Stand By You

Adalind Walker and Callen Lockhart have had been neighbors for years. They weren't always in the same circle of friends and when they went off to collage they were completely out of each other's life. That is until for a story Adalind comes across some information about the biggest company. To uncover the truth she needs help and to her surprise she runs into Callen who is a computer analysist at the company. They work together to solve the mystery that is suddenly taking over their town and slowly the state. In the process they get help from some unlikely friends. How will they uncover the truth when they are up against the biggest company and someone with more power than them.


1. Chapter 1

Adalind Walker, rested her head on her table which was still a mess. She slightly looked up to check the time on her computer. It was nearly 11:43pm. She had been sitting her for over 2 hours trying to figure out her first big story. 

Adalind was a fresh new reporter. She had finally gotten the opportunity to actual news reports. The only problem was, she needed to find a worthy story to cover. She had been trying to get the right story for over 2 months when she first started and she was given this opportunity. Only problem was, it was hard to come up with a story that would definitely save her a job. 

The door opened and Adalind's best friend Nathan Gates poked his head in. He was medium built, with brown hair and blue eyes. He was also a struggling camera man. He took photos and videos at Channel 8 news. 

"Adalind, let's go. You won't get anywhere when you are not getting  sleep. You just need to clear your head and try again later," suggested  Nathan. 

Adalind finally looked up at him and gave a weak smile. "I know but I'm running out of time here. I started here more than 4 months ago and they finally trusted me to work on an actual news worthy piece and I'm completely screwing it up."

"Go home. You are going to be an excellent reporter and you have plenty of time before you retire," joked Nathan. 

This put a smile in Adalind's face. She had known Nathan since collage where they both studied. He always knew what to say to her to make her relax and just laugh. Taking up on Nathan's advice, she gathered her stuff and made her way out the door. She didn't know what she was so worried about. Nathan was right. She had only started and she had time to work her way through to the top. And who knew, if she waited long enough then maybe she would come across a something great. 


Callen Lockhart unloaded another box from the truck. He looked around the street as still it was silent. It had been nearly 4 years since he left this town and went to MIT University. After completing his studies he had finally landed a job at the largest company in the state. AWB Research and Labs run and owned by millionaire Alexandra 'Alex' W Bolton. 

Callen realised that the driver was talking to him. "That's all the boxes. Make the payment to this account and have a good night," repeated the driver and he walked off. 

Callen went back to gathering his belonging and taking them inside. His father had taken most of the boxes and only small boxes remained. As he made his way inside, a pair of car headlights stopped him in his tracks. He slowly turned around and saw who it was. A small smile spread across his face as finally a familiar face approached. Callen was taken aback when the face looked different. 


"Hi, not sure if you remember me but it's Callen Lockhart."

"Yeah, I know, and its me Adalind."

"Wow, you look different."

"Yeah, well its been 4 years. I got rid of the glasses and finally the braces came off."

Callen smiled at that. Adalind and Callen went to the same school. They had been neighbours for as long as they can remember. They weren't exactly in the same circle of friends but they did run into each other. He played many sports in High School and she was the school news reporter. She was also in the Swimming team. 

"So by the looks of it, you are back for good?" asked Adalind.

"Yeah, I got a job here and thought it was time to come back." 

"Good, anyways I will let you go back to that. If you need anything, just ask." With that Adalind started to make her was inside when she heard Callen call her name. She turned around.

"Sorry, you look great. I didn't mean it was a bad thing. You look amazing," smiled Callen. 

Slightly blushing red, Adalind went inside leaving Callen outside alone with his boxes.   

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