Forget The Ones That Forgot You ( * A Harry Styles FanFic * )

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" You'll forget me " I whispered quietly while a few tears escaped " no, I won't, I just have to go " he said while wiping the tear that slipped " promise? " I asked and he hugged me " promise " he whispered quietly while kissing my head


5. Chapter 5-Harry's POV

Harry's POV

She.....was still amazing. Sofia. God I messed up. She was mine and I let her go. I let her go for something that I wanted to do. I was just scared she wouldn't accept me if I told her what I wanted to do with my life. But I'm so stupid. She wanted the same too. I should've just told her, then maybe I didn't lose her

" Mate, you've been awefully quiet? miss Taylor? " Liam asked and I looked at him " Taylor's nothing to me. We're friends. Just cause I kiss her on the cheek doesn't mean we're together " I corrected him and he put his hands up in defense, I was just so pissed right now " what's up with you? you're not normally pissed " Louis said while walking up to us " it's just, I saw her again " I whispered and Louis sat down next to me " who? " he asked " Sofia " I whispered and he looked at me confused " my highschool fling, well love " I told him and he smirked " and you messed it up didn't you? " he asked and I threw my hands in the air " yes! I'm a jerk and messed something so beautiful up! I'm just an idiot! " I screamed. Good thing we were outside " mate, I didn't say that, all I said was you let her go, so, you're paying the price " he said and went back to Eleanor " I know "

Why do I always ruin everything?! Why can't I just accept and be happy with what I have?! I let her go for something I wanted too! But I wanted her more! What kind of life am I living?!


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