Soul Search


3. 3


I went back to my hospital room to check on my mom. She's asleep. It's already morning, the sun rays from the window touches my skin.

I so want to wake up now. Sigh.

Okay, mom is okay. I should go back to finding some help or clues. Dad is probably in his office, I should check on him too.

I went to his office and he's busy, as usual. Paperworks, then back at his computer and then back again at signing papers. During lunch break, he calls mom.

He looks deeply in pain as well. After a long day at work, he bought flowers and dinner then he heads back to the hospital. I followed him but he seems to go to the opposite direction of my room. Wonder where he's going.

He pushes the door back to go inside, it's a chapel. In this hospital. He places the things he brought down on the wooden chair, and kneels before the altar. His eyes closed and his hands together. I might not hear it but I could feel his prayer. I heard a soft sob coming from him, and after that he finished the prayer with the sign of the cross.

He fixed himself before he got out and went to my room. I love my father so much.

This is breaking my heart too much. My mom, my best friend, then my dad. I wish I could take their pain away. But I can't, I'm only making it worse.

As I walk with my dad to my room, my feet bare touched the cold hospital floor but it didn't feel a thing. My soul was dressed in a hospital gown, my hair was down and I looked like I escaped a mental community center.

"Alright, no problem." I heard in a voice I surely know. I looked to my right, which leads to the elevator door. I knew it, it's Katie! Isaac was outside the elevator door which is about to close. I quickly ran to her direction but before I get there, the elevator was already going down.

"Shit." I say to myself.

"Aliyah?" Isaac said. I looked at him, he's staring at my eyes like he could actually see me.

I ignored him, because I know that it was too good to be true. I started walking away but he follows me, and says another word.

"You're awake, why are you out here?"

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