Anna the Human

A savage race whose main source of food is humans are fast running out of supplies and so must attack their rival race, who they believe are the cause of their growing food shortages.


1. I am Buga


It was late at night, I held firm with such tight grip the weapon I carried then I heard screams and as I looked around, all I could see was a burning bush; the entire place licked up by flames, the moon light blocked by a thick smoke that mantled the surroundings. All of a sudden, about three of them ran out of the bush with their body enshrouded with fire, something burst in the flames like big drums accompanied by a hissing sound which irrupted. The smell of sulphur and burning flesh took my nose hostage but for some reason, I stood and watched the horror with my feet grounded defensively.
The invaders took siege of the bush holding their torches as they continued to set it ablaze. I went round and saw people being butchered by the invaders, anyone that jumped out of the burning bush was instantly killed. The sight was awful and it seemed there was nothing I could do.
I also noticed the invaders were bigger in size compared to the ones that were being hunted, burnt and killed. The sound of their voices and cries in the fire weakened my heart. I could not fathom why I was there or why I could not do anything. The attack was merciless, unspeakable and unthinkable.
While I watched, someone ran out of the burning bush and headed toward me, I could not lift my sword I just stood there dumbfounded. She walked to me without a single drop of fear and placed what she carried in my arms then begged me in a language I did not understand. My hands were larger than hers and so was my body compared to the size of her body, but the sight of me did not scare her as she looked me straight in the eyes and maundered with such a courageous tone. I did not get a good look at her face, the fire which was the only source of light stood behind her but I saw her eyes and she had no fear of me. I was amazed but before I could say anything as she ran away, one of the invaders sighted her and chased after her.
The thing she placed in my arms moved a bit, so I used the tip of my sword and unveiled it; the sight was astounding, the light from the moon shone upon it and it smiled confusingly and chuckled. I giggled in return leaving my mouth wide open in wonder as the two of us continued to look and stare at each other. It was a little human, it clenched my garment and chortled then its eyes turned from happy to a sad one. It looked me deep in the eye as though it was afraid of me, blinking its eyes repeatedly, I looked around then covered it slowly with the garment it was wrapped with, turned quickly and started to run.
I kept running in amazement and a little excitement, I did not look back and the invaders did not bother themselves with me. As I ran with the little human, it moved its mouth as though about to cry, I immediately shut it and continued running but it was already too late, one of the invaders had sighted me and launched toward me.
He chased me and tried to attack me with two swords without saying a word, and as he jumped into the air to strike me I pulled out my sword and pieced it through his heart. He fell to the ground and couldn’t flex a muscle. I bent down and took a careful look at him; we had a lot in common he and I when it comes to body size and type of clothes we both had on. I wrenched my sword from his chest and stood up, then took a good look at the invader I just killed and was shaken by what I saw; I seemed to be one of them, they were just like me. I did join them to attack the humans but I did not know why we attacked them and why I didn’t kill any of the humans yet, as the little human moved again I turned and continued running.
Not far from where I slayed him, I sighted a body of water and headed straight to it, on getting there I put my sword back into the sheath. My instinct told me to plunge into the waters, which I did without any hesitation.
I swam deep under until I came across a hole that seemed to be like an entrance to an underwater cave, I moved up through a pool in a domain that appeared to be a cave. The cave had a big space within its belly. I got out of the water and as I placed the little human on the ground I saw a rock much bigger, so I picked the little human and kept it on top of the rock. The little human began to cry and I became confused. I removed the garment that covered it and tried to play with it; I made different face expressions hoping it would calm the little human down but it cried out loud.
I remained mute and befuddled by the situation, then I heard something moved from behind me and as I turned my back I saw a beautiful human woman in a cage staring at me.
I looked around the cave wondering how she got there but the look she gave me made me feel like she knew who I was.
She slowly bent down in her cage and stared at the little human then quickly stood up in awe though a little shocked over how I got the little human inside the cave. However, I was more disturbed by how she too got into the cage in the first place. I gave it a quick thought and rapidly took the little human to her; she accepted and embraced it, then gently wiped the dirt and water from its face.
Captivated and astonished by her beauty and how she was so concerned with the welfare of the little human I stayed there and watched them both. The human woman pointed at some vessels behind me and made a gesture asking me to bring them to her, I did without hesitation. She gently changed the cloth the little human was wearing and wrapped it in a dry garment then prepared a more comfortable place and laid it, but the little human continued to cry out. She then mixed some liquids from the vessels I gave her, robbed it around her nipple then picked the little human and dipped her breast in its mouth, it went mute as it sucked and finally, the place was quiet and sweet.
The human woman took her time to study carefully if the little human was injured but it appeared to be fine, she gave me a strong look of distrust and spoke in a harsh human tongue.
 I could not really tell how she got into the cave or who locked her in the cage, she also appeared to be much younger than the first human woman who handed me the little human.
I was trying to make sense of many things in a short time. I could not understand her tongue when she spoke to me, she only made gestures to describe to me what she wanted or was trying to say. I think she considered me a dull one; she would point at me then poke her head twice and nodded squeezing her mouth in an annoying way.
When the little human started to cry again, she moved away from me and sat on the ground then robbed the liquid content around her nipple and fed it, this continued until it belched and shortly yawned before going to sleep.
The human woman smiled and pointed at the small basket behind me, as I went for it, she asked me to bring what was inside but I picked the whole basket. She shook her head in disagreement and directed me to bring just one of whatever item that was inside the basket so I picked out a loaf and handed it to her, she again sent me to bring water from another vessel which I poured into a small jar and offered it to her.
The human woman smiled and sat in the cage looking at me. I admired her hair and wanted to touch it but I was somehow shy, she then signalled me that it was okay to touch it but instructed me to stroke it gently. I smiled and sat down like a youngling and as I fondled her magnificent soft hair, we both smiled at each other.
 I asked her to give me the little human to hold but she made a gesture that it was asleep and so I must not disturb its peace. The human woman later instructed me to go get a thick garment for the little human and more food for them both when next I come, she explained to me that the little human was too young and must be wrapped in a much thicker garment to keep it warm or it would fall ill.
She would speak words I could not comprehend and as such I behaved dumb but shortly after she would make use of gestures.
The human woman was so beautiful and I loved her blue eyes and dark hair, as I moved my hand to touch it again she shook her head then asked me to leave. I stood up a bit disappointed like a youngling, picked my sword and before I jumped into the pool, I turned and looked at her but she ignored me, so I dived deep into the pool and swam away.
By the time I got to the other side, it was already morning. The sun was up and the vultures were everywhere feasting on the flesh of dead humans. I sighted some of the invaders pull dead bodies of these humans cutting some parts and stack it for transportation. I walked between these invaders holding my sword firmly and nervously but none seemed worried over my presence, I met about six of the invaders who looked older and seemed like the elders amongst them standing as they examined the body of the invader I killed. they appeared daunted by what lied before them.

