Styles Inc.

I met someone.
He made me feel something. He made me feel my feelings. He wanted to show me the true meaning of love feelings. But he was a player. Could I trust him? Am I willing to trust him? What if I'm too late to tell him that I care?

Read to find out Emma Warren's and Harry Styles' story of how they built up a wall of trust, loyalty, love, lust, passion and so on....


23. Chapter Twenty-Three


Emma's P.O.V.


When we all got home, Niall looked at us with a questionable look.

"Louis you tell him," me and Lily said at the same time, then looked at each other and laughed a bit.

"Fine," Louis said, taking Niall into the kitchen.

Lily, Sophie, and I sat down on the couch in our business clothing, throwing our heels off, turning the TV on.

"There's been a report that the Styles Company had a bomb threat this afternoon," the news said.

"Wow, that was fast," Sophie said.

"Yeah, sure was," I said.

Niall and Louis walked in, Niall making his way to sit down by me.

"So what shall we eat?," Louis asked, as if today was a normal day, with nothing to worry about.

"Louis shut up. No ones hungry right now," Lily said.

"Well I am," he mumbled.

She threw a pillow at him.

"Sorry, sorry," he apologized.




For the rest of the week the company was closed. The police department called me, the next day, telling me that no bombs were found in the building, and that they're still tracking down the person, and still six days later they still haven't figured it out.

I swore and told them that this had to do with Mr. Malik, but they refused to listen, and are still trying to get more clues.

Lily and I sat most of the week at home, writing emails out or calling investors, telling them about the whole situation and apologizing that we have to re-schedule our meetings.

Today, the seventh day after the whole incident, was the day Harry was to come back to New York with Anne.

I lay in bed thinking, whether I should go or not go.

There was a knock on my door interrupting my thoughts.

"Come in," I said, flipping over to my side to see Niall tip-toe in.

"You don't have to be so quiet, I'm awake ya know," I said.

He grinned and came over to me.

"What? Why are you so quiet?," I asked him.

"Nothing....I'm just deep in thoughts," he said.


"Stuff," he replied.

"What stuff?," I asked.

"Secret stuff," he said, winking.

"Awe c'mon Ni. You walk in here just to tell me you're thinking of something that you can't tell me about?," I asked.

"No, I came here to ask you if you're ready for today. We are meeting Harry and his mom today at his house," Niall said.

"I feel fine. To be honest, I don't even want to go. Harry won't remember me and it's gonna be a pain to sit with him and try and help him remember," I said.

"All Harry needs is patience Em, if you're not patient with him, then he'll never remember, and I don't think that's what you want," he said.

I sighed and covered my face with my pillow.

"Hey, where'd ya go?," Niall asked, getting on top of me, trying to get the pillow off my face.

He succeeded eventually, coming face to face with me.

I gulped, staring into his baby blue eyes.

He grinned a bit, his eyes, slowly lowering to my lips, but quickly returning up to my eyes.

He leaned in a bit...

"GOOD MORNING PEOPLE- OH GOSH!," Louis said, walking into the room.

Niall quickly flipped over to the side, and I starred at Louis, bewildered by what could of happened if Louis, hadn't walked in.

"Now what are you two doing?," Louis asked, pointing to both of us.

"I was waking up Emma, what did it look like?," Niall said, standing up and stretching himself out.

"Like you two were making out, fucking each other, or-"

Niall hit him with a pillow.

"Ow! What was that for!?," Louis cried.

"Shut up Lou," Niall said, walking to the door and pushing him aside.

Louis frowned and followed him.

I shook my head and got up too, walking over to pick the pillow up, then heading for the bathroom.

Soon, I was walking down to everyone sitting in the living room eating breakfast.

"Morning everyone," I said.

"Morning," they all responded.

"What's the news today?," I asked Lily, once I had gotten myself a bowl of cereal.

"Well, the FBI sent us an email saying that the company can re-open in two days, so on Monday, but there will be special security on each floor and at each entrance," she said.

"So security as in guards?," I asked.


"Interesting...but yeah, it's better to keep safe. I'm glad that it was only a fake bomb threat. I don't know what'd I'd do if the building many documents, so many important papers....turned to dust," I sighed.

Niall put a hand around my shoulder and squeezed it. I looked at him and we shared a small eye contact moment, making me blush and look down, resulting in him chuckling softly.

"All well ends well," Sophie said.

Sophie decided to spend the weekends with us in our apartment. Talk about a crowed living room. But it was nice.

I felt safe, with them all here...but still something was missing.....and that something was a someone, and well he was Harry.

"Down to earth for Emma!," Lily said, waving her hand in front of my face.

"What?," I asked.

Everyone laughed.

"We were just asking if you're excited to see Harry today," Louis asked.

"Uh, yeah, I guess....I mean he won't remember me or anything. But yeah, I'm excited. Perhaps I could take him somewhere out for dinner and talk with him about whatsoever, and yeah," I said.

Everyone exchanged glances.

"It's fine guys, I'll be okay," I said.

"As you wish," Lily said, then bit her tongue.

I just rolled my eyes at her.

