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The story of a 17 year old girl who moved from Portugal, a quiet and small country, to the city that never sleeps - New York. With her sister being away on tour, Maria sees herself alone, so she decides to make a friend. Luke.



Maria's P.O.V.

Today was a great day. The guys are really nice and outgoing. I ended up getting Calum's number because he wanted to see my dog more often. Those two are inseperable now!

As soon as I said my goodbyes to them, I popped in the car with Luke and drove home to the sound of 'Chocolate' by The 1975. It was a short ride, which was good assuming I was so tired. 

When I got home I fed Luke and went straight to the bathroom. After a long and warm bath, I put on my pj's and laid on the couch. Teen Wolf was on, just on point! It happens to be my favourite TV show, just so you know. I was watching the episode when I got a text. It was from an unknown number but I oppened it anyways. 

"Hi :-) Just wanted to apologize again. You know, the boys can be very inconvenient sometimes. Anyways... it was really nice to meet you and Luke! Hope I'll see you again sometime soon. Luke, xx" 

He must have gotten my number from Calum. I smiled at his text. He was still worried about what happened in the park earlier. After saving his number, I texted him back, making sure that there was nothing to be sorry about.

"Olá :-) It's ok Luke, you don't need to apologize! The guys are really funny and it was really nice to meet you too! We probably will see eachother very often, Calum and Luke are best friends now..." Yes, I greeted him in portuguese because a) it's my native language, b) I wanted to make conversation and c) I was curious to see if he knew it was portuguese.

10 seconds after I sent the text, my phone rang. Luke was asking me to facetime with him. I wasn't sure if I should answer the call but then I though to myself "Maria, life's too short! There's a hot guy asking you to videochat with him, just answer for God's sake!"

"Fuck it, I'll do it" I said outloud. I was just about to pick the call when I remebered that I was wearing pijamas. I tossed the soft blanked that was covering my body to the side and ran upstairs to my room, to get something more pleasing to wear. After almost falling in the stairs, I went to my closet and grabbed my Red Hot Chili Peppers sweater. I fixed my hair and finaly answered the call.

"I'm sorry for taking so long, I was just changing" I said looking to the floor while I went downstairs again. I was making sure I didn't fall. Jesus, just the thought of falling in front of him was making me nervous.

Once in the living room, I lifted my eyes and Luke had a surprised look on his face.

"Didn't know you could speak portuguese!" He said with a big smile on his face, his dimples making an appearance on his cheeks. So he did know it was portuguese!!!

"Actually, I'm portuguese. Born and raised in Portugal!" I said looking directly into the screen, not being able to forget about those God damn dimples.

"That's so cool! What made you move to the USA then?"

"I moved with my sister a year ago. She wanted to live the american dream so I decided to join."

"Is that so? And may I ask what's that dream?"

"She's a professional dancer. Currently, she's touring with the well known Queen B!" I said showing him the picture I took in the first show she was in.

"She's touring with Beyoncé?" He asked in a louder tone than he expected due to his excitment.

"I know, pretty unbelievable!" I said laughing.

"What about you? What are your dreams?" He asked truly interested.

"I would like to tour the world too, but as a musician, not as a dancer." I said blushing. "My dream is to have a band like yours and spread my musical creations all around the world." We met yesterday and we're already talking about our dreams and what we want to do for the rest of our lives. I was really liking this conversation.

"I guess that's another thing to add to the list of things we have in common" He said with a smirk.

"What else do we have in common, Lukey?" I asked with a sassy tone.

"We both like Red Hot Chili Peppers." He said smiling proudly, as if his daughter had called him daddy for the first time.

That's when it hit me. How does he know that I like RHCP? He must have noticed my confused expression and figured what I was thinking so he spoke up.

"I noticed the little pin in your bag yesterday. Plus, you're wearing a sweater with their logo..." He said reminding me of what I had been to to dress that sweater.

