Stand By You

Adalind Walker and Callen Lockhart have had been neighbors for years. They weren't always in the same circle of friends and when they went off to collage they were completely out of each other's life. That is until for a story Adalind comes across some information about the biggest company. To uncover the truth she needs help and to her surprise she runs into Callen who is a computer analysist at the company. They work together to solve the mystery that is suddenly taking over their town and slowly the state. In the process they get help from some unlikely friends. How will they uncover the truth when they are up against the biggest company and someone with more power than them.


4. Chapter 4

Adalind sat in front of her computer as she waited impatiently to hear from Nathan. He was still talking to his source about the Lab and what had happened. The excitement of finally getting to write a piece this big and important was exciting. Finally her wait was over when Nathan walked into her office with a smile.

"Okay I have good news and bad. I managed to get some information about what really happened but the Labs are keeping it really down low. They have already hired a guy that has worked his magic and gotten rid of the virus. It's like the incident didn't even happen," said Nathan as he sat down next to Adalind.

Disappointment spread across her face. The excitement that she felt slowly shifting away. "Well then we wont have any thing to report about. Marcel wont print a story that doesn't have any... well any information."

"Honey , as I said. I did get some juicy things."


"Well, what was actually reported was that someone uploaded a virus into the new Research project that the Labs are undertaking. A project that is meant to be so secret that no body was meant to know about. Anyways, the virus was corrupting the files and the project was under fire."

"What was this project that someone was willing to corrupt it all?"

"No one is talking about it. That's the strange part. The Lab has gone silent about this and have declined any help from the police and they are denying anything was wrong."

"The question now is that what was so important about that project that they are denying any knowledge of issues. Can your source get us anything else. I bet that once I start writing this story they will have to answer questions."

"No, since the issue was handled, any outside help was refused and no more information was exchanged."

But now Adalind's mind was racing. She was thinking about actually writing this piece. What was so important about this project that all this secrecy was being spread over. If Nathan's source wasn't able to help then she was going to go full Lois Lane and get her way.

"You have that look on your face. The look that means that you are either going to get us in so much trouble or your plan is actually going to work and we will get that piece."

"You have known me for so long and you should know that once I my mind set on something, then that is it."


Callen sat at his new desk. He wasn't to start till next day but he couldn't wait to see around so Alexandra had arranged for him to get the tour. He felt like a young boy on Christmas day.

"Hope that you find everything to your liking. This here will your section and these people here will be working under you."

"Thanks." smiled Callen.

Then he was showed around the Lab after which he was taken outside back to the front desk. With one last handshake he was off.


Callen pulled up on his driveway and saw Adalind taking out her stuff from the car. Callen thought back to the morning when she was sitting at her window. Adalind saw him and gave a warm smile.

"Hey, sorry about this morning. I wasn't spying or anything," said Adalind as Callen got out of his car.

"Don't worry about it. So how has your day been?" he asked trying to start a conversation with her. Talking to her made him feel like he hadn't left.

"Good, I sort of had a breakthrough with a story but than I hit a wall. Well actually I thought I had it but then I hit the wall," smiled Adalind. She shied away.

For a second Callen was just watching her speechless. He watched as her long black hair fell slightly over her face. Her smile was so beautiful and the way the sun hit her face made her look like an angel. Quickly recovering he looked away before Adalind saw him.

"Well is there anyway in which I can be of assistance?" he asked. He realised that she was struggling to hold her things. He moved forward and took some bags from her.

Adalind smiled again. "I don't really think you will be able to. This time but I will keep in mind your offer."

Callen followed Adalind into her house and placed the bags on her kitchen table. "So, you have any plans for tonight?" asked Adalind which took Callen by surprise.

"No, why?"

"Well I know your parents have finally gone on the holiday that they have been dreaming for so long. And you have just come back after so long. I thought maybe you wanted some company."

Callen felt his face start to heat up. He wasn't sure how to answer to this but smiled. "Yeah, I would like company. So would you like to go out for dinner?"

"Pick me up at 7," replied Adalind.

Callen nodded and turned to leave. He stopped at the door and slightly turned around. "It's a date." and then he left leaving Adalind standing at the door smiling.  


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