Forget The Ones That Forgot You ( * A Harry Styles FanFic * )

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" You'll forget me " I whispered quietly while a few tears escaped " no, I won't, I just have to go " he said while wiping the tear that slipped " promise? " I asked and he hugged me " promise " he whispered quietly while kissing my head


7. Chapter 7-The Sad Part Is, It Was You

Sofia's POV

I ran outside the coffee shop while he ran after me.

" Sofia! Stop! " he screamed while stopping right infront of me " no! " I screamed at him and ran around him but he stopped me " no, you're not running away again " he said while trying to catch his breath

" What do you want?! " I screamed while pushing his arm away from me " I want to explained everything. I wanna be fair to you " he said and I shook my head " it's too late- " I started but he cut me off " no, nothing's too late " he said and cupped my cheeks

" I know I left you hanging and I'm sorry. I know it hurt and I've been unfair to you. I should've given you an explanation, even through text, instead of leaving you. I was just afraid, I wanted so bad to be a singer. I was scared that you wouldn't accept my dream. So I left. But I was so stupid. My excuse is never acceptable, I know. But I just wanted you to forgive me " he said and looked me in the eyes while my tears formed

" No! I can't and won't forgive you! You're right, your excuse is never acceptable, it's not! Because you had the time. You had the time to talk to me about things. You came back to Holmes Chapel to tell your mum about you joining the X Factor. I know that. Your mum told me. She told me everything you were doing. But you wanna know the sad part? The sad part is, it was you. It was you who broke me. It was you who hurt me. You, who I thought, would never hurt me and understood me. But I was wrong. And forgiving you will be the biggest sin I'll ever commit because the I'll just be hurting myself again. And I don't need that nor do I need you "


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