Murder is not so easy. A fingerprint can be found in the darkest of corners. A blood speck no bigger than the head of a pin. A nail scraped for DNA. It's all in the detail. You just need to look.


1. Introduction





 You are a detective of the Silent Lake Police Department in Rum, a city that's known for it's dark secrets. You investigate the sickest of crimes, the most bizarre, and the most challenging. To do your job right, and to d it well, you will need to comb over the evidence of each murder so well that you know the murder like the back of your hand.

 Justice rests in your hands.




 In this book, you will investigate a new murder every chapter. You will arrive at the crime scene, you will determine what evidence is worthy of your attention, what suspect is worthy of your interrogation. Every choice you make can lead to the murderer being caught, or to them escaping. Once a chapter is published, you have one day to make your decision. Think. Choose wisely. 

 Good luck, detective.

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