Soul Search


7. 7


"I was really wondering how you got here? This area are supposed to be for doctors only, right?" I asked. We're still here. He nodded, he's on his phone again. Whatever it is he's doing, it'd better be finding the book.

"Yeah, well my mother is a doctor. So they let me in." He answered. A doctor, huh? No wonder why they're rich as heck. "Just one more click and," He tapped on his phone a few times before saying a word again. "We're done. The book is on it's way."

My lips widened while it smiled. I can't wait to read what's on that book. I miss everything around, I miss eating. I would appreciate life more when I wake up.

"Don't smile yet, we have business to discuss." He said and smirked devilishly. My smile faded. Damn it! Of all people, why Isaac? It could've been the weird creepy guy at school! Ugh, just thinking about it stresses me out.

Isaac's phone rang, he stared at the caller's ID. I couldn't read the contact name. He answered at the second ring.

"Hello? ... Yes, I am ... Okay, can I stay at your office? ... Nothing, okay ... Bye." And he dropped the call. Wonder who it was.

"Shall we go to my office, madame?" He stood up, I did too. I followed him walking like a zombie. We were silent on our way and I was thinking about the consequence I'm about to face. I can't even read Isaac's expression, it's always blank and serious.

He opened a door, we went inside. He sat on the doctor's chair, we're in some kind of office. Probably his mom's. I sat on the patient's stool, spacing out staring at nothing again.

"Well, well, well. Look who we have here," He said, my eyes shifted in his in a second. "Patient Name, Aliyah Nicholson Evans. State of coma. Car accident. MRI results, N. No known head damage. Blood test, good. Under observation."

There's really nothing new. I looked away again. So his mom is my doctor. What a really small world. He flipped through the pages again.

"Date Admitted, September 3rd." He continued. Hm, September 3rd. What date is it today? I'm sure enough that I'm not that close to my 90th day, though I lost track of time. "It's September 30th today." So it's been only 27 days.

He glanced at me. I stood up to look through the papers. But he closed the folder already.

"Wait, I want to see." He looked up to me, since I'm standing and he's sitting on the office chair. I want to strangle this guy for looking so good. God, I hate him.

"No," He shook his head like a kid. I gave him a bored look. "Go back to your seat, I'm your doctor." I stayed silent. But to hell I would rather stay in a coma if he is my doctor, good thing he isn't.

"Good girl, let's talk about business." He smiled. I nodded, waiting for the next thing he'd say. "What I want you to do-"

"Wait," I cut him off. He stopped, raised an eyebrow. "But first, I will only do what you want if whatever is on that book helps me recover." He grinned and nodded.

"That is already given, because you can't do whatever it is that I want if you're in a coma. Correct?" Okay, fair point. I'm kind of stupid for thinking that what I said was smart. "Well since I haven't thought of anything as a price yet, you enjoy yourself as we wait for your recovery."

"Can you tell Katie that you can see me? Or Ethan? I don't want my mom to know. She'll think you're crazy." I asked. He stood up, went to the file cabinet. Finding something, I think?

"I'm not sure yet," He says as he scroll through the folders. "I can't risk it, dead souls might come after you if a few people knew. It's kind of better this way that I'm the only one who knows." He explained. Dead souls? I stood up, went closer to him.

"Did you say, dead souls?" He stopped, then looked at me anxiously again.

"Yeah," His eyes focused on mine. We both stood facing each other. His kind of tall, I looked up to him. "I wasn't supposed to tell you that. Forgive me." Tell me what? I felt myself conquered by fury, I don't know why. I have the right to know whatever it is about me. Something might help me wake up soon, I can't stay like this any longer.

"Would you please calm down first? Wait for my explanation, yeah?" He said with that gorgeous accent. He's right, I can't judge him yet. It might be reasonable why he didn't tell me. "Promise me you're not going to freak out, alright?"

I piped down and took a deep breath, preparing myself for something scary. "Okay, promise." He nodded, still looking down at me.

"Your body is fragile, as I observed. It reacts to whatever your soul is feeling." That's given, I nodded. "There are dead souls around, they can follow you. You can't see them unless they show theirselves to you."

"Are you saying that they are following me?" He shook his head, scratched it and closed his eyes a second.

"Listen, okay. No they are not, I'm saying that they can follow you. They don't know you yet, I just don't want you to worry and be scared again because something might happen to your body, and we can't control it." As those words left his mouth, something struck inside me and I don't know what it is. Why is he acting like he's protecting me? I don't get it, The Isaac Sykes of Redwood High, is concerned about me. Boys like him don't do things like this. "Why are you looking at me like I'm messing with you?" He asked, bringing me back to reality.

"I'm not," I shook my head. That's why he didn't want to tell me, he doesn't want something bad happen to me. Let me just sync that in my head. "Thanks for looking out for me."

"I'm not looking out for you." He smirked, I knew he was just joking to embarrass me. Bastard. I knew he cared.


We decided to go back to my hospital room. We agreed that we can't talk in public because they might think Isaac is crazy talking to the space and dead souls might recognize me. Mom wasn't there, Ethan was.

Isaac knocked before going in, Ethan looked at him weirdly. "What are you doing here?" My brother asked. Isaac went for the stool and sat.

"Just checking in on her, may I?" He asked, my brother nodded. He looked so confused while Isaac stared at me. "So how is she?" He looked at Ethan. How I miss my brother so much. I would hug him if I would.

"Same old, no progress." He sighed, Isaac nodded. "Why are you here anyway? Were you dating Aliyah?" Shit, I didn't expect him to ask something like that. We go to the same school, my brother's a senior and yes. He knows who Isaac is.

Isaac looked at the direction of the door, where I stood watching them. He grinned again but sadly this time. What's with him grinning all the fucking time? It's irritating me.

"Yes, we were." He answered. Fuck you Isaac, if you weren't here to help me I'd drag you to hell with me when I don't wake up. My brother's face grew confused than before. "We just started before the accident happened, I asked her to go out after school but she said she wasn't in the mood." He listened to Isaac's fake story. "So I let her go home alone, I said I'd drive her home but she pushed me away. But I followed her car to make sure she goes home safe, and this happened.." He looks at my body, lying on the bed. "I was there, I took her here after. I'm a fucking asshole, if I drove her home this wouldn't have happened."

I can't seem to read his face if he's telling the truth or it was just all part of his fake story. Though I can't remember why I got here, maybe he did. He couldn't have. Why would he waste his time following me home? We barely even talk at school.

"No, don't blame yourself. It was no one's fault. No one wanted this to happen." My brother said, trying to be nice. "And I want to thank you for bringing her here, the truck that crashed her car fled after this happened. If she didn't make it to the hospital immediately, she would've lost so much blood and died." He explained. So I could've died. Isaac was really there, and he was the one who helped me.

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