Diamond Girl

"How does this man make you feel?"
"Like I'm drowning, and he is holding my head down, letting me up to breathe whenever he wants. I'm not afraid of him if he keeps me down for a little too long because he is my world. He'll let me up eventually."


1. Mind games

Sex is a common practise with me and my boyfriend. Once in the morning, once when he gets home from work and then multiply times through the night. Sometimes rough, sometimes angry from a long day at work. Passionate wouldn't be the right word.

It's 6:17PM and in four minutes he'll walk through our front door, pick me up and take me to he bedroom. Or maybe the bathroom, living room or garden? Wherever he takes me. I quickly run upstairs, stripping off my jeans and t-shirt; my heart is in my mouth. I check the time. 


Two minutes left, I'm stripped bear and my body is quivering with excitement. Me and Jack have been together three years but it never seemed that we left the 'honeymoon period'. Well, for me anyway. He seems angrier a lot more but he tells me it's never because of me, he tells me that I always please him and make him feel numb to the stress on the outside.


The door creaks open, I hear him below;

"Emilia! Where's my diamond girl?"I make sure my large breasts are erect and push my hair behind my shoulders. 

"I'm here." I whisper and kiss him on his cheek.

His hands carress my breast, and stroke the side of the left one, where I have a small, diamond tattoo.

"You are so fucking sexy." He murmurs in my ear.

He then proceeds to pick me up and take me to the living room, right in front of the window. We have sex right there on the floor. I'm sure I saw about five people stop and gasp for a few seconds, and then hurry off past our house. 

This sex was angry, which sometimes hurts. Today was bad though, he was being way too aggressive for my petite body to handle.

"Puddin, your hurting me!" I gasp in my high pitched voice, now croaky.

He pulled out, his penis was red at the tip, and still largely erect.

"I was so fucking close, what is wrong with you today?" His cheeks were dark burgundy and he was out of breath.

"I'm sorry baby, it hurt." When he was like this it made me feel small, he could see that.

Sighing, he picks me up so I am now straddling him on the sofa. His skin is so soft and I just want every part of him against me.

"Hey now, Em. Don't be angry at me," he pulls an overexaggerated sad face, "I didn't mean it."

He confuses me more than words can say. Seconds after the apology and he is gently sucking my nipples, whislt grabbing my hips to rub my vagina against his hard penis. I can feel the electricity running through us, and I never want this to end.

"Come here baby, let's try again." He whispers, and fucks me hard on the sofa. Passionate wouldn't be the right word.








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