Styles Inc.

I met someone.
He made me feel something. He made me feel my feelings. He wanted to show me the true meaning of love feelings. But he was a player. Could I trust him? Am I willing to trust him? What if I'm too late to tell him that I care?

Read to find out Emma Warren's and Harry Styles' story of how they built up a wall of trust, loyalty, love, lust, passion and so on....


15. Chapter Fifteen


Emma's P.O.V.


I walked downstairs with a smile on my face. 

"So honey have you found any nice guy you like?," mom asked.

"Uh...yes. We're just working it out," I said. Crap. Maybe I shouldn't of had said that.

"Who is it?," she asked.

"This boy...well man. I'll tell you about him, if I know for sure that we'll be something," I said.

"Does he work in your office? Or at the Styles company?," she asked.

"Mom....I'll tell you when I figure out-"

"C'mon Em, tell us," May said, walking into the kitchen, pulling out plates for the barbecue. 

"It's a secret," I said.

"You don't keep secrets from your mother Emma," mom said.

I made an imaginary zip line on my lips and threw my imaginary key over my shoulder.

Mom sighed, shook her head, and laughed.

"You've always been stubborn," she said.

"I was not always stubborn!," I exclaimed.

"Riiiight," mom said.

"Jaz was, I wasn't!," I said.

Mom didn't say anything.

"Is it Mr. Styles that's your crush?," May asked.

Mom looked at me quickly.

"N-no," I said.

"You stuttered! It IS in fact Mr. Styles!," mom exclaimed.

"Urg!," I said and sat down putting my face in my hands.

"Mr. Styles and Emma, sitting in a tree," May sang.

"May I think you're old enough not to sing childish songs like that," I said.

"But Lily does sing like that," May said.

"How do you know?," I asked.

"I talked with her over the phone," she said.

"When?," I asked.

"Today, and I told her about Zac, this boy I like, and she sang about me and him sitting in a tree," she said.

"Oh Lily...," I laughed, shaking my head.

"So....are you two really a thing?," mom asked.

"Mom, he's in Europe right now and he's not coming back for another three weeks," I said.

"Why did he go to Europe?," she asked.

"Business matters mom, business matters," I said.

"Oh really?," she asked.

"Yes mom. Now are we ready to eat yet?," I asked.

"Go ask your father, he's the one getting it ready," she said.

"Okay," I said, walking out of the kitchen.

"Mr. Styles and Emma sitting in a tree," May kept singing.

I rolled my eyes and out onto our patio, laying down on one of our sun-beds, watching my dad turn the meat on the barbecue.



                       *                                               *                                              *                                     * 



That night, when I was already snuggled up in my bed, I heard my door creak open. I flipped to my other side to see who it was.

"May?," I whispered.

"Can I sleep with you?," she asked.

Just then a sharp crash of thunder sounded.

"Of course sis, hop in," I said, making room for her.

She smiled a bit and jumped into bed with me.

"I missed this," she said, sighing.

"I know. You used to sneak into my bed every single day," I giggled, she did too.

"You still hate thunderstorms?," I asked.

"Yeah. Those sharp sounds scare me the most," she said.

I nodded.

"So I know you're not going to fall asleep right away, so let me ask....who is this Zac boy I heard of?," I asked.

"He's in my class, he has curly hair and green eyes...," May said.

I held in a breath. Kinda like Harry....

"But I think he likes the popular girl Mary," May continued.

"Why do you say that?," I asked.

"He literally talks with her every time during lunch," she said.

"That doesn't mean he likes her, in that way...has he ever talked with you?"

"Yes. He came to my locker twice and asked to walk with me," she said.

"Well, look at that! He doesn't walk with Mary, now does he?," I asked.

"," she said.

"Maybe he realized that you're more special then Mary," I said.

"No......she's like perfect and everything," May said.

"Nobody's perfect May," I said, stroking her hair.

"Harry Styles is," she said, giggling.

