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Jackson is a boy who comes from a middle class family, Emily is royalty but the love between these two people is new and exciting. Emily is keeping her secret of being royalty from Jackson to protect him...

Her father the King disapproves and lets slip that Emily is royalty.

Will these two souls be able to conquer the obsticles they face?


3. Jackson's P.O.V


    Turning eighteen wasn't really a big deal to me but mum insisted that I celebrate it as that's what my dad would want. "Alright mum, when I finish work we'll celebrate."

    Mum hugged me and screamed “Yay! Happy birthday, Jackson.”

    As mum let me go I kissed her on the cheek and said "Thanks mum." then I strolled off to work. As I got older I decided not to become a Miner like my dad so I now work in a bakery. It's two blocks from the house and five blocks from the Palace, I heard that the Princess had returned home but I hadn't seen her since dads' funeral when I was ten and still believe that I'm going to marry her.

    I got to work and Mr Heller was carrying a bag of flour, I quickly can over to help him. “Let me take that, Mr Heller.”

    Mr Heller let me take the bag of flour off him and carried it inside. I took the flour out to the back to the kitchen. Mr Heller came in and said “I’m going to need you to work this weekend as the Royals are having a banquet for the Princesses seventeenth birthday next Tuesday.”

    “I can do that.” I quickly answered without hesitation.

    Mr Heller smirked at me. “Good to hear, the caterers will be here Monday to pick up the order so let’s get to work.”

    By the end of the day we made 1000 pastries, 500 cream buns but had 500 to go plus we still had the cake to do.

    I got home at ten o’clock and found mum sound asleep on the couch with a picture of dad on the table. I picked it up and said “I’m going to make you very proud dad...” I placed the photo back down, put a blanket over my mum then went to my room and crashed.

    The next morning I went into work at six before Mr Heller got there at eight and started on the cake. Mr Heller said “You’re here early.”

    “Well I figured I’d get a head start.” I said as I put the cake in the oven.

    Mr Heller said “You should also know that we got an invitation by the King and Princess Elizabeth to the Princess' banquet so you’ll need to find something to wear.”

    I asked “Is it going to be like a ball?”

    “If it means you’re asking if you need a tux then yes.” Mr Heller said as he started the next mix of cake.

    The days went by and it was the Princesses banquet in no time. Mr Heller closed the bakery early. When I got home mum was waiting for me, she was holding one of my dad’s tuxedos.

    "Your dad would've wanted you to wear this..." mum gave me the tux then carried on talking.”I've altered it to fit you...I want your dreams to come true tonight so enjoy the banquet."

    I kissed mum on the cheek and said “Promise.”

    After I bathed and changed into the tux, I found mum had laid three dress ties on my bed. One green, one blue and one grey. My dad’s tux was raven black, the dress shirt was emerald blue and as the shirt was making my eyes stand out, I chose the grey tie. As I was putting the tie around my neck and trying to tie it, mum knocked on the door and came in. “Look at you...so handsome.”

    “Thank you, mum.”

    She was watching me tie the tie then said “Here let me do it...” she took the tie from me and started doing it again. “Your father didn’t know how to do it either but then again I think he just pretended to.”

    Mum smiled and I knew she missed dad more than me. She finished the tie and said "You remind me of him at your age but...he wouldn't be able to pull that shirt off."

    I laughed and said "No, he couldn't...I better get going, mum."

    She hugged me good-bye then I went to meet Mr Heller at the Palace. Mr Heller was wearing a blue tux, white dress shirt and a black tie. When he saw me, he said “Jackson...you clean up nicely but last minute change of dress. You need to put this on.”

    Mr Heller gave me a black masquerade mask, I looked mysterious. He put his blue mask on then we went inside.

    There were lots of people at the Palace but the Princess was the only person I wanted to see.

    The night went on and I started to give my hopes up on seeing the beautiful Princess. I went over to one of the tables that had the pastries on and took off my mask. I placed it on the table, rubbed my eyes then brushed my hand through my hair. I went to pick up a pastry and I felt someone next to me so I turned my head and a girl with a silver, blue trimmed dress that fell to the floor, a silver and blue mask, the most piercing green eyes, long wavy hair that fell around her shoulders and was up so you could see the shape of her face. She smiled and asked “Are you having fun?”

    “Yes ma’am, what about you?” I asked before I ate the pastry.

    She replied “I guess I am...I mean it seems too overrated. Have you met the Princess?”

    I shook my head then replied “Well kind of...when my dad died but we were really young so I doubt she remembers.”

    “You never know she might, what did you think of her?”

    I thought about that for a second then replied with a smile on my face. “I...I think she’s beautiful but there’s more to a person than just looks. I wouldn’t mind getting to know her properly.”

    The girl smiled then asked “What’s your name?”


    “It’s nice to meet you, Jackson.” She smiled and said before she walked off. 

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