Soul Search


13. 13


"You're not going to like this but.." I looked away and my voice threatened to crack. "While you were out, I was going out as well."

"I was afraid of that," He said. I'm not even looking at him but I knew that he was already making a face of disappointment. "So what happened? Did you get any good in that?"

"Yes." And no. I'll tell him about Tyson's plan first. "I went to the O’Conner Building yesterday, Tyson was there since it was Saturday. I heard their conversation."


"His dad and him." He nodded, getting my point. He placed both of his elbow over his knees while he sat on the stool. God, he looks so good right now. "So anyway, yeah."

He raised an eyebrow. "You distracted or something?"

"Shut up," And he did. "My Grandfather refuses to return the shares he stole back, they wanted to kill him but they can't. If they do, the shares will disappear with his name." I continued and Isaac listened. I still couldn't believe everything. "So, they talked about threatening my granddad to return it or they will cut out the life support on my body if they don't."

He stared at me for a second, I tried to read his face on what he's thinking right now. I failed since it's always blank.

"Unbelievable." He said while he wiped his face with his palm. Yeah, I would have done that too.

My eyes went back to my body. I recalled what Carol said, that there's a reason why I still can't go back to my temple. Though I don't have a clue what the reason is. How am I supposed to know?

"After that I went to our house, Ethan was there." I continued, not looking away from the bed. "I followed him. He drove to some girl's apartment. She was looking at me but she ignored me. I knew she could see me, though I assumed that she didn't know I was Ethan's sister because if she did, she wouldn't have ignored me and she would tell my brother I was there." I heard him sigh after my words. He's probably pretty disappointed that I disobeyed him. Well, who wouldn't be?

"I'm going to stay here with you to look after you. I can't have you running outside this building again. I already told you it's not safe." He scolded. I nodded, agreeing to him. He only wants what's best for me. I can understand that.

"It doesn't end there yet," I took a deep breath again and faced him. I should tell him. "Last night, the lights went off. I went out of my room to check what happened. I was just literally just outside the door, I didn't went too far out-"

"Then a girl showed herself to you?" He cut me off. I didn't know what to say next. He knew. He closed his eyes. "I've seen this happen. I thought I could prevent it."

"I'm really sorry, I should've listened to you." I apologized, he just nodded. There was nothing more to do than to face that dead soul and to fight it. I have to.

He sighed in disappointment. I'm damned. His hand washed through his face in frustration. I could see how he's stressing so hard about this. I know I've known him for like a week or two, and I still don't get why he cares about me this much. I could remember him telling me about his visions about me and other stuff, and maybe that was the reason why he wants to help me. He wants the vision to stop.

"We'll get through this. I'm going to make things right." I said and he shot me a look, like he just got an idea.

"Do you happen to keep a journal? Right before the accident happened?" He asked. I struggled to remember but I got nothing. The second I woke up in this hospital, I couldn't recall a thing though I could remember the people I know and those who are close to me. I can't seem to remember any of my habits back then.

"I'm not sure, I can't remember a thing." He sighed. "Though, we could ask Katie. Maybe she knows if I keep one."

"Right! I'm going to give her a call, right now." He picks up his phone and dials Katie's number. He placed it in his ear, waiting for Katie to answer. She answers at the sixth ring, it took a while.

"Oh hey, good morning Katie." He greeted and put his phone on speaker so I could hear their conversation.

"What's up?" She said on the other line, still in her morning voice.

"I'm about to ask you something important, so listen carefully. Alright?"

"Hit it."

"Does Aliyah keep any journal?" He asked, there was a long pause before Katie could answer. Isaac and I got really impatient, I could see he was craving for an answer right away. I heard him whine softly.

"Hm. What's so important about that?"

UGH! Katie!!

"Please, it's really important! I need to know." Isaac said in a desperate tone. Yeah, I would have used that tone too.

"Not that I know of, but I know she has a private blog. She logs on it every night though she wouldn't let me read what's in it." She answered. Isaac looks at me, I shake my head no, saying that I don't have any idea about it.

A private blog that I own, huh? The angst inside me just blew off, I wonder what's written in there.

"Could you give it to me?" He asks nervously.

"Yeah, I would. But only Aliyah knows the password so I can't help you with that."

I saw Isaac's jaw tightened and his eyes shuts close. I assumed that he also wants to read what's in it because it might help us. Or me. Whew, this is too much for a morning.

"Thank you, then. Could you give me the link instead?"

"Sure, I'll text you with it."

"Alright, thanks again. Really big help. Bye." And he drops the call. A few seconds ago, he was frustrated. Now he's smiling like an idiot.

"What's your plan? Why are you smiling like that?" He glances at me then back at his phone which beeped with an incoming text.

"We're going to hack it." He grinned.


We went to his mother's office for privacy. My mom would interview Isaac like a celebrity if he stays there a little longer, and he has to focus on hacking this blog. He can't do that if my mom keeps firing him questions.