"So let's clean up and get ready to go!," Niall said, clapping his hands together once we all finished eating.

Niall took my bowl and told me to go get dressed, that he'll clean after me. I smiled at him and walked upstairs.

I thought about what to wear. Should it be something specific? Like fancy? No. Elegant? No. Sexy? Definitely not.

"LILY!," I called her for help.

She quickly came into my room.

"Find me something to wear, I don't have the brains to figure it out myself," I said.

Lily quickly hopped into my closet, without saying anything and came out with a pair of tight jeans and a blue crop top, with a matching, more elegant then sporty, jacket. 

The blue crop top...the one I wore when I had to go get my make-up from my office.

"You think so?," I asked her.

"Definitely. It's comfortable and stylish," she said.

"And shoes?," I asked.

"Um, white Vans I guess," she said.

"Not heels?," I asked.

She shook her head.

"Well actually...," she started, going to the window and opening it.

"What are you doing?," I asked her.

"Checking the temperature's kinda chilly out. Maybe you'd prefer knee boots?," she asked.

"A crop top and knee boots?," I asked.

"Yeah, duh," she said.

"I don't understand your style sometimes, but oh well, I'll wear it," I said, sitting down at the mirror, "Do my make-up?"

Lily smiled and quickly got the supply ready.

It didn't take long before I was walking downstairs all ready to go.

"You look lovely," Niall said, smiling.

"Thank you," I smiled back.

"Okay guys, we're off to see Mr. Styles," Niall said.

"Bye!!," Lily, Louis, and Sophie said at the same time.

Niall and I made our way to his car where he helped me in and got in himself.

"So, where to?," he asked.

I gave him the address.

"Um....Niall.....," I started saying but I couldn't finish.

"Yes?," he asked looking over at me.

"About know..."

"This morning?," he asked.

"Yeah that," I said, looking at him.

He grinned a bit looking at the road and then back at me.

"I know it's a hard time for you, and you'd like to forget about it all and maybe try starting a new relationship with me. But Em, it's only gonna be temporary. What if Harry regains his memory? What will you do then," Niall said.

I looked out the window thinking.

"But you're so different from're not some womanizer," I said.

Niall clicked his tongue.

"I know, I know, I'm overthinking," I said.

"No it's not that. Like I said, it's just a hard time for you right now. And I did tell you, I'll be your temporary boyfriend until whatever happens," he said.

"What if nothing happens?," I asked.

Niall looked at me and I looked at him.

"I can't say anything about that. We just gotta wait and see Em."

"I guess you're right," I said, nodding.

Niall kept his eyes on the road and found my hand, squeezing it.

 Within half an hour we were driving up to Harry's residence.

"Wowza! What a mansion!," Niall said.

"Yeah," I said, feeling a bit uneasy.

The guard let us through and soon we were knocking on the door.

Anne came out smiling at us.

"It's so good to see you again," she said, to me hugging me tightly.

"You too," I said.

"Come in. Harry is upstairs in his room," she said.

I walked in and gasped. It was like a palace inside. A chandelier hung in the middle of the room, two stair-ways on each side of the room, like those kinds you see in fancy hotels. A dining room to the left, followed by the kitchen, and to the right a salon where a piano stood, along with a flat screen TV and a white couch.  Shiny tile white floors covered in some places with expensive rugs. And white walls. Orchids everywhere almost.

"Anne?," I asked.


"Does Harry like orchids?," I asked.

"Indeed he does. Thy're his favorite," she said smiling.

After I took everything in, I took my shoes off. 

"Can I go upstairs to see him?," I asked.

"Go ahead. He's waiting for you," she said.

Niall smiled at me encouragingly.

I walked up the right stair case, feeling how warm the tile floor felt. It must be heated.

I walked up to a hallway, where paintings where hung on the walls. I stopped by one. It was a painting of Harry.

He was wearing a dark blue tux, and his hair was shoulder-length.

I turned and walked to what seemed to me, the masters room.

I knocked quietly.

"Come in," I heard Harry's raspy voice.

I took a deep breath in and opened the door.

I saw him standing by the window, starring outside.

"Hi Harry, how are you?," I asked.

He turned around. He still had his arm in a cast, but his leg was free. He was wearing grey joggers and a white clean T-shirt. 

"Hi," he said, thinking hard, "......Emma, right?"

"Yes," I smiled at him.

"Come in," he said, smiling a bit too.

He walked a bit funny, but that's probably because his leg still hurt.

I walked in leaving the door slightly open.

"How are you doing?," I asked again.

"I'm doing fine. It's still weird that I don't remember anything. Mom say this is my house, but I don't remember it one bit," he said, sitting down on his king-sized bed.

"It's okay, perhaps the house isn't the key to jog your memory. Maybe the company will be able to remind you more," I said.

"Well...they showed it on the news...I don't remember it either," Harry said.

"The inside might," I said.

He shrugged, hanging his head.

I reached for his hand, biting my lip.

He looked up at me, his eyes questioning mine.

