Daddy Luke finds his 16 year daughters dairy while putting away her socks and being the protective father he is, reads it and finds out she has a crush on Michaels 18 year old bad boy son. What will happen to them find out in Generations!


3. Alex's House

Faith's P.O.V


     I got home and my dad offered me a sandwich like he always does after school said no and then I went to change so I would look nice. This is what it looked like:

After I changed it was off to Alex's house. Dad offered me a ride so I took it.

~After car ride~

     We got to the house after a long conversation about how my day was, let's just say it was not a good day. I got out of the car and walked up to Alex and hugged him. It's not weird cause he's gay, his dad doesn't know that though, but I'm getting off topic, I the walked up to Calum and hugged him because he wasn't upset about my dad dropping me off. Him and my father have been on rocks since my mom and dad broke it off, they're starting to get along now so that's good. After my hugs were over I told my dad that Mitch can drop me off and that he could just stay home.


     Soon after I got to Alex's Mitch decided to show up, it was 20 minutes after he was supposed to show up but hey, Mitch is Michael's son and that's all the reason we need. "Hi, I know I'm late, sorry I had to get Ginger some food." He said walking up to us. Ginger is his cat well, more like Michael's cat but he has to take care of it.


"It's okay we were just talking about... Um...Uh... Ashton???" I said knowing we were just talking about Mitch.


"What about him" Mitch asked. Man this guy is going to be the death of me.


"Um... His... Hair." I said. Alex chuckled at my response.


"You seen to be getting worse at talking to him" Alex whispered in my ear.


"Well no shit" I said loud enough for everyone to hear. "Sorry"I did because of my language. I look over and see Mitch chuckling at me. I sighed and walked in the house. "Hi Kelly" I said to Alex's little sister.


"Hi Faith" she said walking over to me and hugging my waist. She is like 8 I'm 16 what do you expect."what'r you doing here" she asked. 


"I gotta do a project with your bubby" I said calling Alex what she calls him.


"Ok have fun" she said walking back to the couch. Everyone came inside and we started working.


Luke's P.O.V


"Michael it's not funny" I said to Michael who found that my daughter liking his son was hilarious.


"Oh my gosh this is comedy gold"  He said in-between laughs.


"No really look" I said shoving the book in his face.


"Luke when did you get such girly hand writing" Michael said not taking this as seriously as he should.


"Michael really look" I said again.


"Ok fine blah blah blah My crushes name is Mitch Clifford blah blah blah. Luke there is nothing wrong with this so what she likes my son." He said giving me his 'I don't care' look.


"If you say so" I said letting it go a little.


Faith's P.O.V


I looked in my bag for my diary but it wasn't there. "I swear I put it in here before I left" I said looking around in panic 


"What?" Mitch asked 


" My book" I said grabbing my phone to see if my dad can check if I forgot it.


Faith - hey can you check my sock drawer and see if there is a book

Dad-sure yep it's right there in the corner

Faith-ok thanks


"Found it" I said relieved looking back to Mitch who was staring at his phone unhappily."what's wrong" I asked him and then he looked up at me tears in his eyes.


"Wendy broke up with me" he said looking like he was about to cry. 


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