I approached them heedfully holding firm to my sword and as I got closer, they all bowed their heads to me and revealed the face of the dead invader. I couldn’t understand why they bowed to me neither did I know the dead invader, I was still holding firm to my sword cautiously.
“The Chief will not take this lightly, how can one break such news to him?” said one of the elders.
Finally someone spoke in a language I understood, not like the tongue spoken by that human woman.
“They will pay so dearly for this!” exclaimed another, “Brothers, one or some of us will suffer this, we all know that.”
The six elders stepped aside and had a little chat among themselves. I could tell they were afraid but I chose not to offer any proposal, coupled with the respect they showed me I decided not to speak unless spoken to, and also kept my reply short and shallow. None of them saw me as a hostile and since they did not suspect any foul play, I got a bit comfortable.
 We marched in line and walked away with the rest of the invaders holding the stack of human parts in several nets gotten from the hunt, I turned and looked back to make sure no one took interest in the location of the humans. The dead body of the invader I killed was also carried along to where we were going, no one spoke a word, not a song of victory was sang on our way. It felt strange as I wisely continued to look over my shoulders and my back but instead I saw honour and loyalty in their eyes.
 The way they all treated me on our way back home stirred some pride within me. One of them ran to me and walked beside me.
 “You seemed so quiet Buga, this is unlike you my brother!” he said.
 “Shut your mouth Oden!” retorted one of the invaders.
The one called Oden was getting all nosy and appeared baleful, so I reached out for my sword and tackled him then placed the sword on his neck.
 ‘Not as quiet as your mother the day she dropped you, eh brother?’ I said.
The invaders stopped matching, the surrounding went dead silent, I stared at them defensively and they all busted into laughter.
“You mean our mother, huh brother?” said the one called Oden as he too laughed and then pinched my stomach.
 I gently took my sword off his neck and pretended to laugh along with them maniacally. I gave him a hand and lifted him off the ground, he then hit me lightly on the chest as we continued to match up the mountains. Oden kept pestering me with how he slaughtered the humans and how they screamed as they begged for their lives, I uttered no word and acted as though he inspired me. The good thing was, I understood the tongue they all spoke to me with.
We walked through the giant trees and up the mountains, I saw along the way skulls of humans and sights that almost made me puke but I held on while acting strong and bold because the invaders sort of had high respect for me for some reason I did not know but the one they called Oden gave me a suspicious look.
“Your garment is wet my brother,” said the one called Oden.
‘I chased one of them into the waters, but the um…sharks got to him first,’ I replied while still walking.
“Hmm, sharks got to the human Buga chased before Buga got to the human? How great! We go to a battle with our kind, you slaughter thousands but to brag about killing one human, just one human? It’s a null on your list Buga, come on, share with me…ooh unless, unless if your power comes from not-killing the humans or eating flesh! A Purican that doesn’t enjoy the spoils? Hmm!” said Oden.
He kept on talking as we walked up the mountains, his head went flying in the air, well, that was the picture painted in my mind but in reality, the one called Oden was still babbling, I got so fed up with him but I remained silent and smiled nicely.


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