"I was wondering'd like to maybe go out to dinner with me tonight....perhaps I could show you around and maybe we could find something that'll help you  remember," I said, looking at my hand on top of his.

He slid his hand from under mine and put it on top. 

"I'd love to," he said.

I looked up to meet his eyes, and he was smiling.

My eyes started tearing up, because I missed that smile so much.

"C-can I hug you?," I asked.

He chuckled.

"Of course," he said, spreading his arms a bit.

I snuggled into the, inhaling his scent. He smelled like himself again, not the hospital.

I felt Harry hug back and I could feel butterflies arising in my stomach.

Eventually I pulled away.

"So, do you want to get ready...?," I asked.

"I'd need help," he said.

I bit my lip.

"Do you want me to call your mom?," I asked.

He lifted an eyebrow.

"Can't you help me?," he asked.

I looked down at my hands, which were now sweating.

"I, um.....okay," I whispered.

He grinned a bit.

" want to wear jean jeans or black jeans?," I asked, getting up and walking to his walk-in closet.

I didn't even hear him follow me, until the door to the closet closed and I jumped a bit at the sound.

"Black jeans please," he said, sitting down in the middle, where there was a place to sit.

I got a pair of black jeans out, and I turned around to see Harry taking his joggers off. Thank God he was wearing boxers...because I sorta thought he was going commando.

"Here you are," I said, handing him the jeans, not trying to stare at his lower region.

Then I walked over to his shirts. And I pulled out a red silky-ish shirt.

"I like that choice," Harry said.

I turned around to see him nodding.

"Okay, and you can wear a black coat on top because it's rather chilly outside," I said.

"You need to help me though," he said, standing up.

I bit my lip and started taking his white shirt off, helping him get it off his cast.

Even though there were bandages wrapped around him, his chest still looked perfect. The wounds healed and now it looked better then ever.

I took the red shirt off the hanger and helped him into it.

As I was buttoning it up, Harry lifted my face by my chin, looking into my eyes intensively. I bit my lip again, and closed my eyes as he brushed his finger on my lip.

"Harry? Emma?," Anne said through the door, then opened it.

I quickly went back to buttoning up Harry's shirt.

"Here you are! My, Harry you look so good," Anne said, putting her hand on Harry's back.

"Thanks mum," he said, still trying to catch my eyes with his.

I finished buttoning him up and found his black coat.

"Are you two going somewhere?," Anne asked.

"Yes, I'm taking Harry to dinner," I said.

"Oh please, just look out for him, so that nothing happens to him," she said.

"I will, I promise," I said.

Anne smiled at me, as if to say "I'm glad everything is going alright with you two. And I'm so happy to see him so happy."

We all walked downstairs, where Niall met us.

"Harry this is Niall, your sorta brother. You both grew up together," I said.

"Hey bro," Niall smiled.

"Hi, sorry I don't remember you, but it's nice to see you," Harry smiled back.

"It's okay, it'll take some time and hopefully you'll remember everything," Niall said.

Harry nodded, looking down at his feet.

"Oh here is the shoe closet Harry," Anne said, opening a door, leading into a walk-in-shoe-closet.

Harry walked in and came out wearing black boots.

"Well have fun both of you," Anne said.

"Wait you two are going somewhere?," Niall asked.

"Yes, we are going to dinner," I said.

"Ah, I see. Do you want to take my car or..?"

"There's plenty of cars in Harry's garage," Anne said.

"Oh, okay," I said.

Harry and I walked downstairs to the garage, Harry trying to remember if he knew this place.

"Don't try so hard to remember Harry, memories won't come back if you force them," I told him.

We walked into the garage where six or seven cars stood.

"Wow," I said under my breath.

"Are these mine?," Harry asked.

"Y-yes," I said.

"Let's take the big one," Harry said, pointing to a car similar to Niall's, the Range Rover, but this one was the better kind, and a newer edition. It was black too.

"Okay," I said, as we walked towards it.

Then I realized that we don't have a key. I looked around trying to find a place where the keys were.

I saw a man a short distance away.

"Sir?," I yelled.

"Oh!," he said, and came running.

"I was wondering where are the keys to the cars?," I asked.

"Here you are ma'am," he said, giving me the key to the Range Rover.

"Oh, so you are the key person," I said.

"Indeed ma'am," the man chuckled.

"Ah, I see. I'm Emma, Harry's well, girlfriend," I said.

"Nice to meet you ma'am. And it's nice to see you again sir," he said to Harry.

Harry nodded his head and smiled.

"Well, ready?," I asked turning to Harry.

"Ready," he smiled.

I unlocked the car and we drove out of the garage, to the restaurant.






HELLLOOOOO! How's everyone!? Man it's been so long since I've been on here, uploaded a new chapter, ect. I will probably get into writing again, but I can't say when the uploads will be, maybe every week or two weeks. My schedule has become so crazy that I hardly have time to sit down and write these days, but then again I miss it so much that I just gotta do it again. I miss you guys tons and I hope ya'll still want me to finish this book.

Let me know in the commento's below.....


I love you all TONS xoxoxoxo


PS. Don't let rainy days ruin your plans ;) 

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