Everything about you

Jackson is a boy who comes from a middle class family, Emily is royalty but the love between these two people is new and exciting. Emily is keeping her secret of being royalty from Jackson to protect him...

Her father the King disapproves and lets slip that Emily is royalty.

Will these two souls be able to conquer the obsticles they face?


7. Jackson's P.O.V


    It’s been a month since I last saw Emily and now it was the day of our second date but the day before I received a note from her, it said.


    “Wait for me at the edge of town at 12:00 and bring your togs, Emily.”


    At twelve o’clock I met Emily and she was wearing a blue summer dress. Her hair was up and she looked absolutely beautiful. “You look amazing.”

    “Thank you but are you ready to go swimming?” Emily asked excited.

    I smiled and said “Very ready.”

    Emily took me to a place in the bush out of town, it was secluded and surrounded by trees but when you came to the end of the track there was a waterfall. It was surround my flowers, birds, rocks and the sunlight hit the clear water which made it shimmer like there were thousands of diamonds in the water. “Wow!” I said in amazement.

    We’re here alone and I feel more nervous than I did on our first date. “You can change behind that bush if you like.” Emily said before she started taking off her dress.

    I quickly turned around and said “Okay!”

    Emily laughed and said “I have my togs on underneath my dress, Jackson.”

    I glanced behind me and sure enough she did. However, my breathing became heavy and my heart started beating faster. Emily had tan ivory skin, amazing figure but petite and the black bikini she wore made her piercing green eyes stand out, and she never ends to amaze me.

   I stood there watching Emily get in the water, she went under then came up again. She looked more incredible when her hair was wet and the water left droplets on her skin.

   “Come on! The water’s great.” Emily called to me.

   I went behind the bush when I saw her go under the water again but as I changed I decided to keep my briefs on under my shorts. I came out from behind the bush and I saw Emily smiling at me, I smiled back then placed my pants and shoes on the sand, took off my shirt then I went into the water. When I looked at Emily, she looked stunned.

    “What do you think?” I asked Emily as I reached her.

    She replied “I’m thoroughly impressed, what do you think?”

    I didn’t answer at first because I didn’t want to sound like an idiot, but then I answered “Amazing comes to mind.”

    Emily smiled wide at me, it made me smile back at her then I was distracted by how close we were in the water. We were inches from each other and she looked at me like she knew what I was thinking. I’d thought about kissing her from the first night she kissed my cheek and now seems like the best time to do it.

    I edged closer to Emily to close the last inch between us and said “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

    I placed my hand on the side of Emily’s face. I looked into Emily’s eyes then moved my face towards hers. I gently brushed my lips against Emily’s but when I went to kiss her again she placed her hands on my chest. The touch of her skin on mine made me want her more so I moved my hands to her hips, we both stood up but as we did Emily ended up being a head shorter so I had to lean down to keep our lips connected.

    Emily moved her hands up my neck to my hair and entwined her fingers in it to pull me closer to her, I bent down more to pick her up in my arms then she wrapped her legs around my waist but as she did so I lowered us back into the water.

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