Soul Search


8. 8


"I'll go ahead," Isaac smiled to my brother. He smiled back. "I have something important to do. I'll see you later, I guess."

I looked at Isaac while my eyebrows met. He glanced at me then back at my brother who spoke. "Alright, thanks again man." He nodded and went for the door. I followed him out, he looked at me and placed his phone in his ear pretending to talk to someone.

"I'll be back, see you later. Don't leave the hospital while I'm away." He looked at me and dropped his cell in his pocket and didn't wait for my response. He went straight out the exit. I didn't follow him anymore. Now he's acting shady.

I went back inside my room. Ethan was sitting on the stool beside my bed, smiling at my face like an idiot.

"I didn't know you had a thing for Sykes." He laughed lightly. Ugh, he really thought we dated. Unbelievable. In a second, mom entered the room. She looked at Ethan, who is still smiling at my face. She smiled, confusedly.

"Why are you smiling like that while staring at your sister?" She asked. Ethan turned back and helped my mother with the food she brought. He's still smiling like a lunatic.

"Nothing, there's this kid." He said. I swear if I could shut him up right now, I would. But I'm can't, I can't even touch the freaking apple on the fruit basket beside my bed! Damn it.

"What's with this kid?"

"Oh nothing really," He teases, trying to make mom wait for his explanation. It's irritating me. "Just some boy at school, came earlier to see Aliyah, and it wasn't Tyson." And there it is, bring out the fireworks guys. Ethan just reviled my top secret embarrassment to the family.

"Really? Who?" Mom asked, curiously waiting for Ethan's answer. She looks excited. Geez mom, I'm seventeen. It's not like this is the first time I dated someone.

"Probably you've seen a pretty looking guy walking toward the exit when you were on your way here." He said, mom nodded. She touched her chin, trying to recall it.

"Hazel-blonde hair? Hoodie?"

"That's the one."

"Really? Wow, I never thought Aliyah would get such a hot guy like him." Mom said out of hype. And what the heck mom, I'm not that ugly. She's insulting me. Ethan shook his head laughing. I shook mine in disbelief.



"I need to tell you something," Tyson said, I stopped typing and fixed my eye glass to faced him. "But promise me you won't tell, especially to your Grandpa."

My Grandpa? "What about him?"

"I went to dad's office to drop something off mom told me to do, my grandpa was there and I overheard there conversation." I sat straight up from the office chair I'm in, focused on his eyes that was staring at the window. "Remember that O’Conner and the Evan's partnership of the company?"


"Apparently, your Grandpa got more than half of the share of the company's stock hold. He was only supposed to be getting 30% of it. I don't know, they're talking about settling it the hard way. I kind of ran off because they were about to go out the room." He continued. I sighed, not knowing what to say next. I heard everything he said clearly, but my mind doesn't seem to sync that in.

I can't believe it. My grandfather, stole from Tyson's family. They know that we're dating and it's official between us. Why the heck are they doing this? I don't get it. For money? Hell, we don't need that kind of money to survive.

"I don't understand why he did this." I said. He held my hand and kissed my cheek. It was supposed to make me feel less worried, but it didn't. I stared at his eyes, blankly. He sighed.

"Don't worry about it, okay? I just couldn't keep it to myself so I had to tell you." He tucked my hair behind my ear. "Sorry I made you worry."

"It's okay." I smiled effortlessly.


My eyes went back to reality. I don't know what it is, I just keep getting pieces. I can't remember the next thing that happened after that. It's just a big black out and while I stand in my hospital room, everything disappears and I see those things. I don't know if they're memories or just a dream. First, Isaac was there before the accident happened. Second, Tyson became an evil psychopath. Third, he was my boyfriend who was nice and caring. The one I fell in love with.

I want to go after Tyson, to watch every move he does. There is so many questions inside my head and they're making me crazy. I want answers.

I noticed that it has been four hours since Isaac left. Shit, what am I supposed to do without him? I can't wander around the hospital since ‘dead souls’ might follow me. I can't leave the building as well for an unknown reason, Isaac's orders.

Ethan made his way home. Mom stayed, again. She was already asleep. I looked at the digital wall clock, it's ten-thirty six pm. Isaac's probably not going to come back anytime soon. I sat on the stool, staring at the clock. Nurses come and go, checks on my temp and stuff.

Before I know it, it was already morning. Mom woke up. Checked on me, disappointed to see that I haven't moved a bit. She sighed. A nurse entered again, checkin on me as well.

"I'm going to get breakfast, can I leave her here?" She asked the nurse.

"Of course, ma'am." He answered and smiled. My mother nodded as an answer and left the room. The nurse left as well. It felt like hours, waiting. Where are you Isaac?

The door flew open, Isaac was there. He was panting, running out of air. I stared at him weirdly. He looks like he was chased by a big dog.

"What happened to you? Where have you been?" I asked. He was breathing so hard, trying to get some more air. Sweat fell down in his biceps, and wet his shirt. I wish he weren't so hot so I could focus on my recovery more.

"I received the book." He answered, still getting some air. My eyes widened and I flashed in a second, next thing I knew I was close to him. "Follow me." I didn't say a thing and did what I was told. I'm so hyped to read that book.

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