Soul Search


2. 2


I stared blankly at myself, I want to leave this room. I want to find my family, I want to know what happened, I want to wake up!

But I can't wake myself up if I leave, if my soul leaves. Also, I don't want to be stuck here clueless about myself. Shit I have to make a choice.

I walked back to my bed, closer to my body. If I could kiss it I would.

I was about to leave but the door flew open and released my mom. She brought flowers and some food. She looks at me from my bed, I could see how painful this is for her. I looked back at my body, I didn't seem to be injured or bruised. I'm just in a coma.

She kissed my forehead and stares at my face calmly. "Wake up soon honey, we miss you." She said as she wiped her wet cheek from the tear that fell.

Oh mom..

Days passed and I never left the room. My mom never did too. Ethan visits me after school with my dad. Some nights I lie on my body, hoping I could wake it up. But it never works, my soul keeps leaving it. I tried to whisper or shout at them but they don't hear a thing. I can't even possess material objects to make them move so I can let them know that I'm here. Sometimes I hear the doctor when she talks to mom, she says that the patient in a coma approximately wakes up after 90 days. After that the family must decide if they should keep supporting the life of the patient or just.. give it up.

My mom cried. I hate to see her like this, because of me. I don't know what to do, but I know I have to do something.

I realized that I can't stay here because the longer I do, the days that count would be wasted. Nothing ever works when I stay here. I won't let myself die.

I finally decided to go out, to find someone who can talk to me—to my soul. I went to Katie's house, my best friend, after the school hours. She usually stays in her room, and go online on her laptop and hit me up on Facebook to talk about stuff. Now I don't know much about her since I'm away.

I'm in her room now, she's lying on her bed staring at the ceiling. Doing nothing. I wonder what she's thinking. I went up in front of her, tried to touch her but no air seemed to pass. Tried everything, still nothing. She's been spacing out for what felt like hours. I was about to leave because I don't want to run out of time but then her mac laptop made a sound.

She looked at it, hesitated to open it at first but then she did. She opened her iMessage, it was a message from Isaac. Wait, is that THE British Isaac Sykes from school? What's he up to?

"Good evening Katie." His message said. She looked confused and curious at the same time. Me as well.

"What do you want?" She typed and sent it straight up with no expression on her face. We talked about Isaac being one of the play boys of the football team like he is several times. Yeah, he's got the looks and the brain. But she uses girls like his condoms. Gross, ugh.

"It's about Aliyah, what happened to her?" He replied. What the hell? Why does he asks about me? I looked at Katie's face, which is just as confused as mine.

"Why are you asking me this?"

"Awfully concerned. Perhaps you could tell me more?" He replied in 5 seconds after Katie's. The spaced out Katie from 15 mins ago was gone, replaced by a curious one.

"You've heard of the accident, she's been in a coma for almost three weeks now. Still no good news about it."

The accident? And wait, I was out for almost three weeks?! Wow, that's a really long time. Why the heck can't I remember anything?

"Terrible. (sad face emoji) May you give me the hospital name where she's admitted in and the room?"

Okay, now this is just creeping me out. I never even talked to Isaac at school. Sometimes I do catch him staring at me or in my direction from afar but what the heck? Why does he need those information?

"Why are you asking me these questions? Are you and Aliyah dating before the accident happened? I'm completely confused right now."

Good one Katie and no, we didn't date. Never dreamed of it. The message was left read for a minute and it felt like I was waiting for his reply for hours, then he started typing.

Gone. Typing. Gone again. Another minute has passed again, the message is still on read.

"Damn it!" Katie whined as she waited. Yeah, I would have said that too. God, Isaac, what is your deal?

She closed her eyes, I laid back with her in her bed. Five minutes has passed, then ten, thirty. She fell asleep. I'm curious to know what would Isaac say, why he wants to know about my situation. My soul was about to fall asleep too when a notification came up.

"I need to see her." He replied.

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