Soul Search


9. 9


"Page 19, it says here: The black-out scenario, the patient's memory loss may be relieved when the soul is relaxed and calm. Though, there are other things when the black-out happens. The soul becomes more fragile and the more it does, other souls get the strength to conquer the patient's mind. They will play tricks on him/her, until they get the chance to get the temple." Isaac reads out loud as I read the words on the page. It made me shiver. I'm so damn scared. I've never been scared like this before.

He closed the book shut and looked at me blankly. "Do you actually believe this? It's bullshit." My expression didn't change. I'm still freaking out inside. I wanted to scream, but there was no sound that came out of me. I looked back at Isaac, still staring at me.

"I shouldn't have told you about this book," He shook his head. "I'm afraid I have to take this home with me." He said as he placed it back in his school bag.

"No, wait," He stopped. I sighed. "I don't know, it might be real. I couldn't remember anything after the accident and the black-out theory, it happened to me." I say, still looking at him. I grew more anxious. I don't even know what to do, I'm so scared.

"I know, but I don't want to see you like this." He looked worried. I was about to believe that my hot schoolmate, could actually see me and he's trying to help me and he's being really nice to me. But I thought again, this might just be hallucination.

"You're not real, are you?" I asked then faked a smile. He blinked, stared at me blankly like he used to again. He shook his head.

"I'd kiss you right now if I could as my answer, but I can't so I apologize." I laughed lightly. He has the nerve to show off how good he is on girls at this moment. "Come here." He smiled while he ran his hands through his hair and tapped in his lap. What the freaking heck stop being so hot.

"Seriously? No, Isaac." His lip pressed and his eyebrow met. Trying to make a sad face. I resisted even though he was cute.

"Very well then," He sighed. "By the way, you said earlier that the black-out thing happened to you. Perhaps you'd tell me more." He laid back relaxedly on the office chair. And yes, we're back at his mother's office. Apparently, Dr. Sykes is in her clinic at East-H during the morning. Since it's only 8:30 A.M., Isaac owns the place by then.

I nodded. "The first one, there was you. The second and the third, Tyson was there. That's all so far."

He gave me a bored look. "Elaborate."

"First, you were there. We were having a conversation at the school's parking lot. You offered me a drive home because you said I was in trouble, I refused and you let me go then the truck hit my car. After that, I woke up." He nodded, rubbing his chin trying to look genius. "Did that really happen, or was I just dreaming of it?"

"What do you think?" He blinked hardly that it looked like his long eyelashes touched his cheeks. He could've just answered me straightly. Ugh.

"I don't know, we barely even talk. I didn't even know that you knew me."

"Fair point." He nodded. "And yes, it happened. The second one please."

"Okay, there was Tyson. You know him, right? He plays football. He's my ex." He nods again. "We were in a car, he dragged me inside. Telling me evil things, it didn't seem real. He wasn't evil, and I know him. He's nothing like that. Yes, after we broke up he got into a lot of girls lately but I don't seem to believe that he could do something like that to me. You know?" I said, trying to remember it all but the memory became blurry.

"Interesting, and the last one?"

"We were in his bedroom, I was on my laptop typing something. Then, he started the conversation about our family's company partnership. He told me my grandpa stole more than half of the company's stock hold, when his share was supposed to be only 30% of it. His dad and grandfather was talking on their office, he overheard it. They said they're going to settle it with my grandpa, the hard way." Good thing the last memory was still very clear to me, since I only saw it last night. "Tyson was being very caring then, the one I was in love with. He knew how worried I was and he kissed me to make me feel better." I smiled at the thought, I suddenly missed him.

Isaac was still listening, but his expression changed. He seemed like he was thinking really hard about something. I can't quite point it out though.

"Tyson O’Conner, am I right?" I nodded. I hate hearing his name. Of course I can still seem to feel the love about him. But I could keep my shit together. It's not like he's the only guy in the world.

"Why do you ask?"

"Nothing," He said in a second. "While I was out last night, there was this party at Rob's house. Tyson was there, as well as Katie." He said. Wait, my ex and my best friend? I'm not surprised about Tyson in parties, but Katie? She never liked parties, or maybe now she did. "I was there, they were talking. Cody was there too, but he wasn't with her at the moment. It seemed really weird." He continued.

It does, and it sounds weird. I mean, Cody is there—Katie's boyfriend. She's never into parties, so if she was in one she would be at Cody's side all night. I know that her boyfriend will never let her out on parties like that, especially not without him. Isaac said he was there, but wasn't on Katie's side.

"I want to get out of this building."

"Why would you want that? It's not safe for you out there. If something happens to you, your body is going to give up on you, and I can't have that."

He's acting like he really cares about me. I don't know if it's real cause it's so hard to read him. But that's not the point here. I sighed realizing that what he said was right. I guess I'm stuck in this hospital until I wake up. I looked at Isaac's eyes, staring back at me.

"I'm afraid you're going to have to stay here until then." I rolled my eyes when I heard what he said. Yeah, I already know that. Duh. "I wish I could stay here with you, I know it gets lonely out here without no one to talk to." No shit, Isaac. I was about to lose my mind before you came along.

I nodded and stayed silent, because there was nothing left for me to say but to agree with him. I know it's for the best, it's understandable. I also don't want to see my mom grieve before me. I'm really scared right now, to be honest. But I can't let it stop me from waking up, so I have to know whatever it is written on that book. Chances are high that it might really help me.

"Can we continue reading the book?" I asked. He looked at me, then at the book hesitantly. Like he doesn't want to read it again to me. "Come on, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. We need to know more infos in the book."

"But it's just bullshit."

"Bullshit or not, just read the freaking book." I commanded. He did what I wanted. He opened the book again. Began at the 20th page. There is really a lot of reading to do.

"Alrighty then, let's do this."

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