Everything about you

Jackson is a boy who comes from a middle class family, Emily is royalty but the love between these two people is new and exciting. Emily is keeping her secret of being royalty from Jackson to protect him...

Her father the King disapproves and lets slip that Emily is royalty.

Will these two souls be able to conquer the obsticles they face?


8. Emily's P.O.V


    I felt like my date with Jackson was going better than what I had expected. We had our first kiss and his body against mine felt like heaven but I also felt safe with him, he’s the only guy that has ever made me feel this way.

    When we finally pulled away from each other, we were breathless and our hearts were on overdrive. We got out of the water then we lay in the sun, as we did so we put our towels together to make one big blanket...kind of. We cuddled together in the heat, I sat up slightly, looked at Jackson and he looked peaceful.

    I looked at the water then at the waterfall and thought about how today was the best day of my life. I couldn’t see how my life could get any better, I mean being away from him for a month...that was hard enough but I couldn’t think of my life without him, not now. Jackson was everything to me.

    “You okay?” Jackson asked as he cuddled me from behind.

    I replied as I looked at him. “There’s no place I’d rather be than with you.”

    I kissed Jackson softly then stood up looking at him. He looked at me and did the same. I walked to the edge of the water, turned my head around to look at Jackson and said “I think I like you.”

   After that I dived into the water and swam to the waterfall, behind it was a rock that you could lie and sit on and no-one could see you if you were there. A minute or so later Jackson joined me on the rock and asked “Did you say you like me?”

    I smiled at him. “Maybe...”

    “I think I like you, too.”

    After that we spent the rest of the afternoon behind the waterfall but when I started getting cold, Jackson took me out of the water and back to the sand. “I don’t want you getting sick, come to my house and warm up.”

    I looked at Jackson hesitantly because his mum knew who I was but then again she knows. “I’d like that.”

    Jackson took me to his house, it was a two-storey brick house. He took me inside and it was very warm. There pictures of his dad and him together and his mum and dad. They were a true family and I would’ve liked to have met his dad.

    “Your home feels like more of a house than mine...” We went into the lounge then sat on the couch. There was a picture of his dad and another guy next to him between two candles, it must be his uncle that died too. “Is that your dad and uncle?”

    Jackson nodded his head. “Yeah, would you like a hot cocoa?”

    “I would love one, thank you.”

    Jackson kissed me before he left the lounge but once he did I stood up and walked over to the fireplace that had a roaring fire. The heat from the fire warmed me up to the point of me not needing the towel anymore. I studied the picture of his dad and uncle, Jackson definitely looked like his dad.

    I would hate to have lost someone so close to me at such an early age, I turned around and his mum was there. “Hi.”

    She replied as she walked towards me. “Hi, I’m Fiona.”

    “Emily, it’s nice to meet you...” I looked for Jackson but he was still in the kitchen. “I want to thank you for not saying anything to Jackson.”

    “Emily...you have made my son happy again. It should be me thanking you but I am worried about how he’s going to react.” She said concerned like any mother would be.

    “I am too.” I replied as I looked at the photo once more.

    I stayed for about an hour then I had to go. “It’s getting late and I don’t really want to be in trouble again...” I looked at Fiona. “Thank you for having me.”

    “Anytime Emily, you’re always welcome.” Fiona replied as she hugged me.

    Jackson walked me to the front door. “Thank you...” I hugged Jackson then pulled away. “Your mum is lovely and I get why she means so much to you.”

    “She does but you do, too. Emily, I don’t want you to disappear.” Jackson said as he stroked my cheek with his thumb. “I don’t either, Jackson.”

    We kissed each other good-bye before I left then I went back to the Palace.

    “How was your day?” Mum asked excitedly.

    “Amazing...thank you, mum.” I gave mum a hug. “I better go shower before dinner.”

    I went to my room, had a shower, and changed into my grey denim jeggings, a red top and a white cardigan then went to my dad’s study.

    Dad was standing by the window overlooking the town. He looked like he was day dreaming. “Daddy...” He looked at me in surprise. “What you doing?”

    “Just looking out the window, Emie, how was your day?” Dad asked as he paid me his full attention.

    “Well, it was amazing. I didn’t know nature was so beautiful...the different types of birds, plants and the way the sun hit everything made it seem magical.”

    Mum and I half lied to dad about where I was going for the day and because he was busy all day he couldn’t check up on me which I didn’t mind.

    “It’s good you enjoyed yourself today. Have you told your mum?” Dad asked.

    I replied “Yes, she was the first person I saw when I walked through the doors.”

    After that, my night felt long and as though the day didn’t want to end, I certainly didn’t want it, too.

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