"No he is not. He's got his errors too," I said.

"What errors?," May asked.

"It's personal for him May," I said.

"Okay I won't pry," she said.

I sighed and kept stroking her hair.

"What's New York like?," May asked, after a while.

"It's...well busy, like Los Angeles, but without the palm trees and stuff. No beaches. Temperatures go down to -20 degrees Celsius sometimes," I said.

" you like it there?," May asked, her voice getting sleepy.

"I guess I do. But not as much as I like Cali," I said.

May didn't say anything, which probably meant she fell asleep.

I smiled and closed my eyes, quickly falling asleep



                         *                                               *                                              *                                     * 



The next day, once Jaz came home with the babies and was all settled down in her room, with the babies asleep, I sneaked into her room, to find her reading a book.

"Hey sis, what's up?," she asked, putting her book down.

"Guess who I talked with yesterday?," I asked.

"Mr. Styles? Am I right or am I right?," she asked.

"You're right," I smiled like a freak, sitting down on her bed.

"So what'd he say?," she asked.

I sighed.

"He said he's coming back in three weeks. That he'd do anything to kiss me right now and that-"

"WOAH," Jaz interrupted.

"What?," I giggled.

"Mr. Styles a bit naughty," Jaz said.

"That he wants to kiss me? Jaz, it's not like he wants to fuck me the moment we see each other again," I said.

Jaz started laughing.

"Stop it," I said, and threw a pillow at her.

"Sorry, it's just so're my little sister and now you and me are talking about sex and's just kinda weird," she said.

" IS kind of weird," I agreed.

Jaz nodded and stopped laughing.

"Are you happy about this?," she asked.

"I guess....I'm going to have huge trust issues if we become something...," I sighed, playing around with a lose piece of thread, that was hanging from her bed sheets.

Jaz lifted my face so that I was looking at her.

"Learn to build up a trust wall for each other. Start there. And the rest will flow by nicely," she said.

"Wish it was that simple," I said, laying down across her lap on my back.

"It IS Em. It is. It's obvious that that boy likes you, and wants to be with you," she said.

"But what if I get 'boring' for him?," I asked, looking at her.

"You won't. Because he finally realized what it means to be in love."

"How do you know that? You haven't even met the guy!," I said.

"But I have been living on this Earth six more years then you have," she said.

I rolled my eyes.

"I know you like him a lot Em. Trust wall. Just remember that," she said.

"I will," I sighed, "I'll let you read your book."

Jaz didn't say anything, as I got up and walked out of her room to my own.

I threw myself on my bed, grabbing my phone along the way.


*** 2 Missed Calls From Harry's Europe Number ***


Yes that's how I saved that number under.

I called him back.

"I thought you wouldn't answer at all," Harry said, picking his phone up.

"Sorry, my sister came home from the hospital today, I haven't actually had time for myself until now," I said.

"Busy Emma, always busy," Harry laughed.

"It's not like you're not busy Mr. Styles," I mumbled.

"My, my...feisty Emma, " he said.

"I'm not feisty, I'm just stating facts. We are both really busy people. For the record Harry, college is beginning this week, I don't know how I'll be able to run the company now," I said sighing.

"Don't worry, I called Mr. Tomlinson up and he said he'll help you," Harry said.

"Mr. Tomlinson as in Louis?," I asked.

"Yes. He needs some training after all," Harry said.

"But Harry, training, how is he suppose to be trained when I won't be there!?"

"Let me rephrase that. Experience. He had training in his fathers office already. Actually for three years already," Harry said.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Couldn't be more sure. It's my company after all Em."

"Yeah....," I sighed.

"You okay?," he asked.

"I just....can't wait for you to come back and here," I said.

"I will Emma, I will. Three weeks isn't that long," he said.

"Oh but it is Mr. Styles," I said.

"Stop flirting you flirter," Harry said.

"I'm not!!!!"

"Are too."

"Am not!"

Harry chuckled.

