Murder is not so easy. A fingerprint can be found in the darkest of corners. A blood speck no bigger than the head of a pin. A nail scraped for DNA. It's all in the detail. You just need to look.


3. The Murder of Anderson Cooper Pt. 2



 "No, no, of course not!" The wife snaps. You are suspicious of how Anderson died - as you investigate, you realize that there is a single gunshot wound to the back of the head. Suicide is quickly ruled out. You had already looked to the rug to find the blood dry, and came off in flakes, and the body was stiff. There were no windows inside the room, and none of the first responders reported any signs of forced entry, and no rooms except this particular one was destroyed. You had turned to the wife to ask if anyone had access to their home. She responded more feverishly than you anticipated.

 "We have a very, very expensive security system! It's quite amazing, we have keys that opened the doors, and then we need to place a pass code on the system panel over by the kitchen." She reaches into her nightgown, pulling out a thin rope with a silvery key. It glistened in the morning light, "this key opens up the panels. Anderson had one too, but we had to make more because he kept losing them. I don't understand how that man will ever find his stupid shoes in the morning without me-" she immediately clamps her mouth shut, fresh tears glistening in her eyes, "I mean, would...ever..."

 You tenderly place a hand on her shoulder.

 "You won't have to worry for long, Mrs. Cooper. We'll find out who did this." You look towards another investigator, nodding your head to the kitchen. The investigator acknowledges your silent command and leaves the room. You turn back to the wife. Her face is sticky and red from tears.

 "We have a know." She says, gazing into the room where Anderson lay. You perk at her words.

 "A son?"

 "Yes. His name is Alfred. He lives just north of here, in the north end side of Rum. He's child."

 She breaks down crying again. You pat her on the back until her sobs become more contained. A little longer later, she stiffens.

 "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you were going to continue asking me questions right?" She sniffles.

 "Yes. It seems Mr. Cooper has been dead for over twelve hours, and only about twenty minutes ago did you give the call that you found him dead. Where were you last night?"

 "I was overnight at a bachelorette's party, Miss - well, actually now she's Mrs. Evga-Morei, but you can find her in the local books as Miss Soto. She can tell you I was there! She can!"

 Suspicion ripples through you. Her words are odd. You open your mouth to ask another question, but before you can get the words out the investigator returns, and tugs at your arm.

 "What is it?" You ask him sharply, "can't you see I'm in the middle of this?"

 "Pardons, Detective, but I have important news. The system that Mrs. Cooper pointed out to us has been deactivated."

 Your eyes widen.


 "When we opened the panel, the wiring was cut, the alarm was smashed, but the protective casing around it wasn't harmed at all."

 "Which means our murderer had a key into the panel." You finish. Your mind races. Right now, Mrs. Anderson was looking like a suspect, but there is a long road ahead of you to find out what truly happened. You consider your options at the moment - you could either talk to Miss Soto, or you could question the victim's son, Alfred, who lives not far from the house. Talking to Miss Soto will only provide some clues and give concrete to the alibi Mrs. Cooper stated, but what other evidence could she provide? The son seems like the more reasonable solution, though either one could be the correct way to go.

 What do you do? 

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