Kimchi's Diaries: Dangerous Fa(n)scination

There once was a legend about a boy. He liked coffee milk, stage, and laughing. He was handsome, intelligent and always won rock-paper-scissors. He... Okay, never mind! Stop pinching me, you clingy Pokemon! There is true story: Hello, we are KNK! And I’m the main dish of this story because it’s my diary. Wanna know some of our thrilling and unbelievable adventures? You only find them here! Good luck and hold on tight! *evil laugh* Part I of the diary: I thought it was just my imagination, but I really saw him that night. A man in a black coat and with hood covering his face. He creeped me out, but it was only the beginning...


4. Dark alley

Not only lights, microphones and other electronic devices also didn’t work. Because we were inside the building, without lights was really dark. I tripped while moving back. Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me up. I recognized Youjin. He took me to the backstage, where others gathered. However, halfway there was another sound, faintly piercing through the screaming crowd. I looked up. Even though I couldn’t see, I knew what sound that would be. I pushed Youjin and jumped myself at the other side of the stage.

Big stage lamp landed between us. After that, lights came on. As members were looking for me, I realized I was sitting at the edge of the stage, which meant I was an easy snack for sasaeng fans, who resided beside the stage. Luckily, Seungjun and Youjin rescued me, when I was barely visible under hands.

“Are you okay?” manager shouted, as we were going down from the stage.

“Jihun got hurt,” Youjin said, pointing to my left hand, which was cut by glass.

I was taken to the waiting room, where manager called doctor, who took care of me. As she was wrapping my hand with the bandage, Heejun clung to me and didn’t let me go even once.

“Why did this happen?” Youjin asked, almost angrily.

“Everything had been checked multiple times, as always,” manager said. He frowned and rubbed his forehead anxiously. “This shouldn’t had happened.”

Suddenly we heard another loud sound and we all jumped surprised. Someone burst into the room, slamming the door in the wall. He was one of PDs.

“I-I think you s-should see this,” he stuttered and took us back to the stage.

At the place, where I was sitting before fans tried to swallow me, now was a sentence written in red paint.

“Wait... isn’t that blood!?” Inseong shouted.

My body stiffened. Not only because of the material used to writing. The sentence was strangely familiar.




Heejun and Inseong hugged me so hard, that I groaned.

“Y-You think he... killed someone?” Seungjun whispered, looking at the sentence with white face.

“No...” I looked at my hand. “I think this is my blood. From the wound.” I showed them glass fragments near the sentence.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. But then we realized that all these threats were pointed only at me. But we still didn’t know answer to the most important question: WHY?

“I’ll ask police for normal investigation,” our manager said. He put his hand on my shoulder, squeezing it lightly to comfort me. “Be careful and don’t go anywhere alone. We’ll deal with this quickly, I promise.”


While going back to our dorm, I was thinking what I had done. I insulted someone? Hurt his or her emotions? But nothing physically, I was sure of it! Jealously? Maybe, but the last warning had gone too far, even for that...

We were walking on foot, because our car was taken for inspection. Three staff’s people and one security guard were with us, so we all were feeling secure. We were goofing around, laughing, taking photos. Finally normal evening. When we walked into the darker part of our district, I clung to Seungjun.

“Aaah, I hate this part of town,” Heejun whispered. He was getting piggyback from Inseong, so I jumped on Seungjun’s back, before he realized.

“Get off,” Seungjun said.

“I don’t want to~” I responded, doing aegyo (which was my specialty, by the way).

“You won’t get off?”


“You know you’ll regret this.”

“Make me,” I said, showing him tongue.

Then he started running. Inseong and Heejun joined the race. After a few seconds I cried with laughter. We wanted to continue, but then we saw a large group of high school girls. Nothing would bother us, if they didn’t carry phones and our photos. We started escaping, but they saw us and followed.

All of a sudden something similar to petard exploded between us. As staff members and security guard were a little behind us dealing with fans, we could rely only on ourselves. Because of the explosion, I fell with Heejun on the ground. Choking smoke had gathered around us. Blindfold I found someone’s hand and was taken to safe place.

Well, I thought so until I could see clearly again.

I found myself in dark alley with hooded man.

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