Kimchi's Diaries 2: Shady Culprit

And here’s the continuation of “Kimchi’s Diaries: Dangerous Fa(n)scination”! For those who didn’t sleep since my last diary, here’s good news – continuation! But is it really for your good? Part II of the diary: We finally got a long vacation from our company and we were going to not very known village Hwang-ya. However, was it really a good idea? Besides fun we were caught up in the mystery of the village, which later had unpleasant consequences... But soon I understood that this was more complicated than I ever imagined.


13. Is he a psychic? Free speculations

I couldn’t sleep that night at all. My imagination went crazy and I felt like in every second someone would attack me. I was sleeping alone today, because Seungjun went home due to family business. Eventually I went out. But after I left my room, I realized I was alone in a dark living room. I clenched my fists and ran to Youjin’s and Inseong’s room.

I watched my step, trying not to wake them. I stopped next to Inseong’s bed. Something wasn’t right... Then I saw Heejun’s leg on Inseong’s chest, as they were sleeping in opposite positions, like figures on cards. I smirked. So it wasn’t only me who was afraid sleeping alone.

Thankfully, the beds were wide, so maybe Youjin won’t realize that I squeezed next to him...

“Took you long enough,” I heard suddenly.

I stopped hiding under the covers. Youjin couldn’t sleep either.

“You were expecting me?”

“I was sure you’ll come sooner or later. Heejunnie came an hour ago.”


We were staring at that stain on the ceiling, that was illuminated by a street lamp.

“I’m scared, hyung,” I muttered.

“I know. Me too.”

I found his hand and squeezed it.

“You’re shaking,” I realized and sat.

“Yeah... I drank milk because of stress.”

“You can’t drink milk, hyung.”

“I know.”

Youjin was allergic to milk products. He must have drunk a lot. I knew how he felt. I was nearly addicted to coffee, so recently manager restricted it. I always drank coffee if I was nervous. Man, even our strong Youjin was stressed out. I stiffened unconsciously. Youjin pushed me on the pillows.

“Sleep, stupid. Thinking about that will only make you lose mind. That’s his tactic, so fight it. We have now double security like royals, so it’s safe.”

I relaxed a little. I’ve fallen asleep, holding tight his hand.


Next day we had schedule only from 9 to 11 a.m., so we went to see a movie after the dinner. Seungjun came back and was in a bad mood, because we were sleeping together without him.

“That was the best night ever,” I teased him.

(No strange thoughts, please.)

We went to see some horror. Yeah, great choice for our situation now, I know. But that was the only genre I would watch without sleeping, and some healthy adrenaline was always good (I remind you that I fall asleep, while watching movies). Everyone were pleased with the genre, especially Seungjunnie-hyung (I’m joking, he hates horrors. But Youjin was indeed pleased and teased us a lot).

“I’ll faint,” Seungjun warned, clinging to me since we entered the cinema.

“I don’t care,” I replied. “Would you pass me the popcorn?”

“You’re horrible!”

“Thank you~.”

“Oh, it’s beginning!” Heejun whispered, almost sitting on Inseong. I was between Seungjun and Youjin.

The beginning was good. Not for Seungjun, though. Jeez, my ears... I couldn’t imagine how he would survive in a haunted house, if we’ll be invited to one in some variety show in the future. Well, I was no better, I clung to Youjin, as he was having fun, mostly because of our reactions. When he went to get more popcorn, I changed my target to Seungjun and we were hugging till the end of the movie.

“Do you think he’s the one?” Heejun asked, when we were in the car, coming back to the dorm.

“Who is who?”

“That stalker. You think he’s some psychic?”

“Why would you think that?” I laughed. “That’s absurd.”

“But he somehow delivered you the package, right?” Inseong added, suddenly getting serious. “How did he do that?”

“Through the door or window?” Youjin sighed.

“But I was in the kitchen the whole time,” I got tangled in this psychic mystery. “There was no one and nothing, when I saw a shadow behind the window. And then I saw the package.”

“You probably just didn’t see it there earlier, because you were too sleepy,” Youjin stated.

“You think?” I accepted his speculation.

“He’s closer to the ghost than psychic,” Seungjun said, still shaken after the movie. He wrapped his hand around my arm so tight, that after a while it went numb.

“That’s true.” That idea intrigued me. “He came and left without traces. How did he do that?”

“He can be a thief too,” Youjin sighed again.

“Just that? It’s too easy.”

“It’s logical. Stop making things up, it’s annoying.”

“Alright.” I again accepted his speculation.

We were silent for a moment.

“Maybe he’s an alien?” Inseong suggested suddenly.

After his words there was even longer silence. Then we burst out laughing so hard, that my throat hurt.

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