Daddy Luke finds his 16 year daughters dairy while putting away her socks and being the protective father he is, reads it and finds out she has a crush on Michaels 18 year old bad boy son. What will happen to them find out in Generations!


2. My little girl

Luke's P.O.V


     I'd figure I'd look at the dad chapters and then look at the my crush chapter. I flliped to the page and started reading


​My thoughts on my father

1.he is nice

2.needs to work on his cooking


4.he is the best



1.are cool

2.are old

3.are nice

4.are protective


​My crush

My crush's name is Mitch Clifford. He has black hair. Today at school he was talking to Wendy (I think there dating). I was talking to Alex today and he said to talk to Michael. I really like Mitch and I think he is cool he is on the football team (A/N:soccer team I call it football) and he is really good. I'm supposed to go to Alex's house tomorrow for a project and then we'll just hang out and talk about things. Mitch is also in our group so this will be fun.


     I closed the book and put it back and left the room to make me a sandwich. "Dad I'm home" Faith yelled walking in the door


" OK wanna sandwich?" I asked even though she always shot it down


"No I'll get something at Alex's house" she said smiling. Alex is Calum's son. Wendy is Ash's daughter. And Mitch the jackass is Michael's son.


"OK um... Do you need a ride" I asked because I needed to go to Michael's house.


"No Mitch picked us up since he's in our project group." She said


"OK just wondering cause I needed to go to Michael's place anyways." I said smiling.


"Well in that case,I do need to change and get ready so you could drive me." She said smiling at me.

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