Murder is not so easy. A fingerprint can be found in the darkest of corners. A blood speck no bigger than the head of a pin. A nail scraped for DNA. It's all in the detail. You just need to look.


2. The Murder of Anderson Cooper




 If anything, the crime was not as horrific as the wife claimed it to be. You stand at the edge of the room, watching as Mrs. Cooper sobs when the police gently push her away from the scene. The yellow tape glints in the hanging lights of the chandelier. You squint.
 "Hey there, Detective." One policeman tips his hat to you. You grunt in response.
 "Do you have any information yet?"
 "Gettin' straight to the point, ain't ya? Well, the victim seemed to have died from an instant gun shot to the head. I don't really know, the nurse lady isn't here yet to do a full examination."
 "I see." You duck under the tape, and approach the crime scene, careful to not disturb it in anyway.

 The victim is laying face up in a pool of his own blood in front of a smoldering fireplace, his glassy eyes wide open and staring at he ceiling. Broken wine glasses litter the rug that he is dead upon, dark wine stains accompanying the blood,and a dining table along with its chairs are flipped over, one of the chair legs is even broken off. Other than that, the room is bare. The wife is still calling to her husband from beyond the tape.

 What is your first move? 

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