"Wait, you actually like Red Hot Chili Peppers?" I ask dropping my jaw. He simply nods and my heart starts to beat super fast. "Oh my God, I love them!!!" I say almost screaming. Realising that I was being pathetic, I continue. "Sorry about the fangirl thing, it's just that I really like them" I say looking down, feeling the heat running trough my cheeks, making them slightly pink.

"It's ok! I feel the same way about Selena Gomez" He says laughing. "You're cute" It came out like a whisper but I somehow heard it. That only made me blush even more, so I decided to change the subject.

"You never got to tell me what's your role in the band..." (I bet he's the lead singer!)

"Oh, I'm just the lead singer" (I knew it!) "and I play some guitar" He says a little shy.

"You're 'just the lead singer'? C'mon dude, if you're the lead singer, it means you have a great voice!" I say with excitement. It's funny that this guy can go from being confident and flirty to shy and insecure in 2.0 seconds.

"I guess so..." He says looking down. "What instruments can you play?" He asks changing the subject.

"In the band I used to play piano and drums and I sang some parts too." I say proudly.

"You have a band?"

"Well, kinda. My best friend Rita and I started this band in highschool but since I moved here we had to have a little break..." I say reminding me of our rehearsals. I miss her so much it hurts.

"Has she been here already?"

"No. But I think she will soon. She just graduated highschool so maybe she'll pay a visit." We were in silence for a little bit until Luke spoke up again.

"So, piano and drums, huh? Bipolar much?" He says laughing so hard that his head fells back.

"I know, I know!" I say laughing along. "They're the total oposite but I just love both of them. It depends on the mood I am, I guess."

The call was filled with, yet again, silence. But this time it lasted long. We kept staring at eachother, trying to look behond those phones. They say the eyes show everything about a person, right? All I could see in his eyes was pure kindness. 

After a one solid minute of staring, I turn to my TV and I notice Teen Wolf was no longer on. I checked the time and I was chocked.

"Luke, is it really 1 am?" I ask him smiling shyly.

"Is it?" He looks to his phone clock smiling. "Yeah, I guess it is." He says showing his dimples.

"I should probably go to sleep" I say sighing.

"Ok..." He says.

"Ok..." I answer back.

"OH MY GOD MARIA! Did we just quote The Fault In Our Stars?" He asks super excited.

"Yes, yes we did!" I say while wiping a fake tear. "Now seriously... I need to go."

"Talk to you tomorrow?"

"Sure! Bye Hemmings!" I say mocking him.

"How do you know my last name?"

"Have you heard about Google before?" I ask ironically.

"Don't be mean!" He says pounting.

"Ok, I'm sorry!"

"Bye... Wait! What's your last name?"

"Martins" I knew that he wouldn't understand because it's a portuguese surname.

"Martinez?" Ugh, I hate when people think portuguese and spanish are the same.

"No Luke, Martins! Nevermind" I say rolling my eyes playfully.

"Ok, M&M!" He says laughing so hard that his phone fell of his hands.

"Oh, no! You didn't!" I say facepalming myself. "You sound just like my father! You have the exact same sense of humor. It's not good dude! You need to sleep."

"You're right, I do need to sleep" He says picking up his phone from the ground. "But you have to admit that it was funny!"

"Nope" I say popping the p.

"Not even a little b..."

"NO!" I say a little bit louder.

"Oh, ok! Bye then" He says fake crying.

"Bye Luke" I say laughing.

As soon as we ended the call, I turned off my TV and went upstairs to my room. Even though I was super tired and sleepy, I found it hard to fall asleep because I couldn't stop thinking about my conversation with Luke. I don't know why but he makes me feel weird. In a good way, I think. I'll figure that out, eventually. 



OMG guys! 235 reads in 2 days?! Thank you so much!!! I know that compared to some fanfics, this number is nothing but, for me, it means the world. I'm really happy right now!
I really hope that you continue to like this fanfic. Please comment what you think and vote if you want to!

I love you, xx

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