Kimchi's Diaries: Dangerous Fa(n)scination

There once was a legend about a boy. He liked coffee milk, stage, and laughing. He was handsome, intelligent and always won rock-paper-scissors. He... Okay, never mind! Stop pinching me, you clingy Pokemon! There is true story: Hello, we are KNK! And I’m the main dish of this story because it’s my diary. Wanna know some of our thrilling and unbelievable adventures? You only find them here! Good luck and hold on tight! *evil laugh* Part I of the diary: I thought it was just my imagination, but I really saw him that night. A man in a black coat and with hood covering his face. He creeped me out, but it was only the beginning...


1. Shadow

It was a day like any. Seungjun was clingy and strange as always, Youjin most of the time was listening to music and singing our new song, Heejunnie was playing some game and Inseong was loud as always (not that I’m quiet). There was no sign of anxiousness and eventually fear of this fine, cool evening. Until 9 p.m.

Because of our last comeback and a lot of live stages, most of the time I was sleeping anywhere I could – waiting room, our living room, kitchen, and even bathroom, where Youjin caught me as I was dozing off while brushing my teeth. So I decided (or everyone decided instead of me) to sleep anytime I was free, preferably in the dorm. One day our manager asked me what I was doing at night instead of sleeping, so I replied him:

“Most of the time I’m trying to survive Seungjun’s hugs.”

I was surprised that he believed me right away and dropped the topic. Why was I sleeping in the same room with Seungjun, you ask. Last week we moved to a new dorm at Seoul’s suburbs. It was a good decision because of the fresh air and quietly neighborhood. We had an apartment in almost new building with air conditioning, which was blessing in this year’s hottest summer for years. So, as always, we played rock-paper-scissors and I ended up in the same room with Seungjun. Inseong was with Youjin, and our maknae was alone (I tried to rematch with him but surprisingly it was no use...). Everything would be fine if beds in my room weren’t connected…

One day I was playing game with Heejun by the Internet, when Inseong entered the living room with his phone and not so lively face.

“What’s wrong, hyung?” Heejun asked, when I killed him in the game, extremely happy.

“Did you eat something from Seungjun’s bag?” I joked.

“Did you see?” Inseong showed us his phone. It was a chat. “I’m getting worried.”

“Why?” I asked.

It’s been over a year since our debut and our fandom became really big. With time we got our first anti-fans and so called sasaeng fans. Well, it wasn’t that bad so far, because our Tinkerbells were trying really hard to support us. In spite of it, we already had some strange situations...

For example, one day Youjin and Inseong were doing groceries and were startled, when they saw under the shop’s counter a girl with a phone, who was taking pictures of them. Another time Seungjun went to a bathroom, when we were eating dinner in restaurant. Luckily, I needed to use the bathroom too, so I rescued him from girls who tried to break into men’s bathroom. But the worst scenario was when we were in our old dorm. That evening Heejunnie won and went first to the bath. Fortunately we didn’t have (and don’t have here either) window in the bathroom, but there when you went out, you had to pass the kitchen. After the bath Heejun usually goes into his room only with a towel wrapped around his waist, so he was scared to death when he saw our fans outside, who was looking at him through kitchen’s window like predators at their victim. Man, I’ve never seen Youjin so angry then.

Partially because of these unpleasant situations we moved out. We thought that it’ll take some time until sasaeng fans will find us again, but today, after I’d looked at chat, my good mood worsened in one moment.

“They’re already looking for us?” I asked with anxiety. “But how did they find out we moved out?”

“Did you tell Youjin and Seungjun?” Heejun asked.

Inseong shook his head. “Not yet. Let’s wait for tomorrow. Maybe it’s a false alarm.”


This evening I lost (again) in rock-paper-scissors and went to buy some ramen. Thank God Youjin went with me, saying it was too dangerous to go out alone at this hour. It was almost 9 p.m. when we entered the shop. While I was looking for a coffee milk, I saw in the fridge’s glass someone’s reflection. I shivered and looked back. A tall man in a black coat with hood covering his face turned to the exit. My fingers automatically squeezed the thing I was holding in my hand. Why I had the feeling he was observing me?

“Hey, you’re okay?” I heard and saw Youjin beside me. He was looking at my hand.

I looked down and saw destroyed coffee milk.

“Yeah...” I muttered.

When we left the shop, I energetically started to walk, almost run, but Youjin stopped me and said:

“Wait, I left my wallet in the shop. I’ll be right back.”

And he left me alone on the empty street. For a second I had a thought that he did it with premeditation. I wanted to go after him and wait inside, but suddenly I saw a shadow in front of me, which was created by a lonely street lamp. Someone is behind me, I thought and began to feel sick with fear. From a posture I recognized the mystery man from earlier. I gathered the courage and turned.

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