Daddy Luke finds his 16 year daughters dairy while putting away her socks and being the protective father he is, reads it and finds out she has a crush on Michaels 18 year old bad boy son. What will happen to them find out in Generations!


1. Teaser chapter

Luke's P.O.V


     Hello my name is Luke Hemmings and most of you know me from the band 5 Seconds of Summer but, that was a long time ago. Now I am a parent with one daughter named Faith and one son named Jackson but we call him little Jack like after my brother anyway me and my wife got a divorce and now Jack lives with her and faith lives with me, now that that is out of the way let's jump into the story.


     It was a normal day Faith was at school and it was Landry day so I decided since I had a day off I would do it for her I was finishing up putting her socks away in her dresser and I saw a small book with a lock and a key I figured it was her diary so I let it be - who am I kidding being the protective father I am I grabed it and decided to read over it just to make sure she was fine. I finished putting everything up and walked to my room I looked through it and it had chapter names and a table of contents.


Chapter 1 day 1:school

Chapter 2 day 2:the divorce

Chapter 3 day 3:dad

Chapter 4 day 4:my crush

Chapter 5 day 5:school again

Chapter 6 day 5:friends

Chapter 7 day 5:dad


I figured I'd look at the dad chapters then an even more important chapter


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