In which a girl meets a boy at a movie theatre.
Selena Gomez
Dylan O'Brien

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1. one

As usual, my Friday night was off to an eventless start. All of my friends were either out with their boyfriends, partying, or hanging out with family. Usually, I would be wasting away the night studying for exams or stocking up on homework, but today I had nothing. Parties weren’t really my thing, and, at the moment at least, neither was dating. I prefer reading a good book or geeking out to my non-geeky friends about all of my fandoms, which at Britannia Prep was not favored by the guys.


So here I was, spending my night locked away in my bedroom while my mother was taking an important business call and my father was screaming at whatever sports game being streamed to our television. Thinking of nothing better to do, I looked up all of the currently playing movies at the local theater. One specific Marvel film caught my eye, which in turn caused my inner-fangirl to freak out. Quickly throwing on the first pair of jeans and hoodie that caught my eye, I ran out of the house and into my old fiat. As much as my lovely mother insists on getting me a new car, be it a Porsche from the Panamera Exclusive series or a simple Volkswagen beetle, she will never be able to convince me to rid of Marco. My white, 1971 Fiat 500 L.


Marco successfully made it to the movie theater, a rare occurrence for the old boy. The glowing building was illuminated by the bright words indicating that this was, infact, a “CINEMA”.  The limited ticket booth windows were greeted by lines of anxious movie goers, but lucky for me I appeared to be one of the few there to see Guardians of the Galaxy. That or it’s the fact that I had arrived 45 minutes early. When the lines finally shortened, I was able to purchase the ticket of my destiny. Just kidding, a ticket for the 7:45 showing of Guardians of the Galaxy, featuring the god-like Chris Pratt *swoons*.  


After receiving my ticket as well as acquiring a massive bucket of smothered in butter popcorn (I had gotten a few weird looks because of that), I sat in the red seat labeled C11. The giant projector hummed to life, causing the dull white screen in front of me to glow. Previews and First Looks danced across it, as the room started to fill. The seats to my right were taken up by 3 obnoxious boys, that looked to be around my age. The movie started and I almost cried when Peter's mom died.


Half way through the film, a hand snaked its way into my popcorn, and trust me when I say that the hand was not mine. I turned my head to see one of the teenage boys with brown hair and Ray-Bans, eating a handful of popcorn. The boy was very cute, but I do not stand for even cute boys stealing my food. So, tapping him on the shoulder I asked, “Excuse me, but why did you take my popcorn?"


He looked at me and with a smirk graced upon his beautifully sculpted face,  "Um, I'm pretty sure that that's my popcorn, love. So the real question is, why did you take my popcorn?"

I rolled my eyes, and pulled my precious popcorn closer.

"I paid for the popcorn, therefore it belongs to me. Now explain yourself before I punch that damn smile off of your face." I scowled.

"Feisty aren't we." He laughed.

I heard shushing and looked around me at the glaring people. Shutting up, I sat back in my seat with a pout; swatting at my popcorn whenever a hand went near it.

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