Soul Search


10. 10


After hours of reading, we got nothing. I didn't want to believe some of the information because it seemed bullshit, just as Isaac said. But still, I had to figure out how to wake up. Fuck this 500-page book, it doesn't have a table of contents page.

"Look at this," Isaac said and I flinched. I read the page.

"There is a reason why the soul cannot return to its body. There were other patients who have experienced these kinds of situation. Such as below:

(1) M.Hills, 16 yrs old, memory loss after recovery. Unable to remember her soul journey. State of coma for 78 days. Admitted at Chicago Med. Recovered.

(2) C.Kessler, 18 yrs old, none memory loss experienced. State of coma for 67 days. Admitted at L.A.-H. Diagnosed with schizophrenia after the incident. Experiencing mental disorder such as speaking to someone who isn't there and acting hysterically."

What. The. Fuck.

"Do you actually believe this?" He asked. I don't even know if I should though. I sighed. I'm really really scared right now. The first patient recovered well, the other one diagnosed with mental disorder. Fuck I don't want to have that when I wake up.

"Should I?"

"I'll find out myself. I'm going to book a flight tonight going to LA, ask about this Kessler patient. Though I'll be gone for two days max. Would you be alright?" He said. He's crazy, he can't easily do that.

"What about your parents? The money you're going to spend? They're not going to let you out just like that. You're insane." I replied. He laughed lightly. Wonder what's so funny.

"Money won't be an issue, as well as my parents' consent. Just leave it all to me."

So, if he leaves for two days max, what am I supposed to do here? Sit and stare at the blank space again, I guess. Hmm. Probably not.

"Okay, I'll be fine by then." He nodded. He took out his phone and dialed a number. It took a little while before someone answered.

"Good morning, I would like to book a flight tonight to LA please...yes, Isaac Sykes.. Okay, thank you." And he dropped his phone down to the desk. I was still looking at him. "It's settled. My plane leaves at 6pm."

I couldn't believe it. It only took one phone call, and it only lasted for 30 seconds. Like, who does that? I didn't even know that was possible. Is their family THAT rich? He only said his name and the flight was scheduled, just like that. It was still not syncing inside my head.

"Quit looking at me like I'm some kind of alien." He said so I looked away. I didn't say a thing, though I wanted to ask him if he wasn't one.

"I'll get going, mom will be here anytime soon. It's almost lunch break. You should head back to your ward," He says. I nodded. "See you in two days, kiddo." He stood up and placed the book back inside his bag. After he was done, we both went out and said our goodbyes.

I know this isn't good but while Isaac is away, I'm thinking about going out of the building for a while. Just before he comes back. I'll be silent as a mouse. So he doesn't have to worry about anything. I'll be fine.



"I signed up in a lot of college applications in New York, so I'll probably be gone for a few weeks while we go on a university tour." Ethan started the conversation at the dinner table. Dad nodded, mom smiled about it.

"Well that's good. When will you be leaving?" My father asked. Grandpa stayed silent while he was eating his dinner, like he wasn't listening to us.

"Don't know yet," Ethan answered. He took another steak from the plate before speaking again. "By the way, Grandpa, how is the company partnership with the O’Conner?" He asked. Grandpa looked up from his food to my brother, still chewing.

Ethan is going to study engineering on college since they've agreed that after the partnership, when he graduates college he might get a high position as an engineer of the company. My brother agreed as well since that is what he wants.

"Doing good. Don't worry about it." He answered, Ethan nodded. I was silent, listening to their conversation as I finish my dinner. Mom looked at me, I saw it in my peripheral vision.

"How about our young lady? How's school?" She asked. Ethan is a really smart guy, so they expect me to be smart as well. I'm not saying that I suck in my academics, I'm really doing good at them. But not as good as my brother.

"Fine, I guess."

"You guess?" She asked with her eyebrow raised. She has really high expectations on me. I was about to answer it when Ethan spoke.

"I saw her grades, it came out yesterday. You guess for yourself." He smiled then gave the envelope report card to our mother. I felt anxiety inside me. I knew I did good at school, but I'm just worried what my mom would say again.

Mom and dad looked at it. She nodded, looking impressed.

"Very nice to know that you really are doing good." She said. I smiled. She gave it to me so I could check how I did. My highest was at 3.50 and my lowest at 2.50. Not bad for me. Though I knew Ethan's highest was at 4.00 and his lowest at 3.00.

After dinner, I went out at the balcony with my laptop. I like hanging out here while I do my homework. It's cold and peaceful. I always fall asleep when I do it in my room, so..

"Hey," My brother greeted. "You're welcome."

"Well, thank you for saving me again from our mother." I said and he chuckled shaking his head in disbelief. He looks at my laptop then back at me.

"You know we have the same amount of IQ, the difference between the both of us is I'm not lazy." He grinned. I went back to my laptop. He sat down beside me. What a boastful bastard.

"Don't know if that's a compliment, or not."

"It is," He answered. His phone rang and he looked at the caller's ID then back at me. I looked at him like asking, what. "It's Tyson, why is he calling me and not you?"

I gave him a bored look. "We broke up already, I keep telling you that."

"I know but-"

"Just answer the freaking phone, it annoys me already." He did what I told him to do. He placed his phone in his ear, he haven't even said 'Hello' but he looks like he's listening to a long voicemail. Though he answers but like just "Mm-hmm" like he understands what Tyson is saying.

"Alright, I'll see you then. Bye." He says and drops the call. I stare at him, waiting for him to explain what was all that about. "He said they need me at the building tomorrow morning, and we're going to an airbase."


I was back at my ward again. Shit, I hate having flashbacks or dreams like that. It felt real. But I know now where I'm going to go next. I made sure Isaac was at LA before I make my move. If he catches me out of this building, I'm screwed.

Next stop, O’Conner Firm Building.

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