Anna the Human

A savage race whose main source of food is humans are fast running out of supplies and so must attack their rival race, who they believe are the cause of their growing food shortages.


3. The Brides

Oden played and joked a lot around everybody, he was well known by the Purican mates and likened too, as I got back he handed me a new sword, but it was lighter compared to my old sword. I liked the old sword better because it was used by my father’s father and father used it himself.
We had a great bond my sword and I but I could not afford to disappoint Oden, so I accepted it and hugged him. I would never use the sword he gave me to fight. After that, all he wanted was that we go chase the Purican mates as he tried to persuade me to marry the chief’s two daughters. As heavy as my sword was, it was swift and sharp and in my arms the sword was like an extension of my bones, I willed it with ease.
“It will make us wealthy and all the Puricans will respect us and with time, after the chief dies we will rule the mountains Buga, you and I. They fear you, you are a god,” he said, “When we um…I mean when you rule the mountains, we will transform this place and we shall mine precious stones just like the Redicans and even build a greater kingdom than theirs!”
 We headed out to the chief’s palace to watch the game; the players would wear head armour plates then run from two extreme ends and knock their heads together, they would repeat it until one of them fainted or died, and the Puricans would cheer, such imbecility and ego.
While we watched, my mind was with the human woman. I sighted the chief’s two daughters making their way through the crowd toward me so I left. I did not go far before they caught up with me, pushed me to the walls of the palace and began to ask me why I did not find them attractive. They wanted me to take them both as my brides on the same day, it sure was a bad idea.
I could not tell who was crazier, their father the chief or the demented mates who just didn’t want to understand that I will never take them as my brides.
I had always tried to stay away from the chief’s daughters but they cared less, mother did not like them either even though she badly wanted me to give her a play friend.
The daughters started to cry and soon the chief arrived laughing at me, he took a big bite at the large meat in his hand and threw a gesture asking me to follow him.
He invited me to his chamber once again and I walked with him without question, he then sent for his two daughters. The chief displayed his swords for me to see and burnt my ears with his war stories and how he was crowned chief by the elders for killing a beast that troubled the mountains after the last chief died. However, he also made me understand that every Purican must have a secret.
“Your secret is the key to your survival,” he said looking straight into my eyes, “What’s your secrete my young warrior?” he asked again.
 I did not say anything.
 “This is why I like you Buga. You do not talk, action! Only action my young warrior. Guess what? I want us to take over the lands of the Redicans and expand our rule, and then give you more than a quarter of the entire lands to govern. Tell me eh, what do you say? But hey, you must take in my daughters as your brides, my young warrior!” he added as we both laughed and shook hands.
The only thing that made me laugh was actually the sound of the chief’s laughter, he laughed like a sick elephant.  
Some of the Puricans wondered how I was able to slay as many thousands I sent to the abyss, most of them believed that maybe it was the no-meat custom I embraced, some even tried to go on vegetable just like I did but meat was the true Purican way. What they did not understand is that I got tired of living and looked for ways to give meaning to my life, and therefore I went about seeking for death in the eyes of my enemies on the battle grounds and in anything that could delimitate my role on earth. I have slain kings and chiefs and heirs to kingdoms ever since I held my first sword because I sought for what would end my own miserable life.
They just did not understand me and neither did I, mother always smiled at me and said a few words because she knew I wasn’t much of a talker.
They called me Buga, in my tongue Buga means the destroyer; whatever stood before me, I conquered and whatever stood behind me is but dead, not until I met the two humans, they totally changed my life. From wanting to kill or be killed to appreciating the littlest things in life. Been around the humans excited and thrilled me within.
By the time the chief’s two daughters arrived, We sat down together and the chief entertained me with beautiful fruits, and without spending much time after the arrival of his daughters, he locked me up with them and laughed as he walked away to go watch the game. As wicked and heartless as he may seemed, who would have thought it would take him a short period to forget about his dead son. No one could really tell whether he had truly forgotten about his son, and the new ordained elders still did not seem to enjoy their new position, I understood with them.
The chief’s two daughters were wild mates, they stripped before me and began chasing me around, one of them squeezed some fruits on her skin and ran after me round the table. The guards outside the door laughed as well, I had to find a way out. The chief’s daughters were very skilful with their hands.
‘Okay! Let us espouse six sunrise from now!’ I said.
Yes, those words actually came out of my mouth.
“Oooh! Buga we will make you happy!” they both said in a unison.
 “But six sun rise is too far for me, that is like twelve moons away Buga,” said Yossandra as she pushed her body against mine in a tempting manner.
 We chatted for a while before I was able to convince them, they were so happy they ran out of the place without putting their clothes back on. I ran out and straight home I went, I could hear the guards laugh at me.
On reaching home I told mother what happened, she laughed too.
 “Just get me a play friend,” she said, “Have you seen your brother Oden? I need to know who has been stealing my fruits, garments and some of my ropes are missing too Buga!”
I scratched my head.
 ‘Oden didn’t do it mother, I did,’ I answered.
Mother shook her head and walked away without asking why I stole it.
“I just hope you do not have a mate and an offspring hidden in a tent somewhere because you have been acting like your father when I conceived your brother!” mother added, “If you do Buga, please say it and…make your old mother happy my son!”
