Crystals & Diamonds

Three years after Demise is sealed away, Fi begins dreaming of Ghirahim's colors and voice.


1. Crystals & Diamonds

She had to be dreaming.  For the Spirit of the Master Sword, this was new to her.

            Diamonds were everywhere; they danced between different shades of white, grey, black, and red.

            Fi, for the second time, felt an unfamiliar emotion rise within her; curiosity.

            The diamonds intrigued her.  For the past three years now, she rested within the legendary blade with no objection.  She had fulfilled the task the goddess had given her with Link, and helped seal Demise away in the past along with Ghirahim.

            “Do you hear me, Bluebird?” the demon lord taunted her after Link successfully broken his broadsword.  “You are contradicting yourself.  You wish to see no one come to harm, and yet, you bring me pain.”

            That horrible, horrible smile flickered across his face as he was painfully turned into the weapon he claimed to be.


            Her senses could hear someone outside her patterned dreamland.  The goddess surely did not have another issue that needed to be solved.

            “Wake up, love.”

            That was new.  Fi was never addressed as love by anyone in a long time; Link and Scrapper included.

            Unless ...

            “Ghirahim?” she asked in her quiet, small voice.  She felt surprised – another new emotion – considering how strong she sounded when she was questing with Link to save Her Grace.

            “Don’t be so timid, my dear.  I would like to chat a little.”

            “Why?”  She wished she could scold herself.  Fi never asked questions.

            “Chatting is in my nature, Bluebird.  And, the goddess has allowed me back into the present to do so.”

            “Her Grace did this?”  Now she knew she was in trouble.  She never should have started questioning her circumstances to begin with.

            “Yes, and she was gracious enough to let me.”  She could almost feel him reach for her.  “All those years ago, I thought you weren’t any better than the boy, considering you were constantly strapped to his back.  I then realized you were just the same as me: a pawn in a game where its prize is the Triforce.”

            Fi stayed silent.  She knew she was nothing more than a tool for sealing evil away.  She didn’t need Ghirahim to tell her that.

            But she wondered about the Triforce.  Was it safe from Demise?  Was Her Grace keeping it safe with her human host and Link?  Was the land still pure from the wish Link made so long ago?

            “You didn’t mean to cause me pain, did you, Bluebird?”

            “No.  Like you said, I am the same as you.”

            “You are sealed away like me, my dear.  Precious, now isn’t it, that we share the same fate?”

            “Not so.  I am sealed away until I am needed again.  There will be times when I am needed to combat the darkness of Demise.”

            The Spirit of the Master Sword could hear him cackle.  “Nonetheless, you are still sealed away, Bluebird.  Doesn’t it bore you to wait?”

            “I sleep.  I don’t wait.”

            “Much like you.”  There was a snap and a small red crystal in the shape of a diamond appeared in front of her.  “Since I cannot convince you to love me, I can only entrust this to you.  Keep it close to you, Bluebird, and we will be able to still communicate.  I’d hate to see a pretty thing like you go to waste.”

            Like the wind in the desert, Ghirahim’s voice was gone.

            Fi’s confusion and surprise faded, and she fell back into her endless sleep without dreams.

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