I watch him type sequences and codes in binary stuff I don't understand. Where the hell did he learn this? It's pretty cool, though I'm assuming he suck at it because we've been here for almost an hour, he even started to wear his eye-glass and he looks way cuter than before.

"You sure this is safe? It's not going to erase all of my blog entries?" I asked curiously. Cause if he loses all of the shit inside that blog, we might have just lost the biggest clue in this mess and I can't have that.

"Yep," He answered, not looking away from his laptop while still typing some codes. He pressed the enter key hard and he rests his back on the office chair. The codes started to run fast and after a few seconds, a check logo appeared on the screen and it says Accessed.

"Whoa! That's awesome. Where did you learn how to do that?" He laughed and he fixed his eye-glass resting on the bridge of his nose.

"I was a bored thirteen-year-old kid, got nothing to do and so I started hacking computer games." He smirked in victory. I rolled my eyes. "You're welcome cutie."

"Whatever, just click the most recent entries in there." He nodded and went back to his laptop. I'm kind of excited yet nervous to see what thoughts I had before I hit my head and went to a coma. Fingers crossed.

"Let's start on the present year so we start to read in sequence and understand everything." He said, I agreed. He scrolled to the page and I found out that I was keeping that private for two years now. Wow, I have so much time to write on that page.

He clicked on the 2015 icon, January 7th 2015. It was eight months ago from now.

Today, I asked Tyson about how he thinks about me moving to New York when I graduate. Mom thought it was great, and dad looks forward to it. Ethan still doesn't know what college he's going to enroll to next year.

Tyson said it was okay, but I knew he didn't quiet like it because it means that I have to move away from him. He's going to stay here when we graduate, since his dad told him he has to learn how to run their company. In time, he's going to be the next CEO of it. I was proud of him, because everything he wanted was in their company. He wants to run the airbase and renovate it, it was his plan.

We got into a fight, he wouldn't talk to me. I knew he was upset about it but this is what I want. I really want to go back to New York, I was five when I last visited the city. The skyscrapers inspired me so much, I promised myself I would live there when I graduate.

We read it together. Now I remember about New York and the memory when I was five. Yes, that was my promise to myself. I smiled just the thought of it. Isaac looks at me confusedly.


"Nothing," He shakes his head. "New York? Really?" I ignored him. He clicks on the next entry.

January 9th,

Tyson and I just made up. Let's just say there's a lot of heavy breathing and skin to skin moments, a lot of times when he covered my mouth because his grandma was sleeping on the next room.

"Shit! Skip that entry! Don't read it!!" I shouted and tried to click something on his laptop but it doesn't work. He laughs so hard. This is so embarrassing! Ugh, I could feel my cheeks flush.

"You know, there's nothing to be embarrassed. Really. It's just funny how you react about this." He laughs again, hard this time. He couldn't even read the next lines. Annoying!

"Just click on the next entry, please!" I begged and he still doesn't stop laughing. I let him finish his laughter before moving on. Now I'm the one giving him a bored look.

"And no, we can't. We have to continue reading this. There might be a clue, we might never know." He shrugs, still wearing that smile from his laughter. I can still hear him chuckle softly but there's nothing I can do. I'd punch him if I could.

I didn't complain anymore, he's right. I can't afford to miss a clue. Just what the hell was I thinking when I wrote that? Ugh, I hate myself. We continued to read the next few lines of the entry.

He gave me a pendant after. It's a heart strapped with angel wings. It was really cute. I asked him what it means, he said: "This is my heart, that's your wings. Because you're my angel."

I know that's probably the cheesiest line ever that I could actually smell cheese roasting, but I thought it was so sweet of him. I'm so in love with this guy. Now I'm just having second thoughts about New York. He kissed my hair and we started to get dressed up because he has to go to the office since it's Friday, and I have to go home.

"Awe, that's really sweet." Isaac said putting his hand in his chest, gesturing a sweet sign. I could sense the sarcasm in that, I glared and he shook his and no and acted like he was about to throw up. If I only knew, I bet it's jealousy.

"Next please." I said ignoring him.

January 12th,

I went to the O’Conner Building today, because Tyson was there. He got there early since his class ended an hour before mine ends, he texted me that his dad needs him and I should come up to the office after class to meet him.

As usual, the employees are all busy. Tyson wasn't in his office. I went to his dad's, he was there. The door was opened far enough to hear their conversation.

"He's a damn prick!" His father shouted. I must be listening in the middle part of their conversation, since I don't know who he's referring to as a prick.

"How would you know? Do you have proof? He's been only here for a month, he can't steal that fast." I heard in Tyson's voice. He seems to be pleading? But, pleading for what?

