Dont leave [Phan]

Dan Howell gets dragged to a party by his friend and gets more than he barrens for. The problem isn't what happened its who made it happen.

Not good with descriptions sorry


7. chapter 6 part 2

Word count:213

Once Phil saw Maritza get on her bus Phil started walking back to where they saw Dan. 'Good, he's still there' Phil thought to him self

"Dan!"Phil called. Dan looked over to him and started to walk away "Dan, wait" Phil yelled running up to him. Phil grabbed his shoulder and turned him around "Dan I need to talk to you" Phil said out of breath from running "what so you can walk away agian"Dan said

"No Dan if you let me explain I can tell you why I ran  away"Phil said

"Fine, but I'm only doing it for the baby"Dan stated. Dan sounded like he wanted to be mad but just couldn't be."I'm ok with that, as long as you listen to me" Phil paused "do you want to talk at my house"

"No, if we're going to talk we're going to talk on my terms, meet me at my house you know where it is and your going to take me to Starbucks, and pay for my stuff, then we can talk "Dan said

"Ok, when do you want me to come over"Phil asked

"At 5" Dan said

"Ok see you then, bye Dan"Phil said

"Bye"Dan said as he walked away

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