The purple hart


1. beyond belief fact or fiction

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, Summer Smith was waiting for her grandmother to pick her up, she loved going to the car boot sales, and go to Burger King where her Nana Barbara works, Summers siting looking out the front window, there's Nanna shouts Summer, she runs out and climbs into the front seat of the car and hugs Nanna, Let's go says Summer can't wait. They set off for the car boot. They arrive 25 minuets later it's very busy shouts Summer. They start looking for some bargains, there half way round when something catches Summers eye, she walk over to a cigar box she puts her hands round it as if to cuddle it, then she starts to walk away, but just she hears a tapping sound it's coming from the box, she turns and looks at the box and starts to giggle, she runs over to the table and picks the box up, then Nanna Barbara shouts there you I wondered where you got, Nanna can I have this box says Summer, you don't want that old box what do you want with that, are please Nanna it's a funny box, she looks at Summer and shakes her head and smiles, she turns to the woman at the stall, how much for your tatty old cigar box. 50p okay. She looks at Summer who is standing with her hands together as if she's praying. Ok there you are 50p. Summer grabs the box as it starts to rattle. They make there way to the car. Well says Barbara let's have a look at the box. Summer opens the box and hands it to her. She pulls some old cards out, they seam to be sports men cards pictures, baseball and American football stars, you paid 50p for this crap Summer. No Nanna you paid 50p she starts to giggle. Ok I been had , it's time to get back to Shields for work

They get to the Burger King, Barbara gets her uniform on and starts. Summer is sitting by the door looking inside her cigar box. Barbara brings her a burger and soft drink. And then starts to wait on other people in the Burger bar.

Then an old man walks in and makes his way over to where Summer is sitting. Hi Summer what you got there he asks. It's an old cigar box and it makes a beating sound when I touch it look she touches it and it starts to beat, she starts to giggle again. Can I look at it Summer. Sure you can Mr Treaver , she hands him the box, as he looks inside Barbara says good day Mr Treaver can I get you anything. No thank you I'm just looking inside this box, I thought I would never see it again, he pulls a medal out of the box, it was a purple hart medal. I received this for saving four American soldiers

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