"It's fights like this that I'd like to end with kissing you and telling you how much I love you," he said.

I gulped, in loss of words.


"Sorry it's just..."

"I did mention in the letter that I love you Em. Because I do. Truly. Wholeheartedly."

"Harry you barely know me...."

"That's not gonna change my mind. I just want to know you better, and fall in love even more, through every single detail about you."

I bit my lip.

"Tell me that you still have feelings for me Em....," he said, almost pleading.

I didn't answer right away.


"I do...," I whispered.

He was probably smiling, because he didn't say anything for a while.

"But.....," I sighed.

"But?," he asked.

"I have trust issues...," I said.

"Em, the person I was in the past , will remain in the past. Those girls....I didn't love them at all. I never felt that I was in love until I met and saw you. No other girl was able to give me butterflies in my stomach, to give me the sensations you're able to give other Em, no other," he said.

I didn't say anything. He was in love with me. That's all I knew.

"Em?," he said.

"Sorry.....I just didn't know.....I didn't know, you have such strong feelings for me. Why me Harry?"

"Because you are just simply you. I could write down a hundred-page paper, talking about you and how amazing you are," he said.

"But how do you know? We haven't even gone on a date, you don't even know me really well at all!"

"So? I'll just get to know you better...and I'm sure I'll be even more in love with every detail about you," he repeated himself.

"Okay," I said.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Okay.....I guess we could be something," I said.

"So does that'll be my girlfriend. My one true girl?," he asked.

"Yes Harry. I will," I said.

Harry didn't say anything, but somehow, again, I knew he was smiling big, with his dimples sticking out.

"Um, I'm going to go now...," I started.

"Why?," Harry asked.

"I um, I have....never mind," I said.

Harry chuckled.

" is it over there in Europe?," I asked.

"I'm in Holmes Chapel, my birth city, visiting my family. Tomorrow I'm heading for London, with business issues. It's nice here, although it's been raining a lot," he said.

"Doesn't sound very fun," I said.

"It's not. How's California?"

"Sunny. Hot and humid. Pretty much like it always is," I said.

"Care to share that weather?," he asked.

"A little bit, I guess," I said.

"A little bit? My, has Miss Emma never learned to share?," Harry chuckled.

"I'm glad you find this amusing Mr. Styles, but yes, only a little. I'd like to keep the sunshine, thank you very much," I said.

"Okay I won't brag about it then. Might as well finish up here and come back to New York, to get my sunshine," he said.

"That's a smarter idea," I said.

"Yeah, except one of the investors here can only have a meeting that's in two and a half weeks from today, and that's keeping me here that long," he said, yawning.

"You could just not meet with him...we have plenty of other investors," I said, giggling a bit now.

"Miss Warren, this is NOT how the Styles Company does business. Do you want me to fire you?," Harry asked.

"No, of course not. Sorry sir," I laughed. Harry did too.

"Harry?," I asked.


"What about the other girls? What if they see me with you and think I only told them that so that I can be with you?"

"Darling, don't worry about that. They know."

"Wait you told them about me?," I asked, shocked.

"I had to. I told myself that I can't lie anymore so I did. Trust me Stacy wants to be friends with you," he said.

"And the others?," I asked.

"Well Jessica was mad, she just picked up her phone and yelled at me to fuck off and that was it. Hayley wants to meet, and talk about it. She probably thinks that there is a way to make this clear, and I want to make it clear to her that I love you, and that I never really, truly had feelings for her," he said.

"Oh...," was all I said.

"Yeah, so that's that."

"EMMA COME AND HELP ME PLEASE!," mom yelled from downstairs.

"Um Harry, I like, really need to go now," I said.

"Okay, I heard your mom," Harry chuckled.

"Well bye," I said.

"Bye darling," he said.


We hung up and I just sat there starring into the black screen.


I just became Harry Styles girlfriend.


Butterflies zoomed around in my stomach.


This will require a trust wall, but it's a wall that's worth building.






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