FNAF Is Fright 2

Time for part 3 and 4, welcome back, what have you brought


1. Welcome Back

Hello every one, and welcome back to this story, remember where we last left off? yep, The Scary Nightmare, hehe, remember the question?, left pick up where last left off

(Night Guard) *Wakes up with a lid GASP* *GASP GASPS* What a Nightmare, just a bad dream, Just a dream

He thinks he is dreaming, he ain't about this though. Now now, he actually thinks he is DREAMING?!? wow, he does know he works at that place, You know, Fazbear's Fright, OH NO, I ruined the surprise, the NEW place, have fun, here the announcement

Local amusement park is getting ready to scare your socks off with the unsolved mysteries of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

Featuring actual relics  from the decades-old pizzeria, this new attraction is guarantied to bring your childhood in the worst possible way!

That newspaper is true, it will bring back memories, OF ME! The scariest man ever, no one likes me , every-one runs from me, AND I am, YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE.      See the next chapter for my real ID.

(Night Guard)  Night 1, yay! not. WHY ME, I HATE THIS PLACE, well, it's good pay at least, right?

Come back next time for more of the Night Guard, but for now, say hello golden Freddy for me? Can you, or are you to Scared?

I can't blame you, he is scary, not for me though, I created him, at Fred bear's family diner, he was destroyed in the flames of this amusement attraction, OOOPS, I ruined the surprise, come back, for Part 3, Para 2, hehehehhehe, to see more of me, or listen, have fun, HAHAHAHHAH >:)  

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