Stand By You

Adalind Walker and Callen Lockhart have had been neighbors for years. They weren't always in the same circle of friends and when they went off to collage they were completely out of each other's life. That is until for a story Adalind comes across some information about the biggest company. To uncover the truth she needs help and to her surprise she runs into Callen who is a computer analysist at the company. They work together to solve the mystery that is suddenly taking over their town and slowly the state. In the process they get help from some unlikely friends. How will they uncover the truth when they are up against the biggest company and someone with more power than them.


2. Chapter 2

Adalind opened her curtains and windows to let in the sun. She sat down on her bay window and looked at the empty street. There was something peaceful about the street and how the morning rush was over as her neighbours rushed to get to work or take the kids to school or just in a rush to get somewhere. As she sat there drinking her hot cup of tea when her she heard a loud thud. 


She looked round trying to find the source of the thud and was surprised to see that it had come from next door. It was Callen. He was in the front yard stretching. He was in his joggers and workout clothes. Adalind could see from where she sat that he still had his lean figure with muscles. He still was fit as he had been in high school. She couldn't but get a smile on her face when she thought about high school. 


They had always been in the same year and had many classes together but they weren't friends. And now he was back. Her thought was interrupted when she realised that Callen had seen her watching and was now waving at her. Suddenly feeling self consious she waved back. 


Callen felt like he was been watched. He looked around the quiet street. No one was around. The morning rush was over. He went back to his stretching when he looked up and saw someone was sitting at the window and watching. He focused his eyes a little more and realised it was adalind. A smile spread across his face and without realising it, he waved. After a while to his surprise she waved back.


Something about her made him feel like he was truly back home. He wanted to talk to her but she was a distant. He tried to think of he had done something to her before he left. He tried to think if he was that bad in high school that she didn't want to be friends. 


His thoughts was interrupted when he received a message. He opened it up. It was from his new boss.

"Come in today at 11am and we will go through your position." Was all that was written. He looked at his watch and rolled his eyes. It was 10:11am. "There goes my workout," he said to himself. 


Before turning and going inside, he couldn't help himself and looked up at the window where he had earlier seen Adalind. He wasn't sure if he was expecting to see her or not but was a little disappointed when he saw that she was gone. 










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