Everything about you

Jackson is a boy who comes from a middle class family, Emily is royalty but the love between these two people is new and exciting. Emily is keeping her secret of being royalty from Jackson to protect him...

Her father the King disapproves and lets slip that Emily is royalty.

Will these two souls be able to conquer the obsticles they face?


6. Emily's P.O.V


    I got back to the Palace still thinking about Jackson and how much he had opened up about his dad to me. When he started talking about his dad, I knew that it meant a lot to Jackson as he had someone beside his mum to talk to. I appreciated him opening up to me.

    I walked through the doors and my parents were standing there looking at me. Dad looked like he wanted to go off his tree while mum looked disappointed.

    “Where have you been?” Dad yelled.

    I have never been yelled at by dad before so it took me by surprise but it also hurt because I know that they’re just looking out for my safety. “I’m sorry I worried you...I just went to the meadow.” I said as I took off my shoes.

    “Well because of your silly stunt tonight you will be chaperoned for a month but apart from that you must stay in the Palace.” Dad said firmly.

    “But that’s not fair!” I argued. “I’m seventeen, dad, I’m not a little girl anymore.”

    He looked at me like I hit a nerve then said “As long as you live here...you will do as you’re told, young lady.”

    I looked at my parents in disgust before I stomped off to my room.

    On Sunday I was on lock-down but during the week when I went to school the chaperoning was eased back as I couldn't go anywhere. The following Saturday I went to town but I had to take two of the girls from school, Kim and Rose came with me.

    “Can you guys stay here for a few minutes? I’m just going into that bakery.” I said as I started crossing the street.

    Kim said “We’re supposed to come with you.”

    “I won’t be long.”

    I walked into the bakery and saw an older looking man behind the counter, he looked at me then he recognized who I was. I quickly said “Please don’t, is Jackson here?”

    The man replied “He is but why are you here, Princess?”

    “He doesn’t know...please, I don’t want him to know yet. You must understand, I like him and I want him to know me for me.”

   The man nodded then said “Jackson...there’s a pretty lady here to see you.”

    A second later, Jackson answered “Who is it, Mr Heller?”

    Just then Jackson came around the corner and saw me. His eyes lit up and his smile made my heart leap. “Emily...what’re you doing here?” He asked as he walked up to me.

   “I’m sorry I haven’t seen you since last week but I was right about me going to be in trouble. I’m grounded for a month and when I go out now I have to have friends with me. In a month from this Saturday will you go on another date with me?”

    “Emily, I would love to go on another date with you.”

    I gave Jackson a hug then as I pulled away I said “I haven’t stopped thinking about you and I don’t want you to forget me.”

    “I could never forget you, Emily.”

    I looked outside and saw Kim walking across the street. “Jackson, I have to go but I will see you in a month here at the bakery.”

    I hurried outside the bakery and met Kim. “I told you to stay there.”

    “You’re mum wants you home.”

    When we arrived at the Palace Kim and Rose left so I had to go inside by myself which made me feel very alone.

   I found mum in the kitchen but when she saw me she asked “Why did you go into a bakery?”

   I looked at mum and said “I saw a friend...they work in a bakery.” Damn Kim!

   Mum found what I said interesting and asked “Was that the friend in the meadow?”

    “Mum, I know you know its Jackson. I like him, okay but he doesn’t know that I’m the Princess and I want him to like me, mum, and not me being the Princess.” I said as I sat on the stool under the bench top.

    Mum smiled at me and said “I know what you mean, Emily. Fiona told me that Jackson went out Saturday night and I put the pieces together. I’m not mad I just want you to know that he would like you anyway. Jackson told his mum long ago that he would one day marry you. At the time I thought it was adorable but now that you’re both older you need to be careful. His mother and I have talked and we won’t stop you seeing each other as I was like him, I didn’t come from Royalty.”

   I looked at mum confused then asked “What do you mean?”

   “My dad was a Policeman and my mother worked in a Post Office. I was just an ordinary girl like Jackson is an ordinary boy.” Said mum as she sat next to me, then she said “I haven’t told your father and I think its best he doesn’t know just yet...I want you to have the chance to be happy but then it’s up to you to tell Jackson.”

    I sadly replied “I know mum, I promise I’ll tell him when I know he really does care for me.”

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