Stand By You

Adalind Walker and Callen Lockhart have had been neighbors for years. They weren't always in the same circle of friends and when they went off to collage they were completely out of each other's life. That is until for a story Adalind comes across some information about the biggest company. To uncover the truth she needs help and to her surprise she runs into Callen who is a computer analysist at the company. They work together to solve the mystery that is suddenly taking over their town and slowly the state. In the process they get help from some unlikely friends. How will they uncover the truth when they are up against the biggest company and someone with more power than them.


3. Chapter 3

Callen entered the reception area there were 2 other people siting. He made his way to the lady behind the desk. She was on the phone so he waited. After a minute a guy came in from the door behind and gestured for Callen to follow him. Taken aback by this he followed never the less. 

They entered a long room where there was only a desk and chair with a computer. On the other side there was a long table with 3 chairs. The man gestured Callen to sit down and wait. As soon as he took a seat, 3 people entered the room. Straight away he realised who the man in the middle was. It was Alexdra himself. 

"Mr. Lockhart please stay seated and thank you for coming in on a short notice," said Alexndra.

Callen hadn't realised that he was standing up now. He took a seat. He didn't know what to say. He was paralysed seeing Alexdra there. 

"Due to some personal and professional issues we have to rearrange things. Also you position will change depending on the fact that you will be able fulfill the job description that I'm after."

Callen just nodded. He thought he must look like an idiot just sitting there like a dumbass looking at them. But he didn't know what to say. Everything was just moving so fast. 

"I heard that you were one of the best at MIT and a local boy so that's why we decided to give you the opportunity first. In front of you you have a virus that is taking over our research labs. You have half and hour to clear out the virus and find out where the virus originated from. Can you think you can do that?" Asked Alexdra.

"Yes sir."

"Okay, we will leave it to you and be back in half and hour. If  before that you want to quit or miraculously you figure if out early, ring the bell." And with that they all left leaving Callen in the room alone. 

Taking in a deep breath Callen stretched out his hands. He had to keep calm and try and solve this. He wanted this job. He started typing. Minutes passed. No body distrubed him and there was silence in the room as he worked. He kept an eye on his watch. 


Adalind walked in to the office. She couldn't stop about the events of the morning. Callen Lockhart was really back and this time staying. But her thoughts were interrupter when Nathan's voice came through her thoughts. Looked around and saw the office busy and noisy. Just as always yet Nathan was excited about something else. 


"You haven't heard. AWB Labs was hacked and a virus was uploaded on there servers. Police are investigating what happened and if research was stolen," replied Nathan. He was whispering as if hoping no one will listen. 

"Who is covering this?" Asked Adalind. 

"No one. I got this information from my source and the news hasn't been leaked out yet. You are the first to know. I know that you have been looking for your breakout so I thought maybe this could be it." 

Excited Adalind gave Nathan a big hug. Finally she had an upper hand on a fresh news piece. She had to work fast and get her information before everyone found out. 

"Nathan we have to figure out what happened exactly and we need iT support to gather the information."

"Don't worry I'm already on it."


Callen looked  at his watch aagin and continued to work. As he went through the firewalls, he realised that whoever did hack in and planted the virus knew what they were doing. They had intertwined another virus in the original one. So if anyone tried to get rid or trance back them the second virus would unlock and delete everything on the server. 

After working continuously for which felt like hours, Callen finally managed to solove it. He looked at the time and that he had another 12mins.  He got up looking for the bell. He couldn't find it but to his surprise the door opened and Alexdra walked in followed by the same two people. 

"I did it. I got the virus. However finding the originator for the virus is going to be hard work. But I have planted a device on the software. If they try again to login or anything you will know."

A expression of shock and surprise spread across Alexdra's face. He came closer to Callen and raised his hands. Looking at him, Callen put out his hands and met Alexdra's and shook his hands. 

"Welcome to AWB Research and Labs. You will be working at the IT department and you will be running the security section. Congratulations."

Callen smiled and a sense of relief spread over him. He was in and his hard work paid off. 

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