer stated.

No wonder, with that eyesight, I thought irritated.

“I’m not lying,” I said emphatically. “Sir...” I added, scared that I accidentally dropped the honorifics.

“Okay then. Let’s go at the crime scene and you’ll show us exactly what you saw.”

I didn’t like the word ‘exactly’, but I guessed I had no choice.

When we arrived at the dried cavity, I automatically froze, as that man would jumped at us any time. Heejunnie grabbed my hand and Seungjun backhugged me. I relaxed a little. However, when I was describing the corpse, suddenly I felt dizzy. I didn’t even know I remembered so many details...

“Sir, we found something!” some police officer shouted and they continued investigation.

I sat down and after a while felt a lot better. The investigation’s results came to us after an hour. I dozed off on Seungjun’s arm and was a little startled when someone poked me.

“We found blood stains,” police officer explained. “We’ll get it to the laboratory to identify the victim. For now you can go home.”

“Home? I hope you meant Seoul,” I muttered.

“That’s right. You must have been shocked and surely are tired. Go back and when we find more, we’ll contact Seoul’s police. The suspect is caught, so you have nothing to worry about.”

“Thank you,” we said, bowing to police officers respectively and getting back to the house with Mr. Lee.


As soon as we entered the house, we started packing.

“Whose is that brush?” Inseong called from the bathroom.

“Yellow, blue, black, or green?” I asked.

“Why did you mention only four?” Seungjun said.

“Please, everyone knows that yours is with Digimons. Even fans know it.” I saw his funny face. “They don’t? Don’t worry, I’ll tell them now.”

I got a pillow in the face, before I could grab my phone. That started a pillow fight as the last and probably the best memory of this trip. At five o’clock we were already waiting for a bus.

“I’m so sorry that it came out like this,” Mr. Lee said sadly.

“It’s not your fault,” I said, smiling. “Let’s meet again, maybe next year?”

“Right. It was nice to meet you.”

“It was nice to meet you too, Mr. Lee. Goodbye.”

The way back was more boring than when we were going to the village, but at least I could think about everything calmly. I threw from my head the worst moments from our trip and started to dream. Yeah, we were finally going back home. Calm and safe Seoul.

However, I didn’t know then that I knew only a seed of a real nightmare.

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