Kimchi's Diaries: Dangerous Fa(n)scination

There once was a legend about a boy. He liked coffee milk, stage, and laughing. He was handsome, intelligent and always won rock-paper-scissors. He... Okay, never mind! Stop pinching me, you clingy Pokemon! There is true story: Hello, we are KNK! And I’m the main dish of this story because it’s my diary. Wanna know some of our thrilling and unbelievable adventures? You only find them here! Good luck and hold on tight! *evil laugh* Part I of the diary: I thought it was just my imagination, but I really saw him that night. A man in a black coat and with hood covering his face. He creeped me out, but it was only the beginning...


3. Blackout

“Warning? About what?”

We were sitting in the living room with our manager and security guard, who were inspecting the package. I still didn’t recovered from the shock, so they had to repeat questions at least twice.

“I don’t know...” I mumbled. “I really don’t know, if I hurt someone by accident...” I drank up another cup of cola.

“It must be a terrible joke,” Inseong comforted me. “But how could someone do this? This is so... disgusting!”

Seungjun squeezed my arm so hard that I almost screamed.

“Joke or not joke” manager said, looking at me sternly. “For some time don’t go anywhere alone. This applies to all of you. If you want to go shopping, or something, you’re taking at least one of our staff or security. Do you understand?”

We nodded. Jeez, seriously? What was happening?

This night for the first time I was glad I was sleeping with Seungjun on one bed. I fell asleep very quickly, despite Seungjun’s arms and legs wrapped around my body.


Next few days were bearable. If I didn’t think about this package, everything seemed to be back to normal, but if I thought about it for a moment my face was turning white and I looked sick. Two days ago I looked like that at fan meeting in one of the schools. I scared Tinkerbells who thought I’ll faint any moment. To stop thinking about it we were absorbed in activities such as V Live and My KNK TV. We also started to post more pictures and clips (most of them were mature. Okay, not really) on Instagram and others. Heejun said with a laugh that we were posting so many photos, that anti-fans didn’t have time to hate them.

And after a month we came back with new single and our job again gained full schedule. So much time passed from this threat letter and package, that we started to laugh at it.

“Maybe you’re just too beautiful” Heejun joked one day, when we were in the waiting room before performance.

I did sexy pose with his V gesture. “You think?” I asked.

Heejun and Inseong burst out laughing. Seungjun woke up for a moment, but soon fell asleep again. Youjin was struggling with earphones. I sat down on the sofa and began to check our chat and fan cafe. I smiled. Tinkerbells were really amazing, they were comforting us all the time. They even cursed haters. I wrote to our fans that they should stop cursing and I send them our thanks. With a ton of hearts, just in case. My mood was excellent until I saw one of the comments under my today’s response: Remember about the warning.

I froze with fear. Youjin was first to react. He snatched the phone and found this comment. He opened his mouth, but I stopped him. Telling this others before the performance was a bad idea. Youjin resisted for a while, but gave up at the end. Suddenly he hugged me shortly, then walked away. This was a real comfort, because our oldest member hates skinship. I brightened up and was in a good mood till the end of our performance.


In our company, during the break in dance practice, we again brought up this topic.

“Username is KILLER_MAD,” Heejun read from fan cafe under my post. He shivered. “Damn, he’s creeping me out... What’s with his nickname anyway?”

“None of you have this kind of message?” I asked.

“Nothing,” Inseong said. “Are you sure it’s about that threat?”

“I’m not sure of anything now...” I muttered.

Inseong gave me back hug, trying to cheer me up.

“Hey, what’s that?” we suddenly heard Seungjun.

He was scrolling down comments.

“Wow, Tinkerbells are furious,” Heejun whispered proudly. He pushed Inseong to give me hug too. “You see? Everything will be alright.”

“Are you sure about this?” I asked slowly, pointing to the phone.

Under each Tinkerbell’s comment there was a response from KILLER_MAD. He was threatening them!

You don’t know facts, so shut up,” Seungjun read one of those responses. “What facts?”

“Only he knows,” I said angrily, then stood up. “I’ve enough of this. Let’s practice.”

Dance practice allowed me to forget about this man and the rest of the day was good.


Next evening we had another performance. Everything seemed to be perfect: costumes, stage, response. When we entered the stage, I observed fans with smile. Suddenly I saw strange girl: she was tall (but later I heard that Inseong saw she had four inch height shoes, lol), had blonde hair with two blue highlights (similar to mine), make-up (also similar to mine...) and oddly matched clothes (with my image, for a change). I didn’t have to look at her banner to know she was my fan. From the look at her face and banner’s sentence (KIM JIHUN IS MINE) I was afraid she was my sasaeng fan. I decided to ignore it and we began our performance.

But I couldn’t forget her. She was tall, with crazy smile... To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether KILLER_MAD was a guy or a girl. I should fear now every crazy fan, I guess...

Suddenly there was BAM! sound that caused an awful screech-like sound in our earphones, and then all lights went out.

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