Cameron Dallas Imagines

If you love Cameron then you probably like imagines. I will take request. Much love to you all❤️


6. Arguement!!!

Kendra's ( P.O.V)

Cam is so Jealous! I hate it. Why can't he just trust me? He thinks I was flirting with the waitress guy. I wasn't but he won't believe me. He didn't talk to me the whole way to the house.

We walked into the house I tried talking.

K: "Cam please talk to me."

C: "..."

K: "Cam why won't you talk to me?"

C: " because you were flirting with that disgusting of a guy."

K: "But I wasn't."

C: "Yes you were!"

He yelled. I was scared Cameron would never raise his voice at you. I'm terrified.

K: "But I would never do that." I whispered

C: "I would expect it from youth be honest." He yelled angrily.

I looked at him with a hurt expression. He was basically calling me how or slut.

I couldn't I broke down. I would never do that.

C: "Great now you're crying."

K: "Why don't you believe me?"

C: "Cause the last time I trusted and believe, I got hurt."

K: "you know I would never do that."

C: "How do I know that?" I looked at him disappointed. How can he accuse me of such a thing. I would never do anything to make someone sad. Especially someone I love like Cam. The fact that he doesn't believe me makes me sad.

K: "I knew this was to good to be true. If you don't like me anymore, just tell me." I whispered. I was so sad that I was slowly losing my voice.

C: "What did you just say?"

K: "..."

C: "I said what did you just say?!"

K: "if you don't like me, just tell me."I said just a little louder.

He walk closer to me. Every step he took I would take backwards. Then I hit the wall. I couldn't move. He cornered me. He came closer. We were face to face.

C: "I don't like you."

K: "I knew it... You should have just to-" I was cut off by him placing his finger infront of my lips.

C: " I don't like you because I love you more than anything in this world and I get jealous cause I'm scared to lose you. I'm scared you're going to find someone more successful than me and you're going to leave. I love you and I can't imagine myself with anyone else but you." He said honestly as he kissed me passionately. He pulled away and he saw a tear falling from my eyes. He kissed the tears away and said.

C: "Don't cry my love. I love you so much."

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