Dont leave [Phan]

Dan Howell gets dragged to a party by his friend and gets more than he barrens for. The problem isn't what happened its who made it happen.

Not good with descriptions sorry


4. chapter 4

Word count: 395

Once Chris and Pj left Dan stared at the piece of paper that had Phil's number on it 'should I call' Dan thought in his head 'he's the father of course you should tell him but what if he reacts badly he could hurt you maybe even the baby'

"oh, fuck it" Dan said quietly as he took out his phone and dialed the number "fuck, fuck, fuck please don't pick up" Dan whisper

Phil: hello

Dan: um hi

Phil: why the fuck did you call this number

Dan: I need to tell you something

Phil: what are you waiting I don't have all day I'm with my friends

Dan: I cant discuses it over the phone do you have any time to meet up its serious

Phil: what cant you discuses over the phone it cant be that bad

Dan: its some thing to do about the party

Phil: fuck ill meet you at the park we used to hang out at in 10

Dan: ok thank you

Phil: what ever


10 minutes later at the park


Dan sat patiently on the swings as Phil sat besides him

"why do you want to talk about the party I thought I told you to forget that" Phil said

I don't know how to say this but for the past week since the party I've been pucking every morning" Dan said

"why should I care "Phil asked

"do you know the term carrier "Dan asked

"no"Phil answered

"ok so basically I bought something that had two pink lines on it" Dan hinted trying to get Phil to understand

" that's nice is that the reason you wanted me to come just to tell me you bought something with two pink lines, your fucking kidding me right you said this was important I left hanging out with my friends just to come he I should beat your ass right now just for that" Phil said as he got up to walk away

"Phil!"Dan said while grabbing Phil's arm pulling him back

"WHAT THE FUCK" Phil yelled

"sit down now I'm only telling you cause pj wanted me to " Dan said harshly

"then hurry up and tell me" Phil said

"I'm --"

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