Soul Search


11. 11


I went straight to Tyson's office. Since his family owns this, they gave him an office to work here and learn how to manage the company. He stays here during weekends and sometimes, on a Friday night to work a little.

Today is Saturday, he's here. Just as I suspected. He's busy on his computer. E-mails and stuff. What are you up to, O’Conner?

His office phone rang. He pushed the answer button and the speaker said, "Mr. O’Conner, your father is waiting for you in the conference hall."

"Why?" He replied, looking confused like he isn't expecting a call like this. Especially orders from his dad.

"He didn't-" He dropped the call before the speaker finished her sentence. Rude. What happened to him? This is so unlike him. Like, so much. He stood up, fixed himself and went out. I followed him. He wore his hoodie and a white shirt under it, his pants worn out but it still looked good on him. He looks like a typical american teenager, but with a brain of an adult.

I saw his father, standing. Waiting for him inside the conference. Tyson went inside and faced him. "Why do you need me this urgent?" He said with a bored tone.

"The airbase is going down in our hands. We are losing it. I should have told you this sooner. Evans took a lot of shares in this company, and our funds are running out." He said to his son. Tyson didn't seem to be surprised with this. His father cleared his throat and continued, "We already talked to him about it but we can't get him to return the shares back. I don't know what else to do."

"Why not just kill him? Isn't that much easier?" He suggested. What the actual heck?! They can't kill my grandfather! Tyson isn't evil. This isn't the Tyson I know.

"We can't, if we do the shares will disappear with his name." He answered. His son looked more serious than before, like he was already plotting an evil plan inside his head.

"I know how." He snapped his fingers and made an evil grin. His father's expression became confused by his son's reaction. "We blackmail him. We'll give him 1 more month to give the shares back. If he fails, we're cutting the life support of his granddaughter admitted at Seattle-H."

Did I hear that right? Or was I just hallucinating?

"His granddaughter?" His father asked. He nodded as he placed both of his hands inside the hoodie pocket.

"Mm-hmm, Aliyah Evans, who is currently in a coma. It's going to be easy." Fuck. They won't kill my grandfather, they will kill me. I couldn't take it, there was too much information I gained within the 12 hours of lurking outside the hospital. Tyson, my ex-boyfriend, whom I loved so much and I knew that he loved me too, could kill me for their company's sake.

I felt like I was about to fall to the ground from what I heard, but I didn't. I don't even know what I did to Tyson so he can become the monster he is right now.

His father smiled, I sensed victory in his lips. Like he knows that he is going to win this game. I don't even know shit about their business, now my life is at stake because of the company.

I need to find Ethan. Know their plans about the airbase. It's Saturday, I don't know if he's home but I should give it a try. On my way home, I had a strong feeling that I was being followed. It's really strange, I constantly look back to see if someone is following me but there's no one there. It's mid-day, I figured dead souls can't wander around like me when the sun is out.

An Audi car parked in front our house, which I've never seen before. I ignored it and went inside. The house felt empty. There was no one around the living room, or even in the kitchen and the dining area. I went upstairs to Ethan's room, he's here in his desk. He hasn't changed a bit. Still the good brother I know from what I see.

I don't know what he was typing in his computer. The iMessage popped up, it's from Cole. Who the heck is Cole?

"No good news. Everything here is a mess." The message said then another one came. It was a photo. A landscape of the place, it's probably the airbase. It looks so much like a ghost town. Bodies of planes lied around the ground, they were old and dusty. I could see clearly on the photo that they seem unused.

"I'll report back to Mr. O’Conner. Thanks man. Head back as soon as you can." He replied after a minute of staring at the picture Cole sent him. The message was left on read. What's with the airbase?

He logged off his computer and took his bag and keys then went out. I followed him out and the Audi made a sound when he click something with his keys. So this was his car, he probably got a new one since I crashed his old car. He drove silently and his eyes focused on the road.

I looked at the car's digital clock. Shit, I lost track of time. It's almost 6:00 P.M., I have to go back to the hospital before sun down. But I'm at Ethan's car and he's driving, I'm just going to find out where he's going then I'll go back to my ward.

He stopped at an apartment. Don't know whose but we're about to find out. He knocked on the door but no one answered. He waited for minutes and still, no one's responding to the door. He picked his phone up and dialed a number.

"I'm at your front door, come down." He said then he dropped the call. He's so shady, like he's selling drugs or something. After a minute, the door opened. A gorgeous girl appeared after the door.

"Let's go." Ethan commanded like a boss without greeting the girl. He was going back to his car, the girl didn't say a thing. She was looking at my direction. I looked back to see if someone was there, but no one was. My eyes went back at hers, she was still staring at me. What the?

Ethan was at the door of his car. "What are you waiting for? Come on." He said again.

"Can you see her?"


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