I remained mute, shook my head and walked into my room. I decided to rest for a while because I felt exhausted but sleep took over me and I dreamt. In my dream I saw the human woman escaped from the cage with the little human, while running, a beast attacked them and killed the human woman and as it turned to devour the little human… I woke up from sleep, my heart was pounding, and so I quickly picked my sword and headed straight out.
“You’re going hunting without me brother?” asked Oden.
‘No brother, I will be back. The chief asked me to do something for him and told me not to let anyone know about it, so stay home and look after mother!’ I replied as I ran.
I didn’t follow the usual route because I never wanted anyone suspecting me. Immediately I got to the waters, I dug the sand and buried my sword, if mother was there she would slap me but like I said; if mother was there.
I dived into the waters and on reaching the underwater cave I met the human woman asleep, the cave was quiet but the little human was awake and playing on its own. I moved close to have a good look at it, when it saw me it smiled and chuckled. While making little noises I could hear the little human blab my name.
 “Gagaaa, Boga-Boga, Wuga!” the little human gabbled.
I got excited and then opened the cage gently not to wake her and moved my hand closer and slowly, the moment my hand touched its garment the little human started to laugh, so I dragged it closer to me gently, and before I knew it, the human woman woke up and dashed a sharp object into my arm. It hurt so bad, I gently placed the little human down and quickly moved back dragging myself away from the cage and managed to lock it but not properly.
 I began to feel dizzy and my vision divided into two, I became confused and lightheaded. While I was trying to get myself on my feet, I watched the human woman use a tool to open the cage. I then checked the small knife I always keep around my waist and it was not there, I could not tell what she coated the sharp object she stabbed me with but it made me lose my vision.
Before I lost consciousness I could see her pick the little human as she wrapped it tightly and placed it around her bosom and used more garments to tie themselves together, she looked at me and without fear dived into the pool. I crawled my way towards the pool and washed my face but still felt weak, all of a sudden I could hear my heartbeat slowed and stopped, I saw total darkness. The pain was gone and so was my senses, I could feel my body but too weak to do anything.
I woke up like a mad beast, my heart was beating heavily and without giving it a long thought, I dived into the pool and made my way to the other side. I did not know how long I stayed unconscious even though some part of my body felt numb, I was able to force myself through the water and got out and by the time I dug my sword out of the sand I could not see the human woman.
 I saw her footprint on the sand and traced the direction she followed, I ran through the tall trees and went round in circle but still no sign of them. My heartbeat became heavy but the fear of her safety kept me going, I was angry and mad at her but I must find her before any Redican or Purican does. As I grabbed a nearby tree to rest, I heard her scream from a distance so I ran toward the sound of her voice and the further I went, the closer it became.
I jumped off and landed right behind the human woman; she was already lying on the ground holding the little human, they were surrounded by four of our scouts. When they saw me, the Puricans chanted happily and were trying to tell me how they bumped on her and so chased her down here. They didn’t know what was going on. The human woman then quickly ran behind me, the four Puricans got confused watching the human woman seeking for protection from me, I didn’t want to make matters worse so I pushed her to the ground and joined the four scouts laughing. She was filled with fear and I understood the depth of it.
The little human started to cry so I moved away from them and stood behind the Puricans, I waited for the four scouts to advance ahead of me with few steps, I lifted my sword and struck the two on my right as their bodies Fell to the ground, the first one on my left turned to attack me but I was faster; my sword pieced through him and he fell to his knees as well.
The fourth one dropped his sword and began to run, I pulled out my sword from the body of the third and flung it at him, it cut his right leg off as he also fell to the ground.
 I picked the sword from one of the dead Puricans and walked majestically toward the fourth and without mercy I dipped it into his stomach. He took his time and looked straight into my eyes wondering. He did not have enough time to ask me why but my spirit heard his spirit questioned me.
He died with his eyes open still staring at me, I took some time and looked into his eyes as well and a voice inside of me spoke to me.
 What are you doing Buga?
I ignored the voice, picked my sword and left the one I pieced him with in his body. I turned to the human woman with anger and started to walk fast to where she was lying down, she held the little human tight and panted for she was dreaded by what she saw. I picked another sword and lifted it as though about to strike her, she cried out, I then lowered my arm, grabbed her and took them away.
I took them back to the underwater cave, it was the only choice I had. She cried heavily along the way but I shut down my heart and forced her back, I knew I hurt her with the way I handled her but it was for her own good, it was the best thing to do.
I could tell she regretted leaving the cage, I sat down with too much anger and thought of fixing the cage in order to put her back in it but something told me not to. I stood up and broke half part of the cage down and sat down looking worried, the little human began to cry out loud I then stared at the human woman, she quickly rushed for its food and rubbed it around her breast and tried to feed it but the little human refused and continued to cry, tears ran down her cheek as she tried to feed it.
The human woman then came and handed the little human to me, she tried to communicate with me but I refused to talk to her. I wonder if the one that gave me the little human survived the attack, I thought. When I turned and looked into the eyes of the human woman, I became afraid that she might not last long with the situation of things, I knew then that she must be set free, but her freedom must come with an assured protection…from me.
‘She doesn’t seem to need you in her life and no matter how much you love her, you must let her go.’ whispered the voice in my head again.







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