"We've been watching him closely, every move. The lost shares isn't really that big of a number yet, but when I catch him redhanded I'll make sure he stays in jail." His dad replied. I know I shouldn't be listening to this kind of private meeting between the two important men of this company, and that's why I'm going to leave.

"We can use your girlfriend, Ross is going to rot in prison for sure." He continues his words. Girlfriend? That's me. And Ross? As in Ross Evans, my Grandfather? What the hell?!

"No dad, we don't use Aliyah and we definitely don't get to use anyone until proven that Ross is really stealing the company's share." I covered my mouth in shock and I heard footsteps like he was about to go out. I ran as fast as I could until I reached the elevator, I pressed the down button but it's still going up.

Tyson saw me standing by the elevator door, running out of breath while I try to hide it but it seems more likely that I couldn't breath very well. He quickly went closer to me and held my hand, looking at me worried.

"Are you okay? You look like you're failing to breathe." Yes that's exactly how I pictured myself.

"Yeah I'm fine," I said still trying to catch my breath. "Where've you been? You weren't in your office, I was about to go down and wait for you outside instead."

"I was in dad's office, business talking. You could have just stayed in my office, baby. Come on let's get you some water." He said. I nodded and followed him back to his office. Yes, I am in dire need of water. And no, my mind still refuses to register what I've just heard from their conversation. I don't believe that my Grandfather would do such a thing. He couldn't have. I know he didn't steal anything from this company.

I still don't know if I should tell Tyson about this, but if I do, he's going to know I've listened to their conversation and I don't want another argument. That's the last thing I need right now. So maybe I'll just be silent for a while, just to be safe. And I can't bare to see his face filled with the entire business stress again.

This happened six months ago, it still doesn't sync in to my mind. It can't be true. We don't need that kind of money.

"Baby?" Isaac says in disgust. There were so much words in the entry, and a shitload of important stuff and all he notices is when Tyson called me baby? What is wrong with this guy?

I rolled my eyes on him. He continues to stare at the laptop. "I think we should take notes about this, then after we finish reading all these we'll come up with a conclusion of what happened."

"Right." He grabbed an empty notebook from the shelf and a pen. He started writing as he mumbles the words. "One, Aliyah's New York plan. Two, she had sex while her boyfriend–"

"Don't include that! Ugh!" I cut him off, annoyed. I so want to punch his face right now.

"Oh right, my apologies." He chuckles while he erases the second one. "Okay, two, Ross Evans–Aliyah's Grandad–was accused of stealing the shares of the company." He drops the pen and goes back to his laptop, scrolling. He clicks on the next entry.

January 28th,

Tyson and I went to the "Serious Pie", (it's a restaurant). He would always make me say serious things while we eat. It's so corny, I don't even know why I laugh at it.

"Serious question," He said, taking a bite of the slice of pizza that he's holding. I arched an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to say the next words. "Me or New York?"

I sighed. Here we go again. I pressed my lips together, ignoring what he said while I take a bite of my slice. His eyes doesn't move away from mine. He's still waiting for an answer but I decided to keep my mouth shut.

"Serious answer?"

I sighed again for the nth time. He's not going to stop asking me these questions until I answer, so I give up. "You know it's always you, but I just can't bail on my New York plan." I said. He dropped his gaze away from me and now he's the one ignoring me.

We didn't talk anymore until we finished our meal and when we went back to his car. The whole drive was silent, we went to go pick up his little cousin, Finn, from soccer practice since it's Wednesday. He bought a box of pizza just for him, Finn loves it.

"How's practice?" Tyson asked him but Finn is busy eating the pizza he gave him. He laughed while he shook his head looking at the cute little guy in the back seat.

I smiled, sadly, while I look at Tyson. Yes, I love him. So much more than he knows. But I get tired sometimes, trying to understand him. Lately, it felt like I was the only one who is trying to work in this relationship. When he disagrees, I'm the one who tries to adjust his needs and wants. I don't want to be selfish, but I also don't want to be selfless. Yeah, I know that didn't make any sense. I shook my head lightly to convince myself that I'm overthinking and overreacting about it. Tyson loves me, I know that and that's all that matters right now.

"Man, this entry is too long. It's like reading a novel." Isaac whined like a bored teenager. Yep, he is definitely one of them. He leaned his left cheek with his fist. He looks bored than ever while he stares at the laptop screen. I do quite understand that this is boring me, because it's doing the same thing to me as well. Damn, how long is this journal? I just want to skip to the part where the clues are.

"I know, right? Who has the time to write this stuff?" I said and he laughed. While I read them, the memory of it comes back into my head. And I know how it happened, I could picture it clearly like it only happened last week. My relationship with Tyson, and how he cares about me. How he loves me. I let out a soft breath.

"You." He said bringing me back to reality. "Why are you even smiling?" I stopped and made a poker face, just as soon as I realize that I was smiling like an idiot,

"Ssh! Less talky, more reading." He nodded and clicked on the next entry.

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