Poetry Help Book

Not everyone likes to write poetry, especially writing it (*me*) but typically everyone does for school. So, here are some ideas I have come up with that may help you out.


4. More Rhymes

Random words

Words rhyme with birds

I just stated a fact right there

And now I have gum in my hair

I don't know where to go with this poem now

So I will just take a bow 

Wait...I'm not finished yet

Because I have pet

How did this make sense?

It didn't, it just made you really tense 

But maybe you are relaxed 

But you were just faxed

And maybe you weren't 

But you just got burnt

It really wasn't a burn...or even a joke

But you I would give you a poke

When will this poem end

When this poem can bend

Can a poem do that

No, and I'm out of words to rhyme...


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