Kimchi's Diaries 2: Shady Culprit

And here’s the continuation of “Kimchi’s Diaries: Dangerous Fa(n)scination”! For those who didn’t sleep since my last diary, here’s good news – continuation! But is it really for your good? Part II of the diary: We finally got a long vacation from our company and we were going to not very known village Hwang-ya. However, was it really a good idea? Besides fun we were caught up in the mystery of the village, which later had unpleasant consequences... But soon I understood that this was more complicated than I ever imagined.


9. Social gathering in the bathroom

Now I’m paranoid.”

“Calm down, let’s wait for manager.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down, when I’m in this state.”

We heard a click sound. I stiffened, but it was just manager, who arrived to our dorm. When he was looking at the package, there was something else, that suddenly popped up in my head.

“What’s the meaning of this?” manager asked, pointing to the photo. “When was it taken?”

“Ah, about that...” I whispered.

Seungjun explained that situation.

“You should’ve told me,” manager scolded us.

“Told you so,” I muttered to Youjin, but he ignored me.

“We weren’t sure if it was them,” Youjin insisted. “We can’t falsely accuse them. If they –”

“The situation is similar to that stalker’s!” manager shouted all of a sudden and we all jumped surprised. “You can’t remain silent about something like that!” He pointed to my head. I felt guilt. “Now it’s just a scratch. But what would you do, if it was similar to the stage accident? You’re the oldest, Youjin. You must think about every possibility.”

I thought that manager crossed the line. He was right about one thing: Youjin shouldn’t have stopped me from telling manager about the thrown stone, but it wasn’t Youjin’s fault it happened. So was the package.

“It’s not hyung’s fault,” I started to defend Youjin. I remembered something suddenly. “I saw someone.”


I got startled. Jeez, they’re becoming scarier that the sender.

“Before I discovered the package. Behind the kitchen’s window. I thought I was dreaming, because it disappeared in a second, but someone had to bring it in, right?” Then I trembled unconsciously. “God... How did someone enter the dorm without leaving traces anyway... ?”

Manager thought about it with a grimace on his face.

“Do you think he’s still here... ?” Heejun asked suddenly.

We all jumped on our feet. Manager ordered us to stay in the living room and alone began the search.

“You don’t really think he’s still here, right?” Heejun whispered to me.

“No,” I answered firmly. “If he was here and heard our conversation, he would do something. He probably left the package and escaped.”

“But why? What’s about that threat?”

I shook my head. Why did I do it? Why did I do what? It had something to do with the last stalking case? I actually didn’t like the idea which popped up in my head just now.

“I think we have to talk to E.T.” I sighed unwillingly.


We were practicing before the stage in our company, so we had one chance to meet DRAGon. It wasn’t easy though. I didn’t know if E.T. remembered our last encounter, or he played on my nerves and just didn’t want to talk, but I successfully stopped him, only when he was in the bathroom.

“What now?” he said idly. “I don’t have time for your bullshit.”

“It’s important,” I insisted.

“Wow, you want to apologize? Go ahead.”

I uncontrollably snorted with laughter.

“No, not that.” As if I would ever do that. “It’s about yours friend’s boyfriend, who stalked me.”

“Forget it, lame duck.”

I clenched my teeth and closed eyes to calm down. I grabbed his arm, before he left.

“I. AM. SORRY,” I said through teeth. “Satisfied?”

“Not really.”

“DAMN!” I jerked him toward me, but he freed himself. “Did you throw a stone at me yesterday in the morning?”

He stopped. After that he slowly turned.

“What did you say?” he growled.

“Did you throw a stone at me yesterday in the morning?” I repeated calmly. “At our dorm?”

“Are you mad? Why would I do that?”

I sighed. I was in similar situation before. I accused the high schooler of throwing the lamp at me on the stage. Youjin was right. Proof is needed.

“Then, I’m sincerely sorry,” I said. “I misunderstood.”

E.T. glanced at me.

“I heard about that,” he grumbled. “About the stage accident. You’re walking disaster, Kim. Did you make another enemy?”

“Maybe. So you’re my enemy too?”

“It depends.”

“Then, will you answer my question?”

He hesitated, but eventually nodded. I screamed with joy in my mind.

“Is your friend’s boyfriend still stalking me?” I asked. “I mean, sending threats, or something. Or following me. Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, without any comments,” I added, seeing his face.

He frowned.

“No. His adventure with police was enough for him. He’s back to normal life.”

I breathed a sigh of relief, but then I held the air. If it wasn’t ex-stalker and E.T., then who it was? Was he right? I made another enemy? And again without knowing HOW. Aaah, it was so annoying!

“Kim, you do know it won’t work, don’t you?” I heard E.T.’s voice like from underwater.

“Huh?” Only now I realized I was scratching the bathroom’s wall. “Oh.”

“Well, I’ll tell you something too,” E.T. said. “Don’t talk to me again. I told you that so I won’t have trouble with the company. Now get lost, loser.”

He didn’t fail to hit my arm with his, when he was leaving. Whatever, I got my answer. Now I could go perform and then I’ll talk to the members and manager.

But my plan didn’t go smoothly as I wanted. When we were performing (I was at that time close to the stage’s edge, waving with fans), suddenly I felt weak and sick. I staggered. It was my part to sing, but I forgot the lyrics. When I lost feeling in my legs and was going to meet the floor, I could have sworn that I saw in the crowd familiar hooded man with wry smile.

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