Dont leave [Phan]

Dan Howell gets dragged to a party by his friend and gets more than he barrens for. The problem isn't what happened its who made it happen.

Not good with descriptions sorry


6. chapter 6 part 1

word count: 635

New characters time


The next day-

"I can't believe he's pregnant"Phil mumbled

"I can't believe who's pregnant" maritza asked

"Have you even been listening"Phil asked pulling out a cigarette

"Could you not smoke around me, and no I haven't been paying attention I was distracted by food, it looks good" Phil looked over at Maritza "are you fucking kidding me" Phil asked putting the cigarette away

"Sorry, sorry but I'm really hungry and I'm to tired to get up"

"Your always hungry and tired" Phil said

"I know, anyways what's this about some being pregnant" Maritza asked

"Dan, he's pregnant"Phil said

"How do you know that" both of them hopping down and Phil basically dragging Maritza to the lunch room."he told me last night and then I just walked away from him"Phil said kinda sad "so he's pregnant with your kid"Maritza asked "yea, and I just fucking walked away from him he was calling my name but I just kept walking" Phil said grabbing the last burger. "Hey that's mine you Amkae!" Maritza yelled and hitting Phil as he grabbed the last burger "jeez sorry goddamn Maritza calm down --" Phil said as he gave Maritza the burger"and stop calling me a bitch in Korean I know your obsessed with that band but seriously "Phil said

"Make me" Maritza said happily placing the burger down on her tray"anyways, how is he pregnant with your kid I thought you said you couldn't have any"Maritza asked sitting down with her food tray"I thought I couldn't that's what the doctor told me"Phil said "wow, I'm sorry for you, kids are so annoying trust me I have to deal with a lot of them"

"Hey bitches" "hey hoes" Nathan and Diego said siting down "hello children" Maritza said "hi"Phil said

"So what up"Nathan asked "Phil just found out da---"Phil's hand goes over Maritzas mouth before she can finish the sentence "someone's hiding a secret"Diego said

Maritza bit Phil's hand"fuck Maritza that hurt "

"Don't put your hand over my mouth"Maritza said "Uggg, your so annoying" Phil said

"Hey are you guys going to finish your food" Maritza asked "no" Diego and Nathan said at the same time "jinx!" Nathan yelled "Diego, Diego, Diego" phil said

"Why did you ruin the fun Phillip"Nathan asked "don't call me Phillip, and you guys need to stop with your childish games"

"Anyways, Can I have your guys food " Maritza asked already reaching over and grabbing there trays "I mean since you already grabbed our trays sure"Diego said

"Gomasseumnida" Maritza said "welcome" Nathan said. Maritza paused and looked at them "how did you know what that meant, I thought you guys said you don't know any Korean words" Maritza asked "I just guessed, clearly I got it right "Nathan said

"Well we have to to by" Diego and Nathan staying up quickly and walking walking away "I wonder what there hiding" Phil said

After school---

"should I go and talk to Dan and explain why I just walked away"Phil asked

"I think it would be the best if you go and talk to him, look he's over there" Maritza pointed over to the brunette boy "Go your never going to get any where just standing here"Maritza said

"You know maybe right now isn't a good time to ta--"Maritza cut him off "I triple dog dare you to go talk to him"

"Really, why do you always say that "Phil asked

"Cause, I know you'll never admit that your a pussy"Maritza answered

"Ugg I hate you"Phil said."I need to go and catch my bus you go and talk to him"Maritza said starting to walk away "Bye see you tomorrow"Phil called

"Bye!"Maritza yelled

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