Dont leave [Phan]

Dan Howell gets dragged to a party by his friend and gets more than he barrens for. The problem isn't what happened its who made it happen.

Not good with descriptions sorry


2. chapter 2

Word count: 178

Danisnotonfire: hey I have something to tell you and Pj so could we meet up at Starbucks in 20?

Chris ☃☄ is typing...

Chris☃☄: Sure

Danisnotonfire left the chat...

Chris☃☄ left the chat...


*at Starbucks 20 minutes later*

Dan waited in a booth close to the door in case this didn't go as he planed.

'God damit, Pjs Phil's best friend' Dan thought just as they walked in. "hey Dan, what did you have to tell us" Chris said as the sat down.

"well to start with have you guy heard of the trim 'carrier'?" Dan asked

"No" the both said in union. "Well, its where a male has a female reproductive system where they can uh.. you know" Dan answered awkwardly looking to the floor

"Dan, are you trying to say that your pregnant? 'Chris asked. "Yes" Dan answered

"OMG, IM GOING TO BE AN UNCLE!" Chris yelled a little to loud to where every one looked at them. "If you don't mind me asking whos the father" Pj asked

"Ill tell you but can you promise to not tell him, The father is...."


I know you you probably hate cliffhangers but oh well

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