“Aren’t you happy I’m back, babydoll?” Reese pouted. I glared up at him. He chuckled, caressing my cheek with his hand then looked at me up and down a few times, licking his lips, “You’ve changed.” I froze due to his sweaty fingers on my cheek. I didn’t say anything instead I grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand off my face causing a grin to appear on his face. “I can’t touch you now either? C’mon princess, don’t I deserve a second chance?” I scoffed, “Take the hint. I don’t want a shit to do with you anymore, Reese.”

Sandra Willis isn’t the typical good girl more like the underestimated good girl with hidden qualities. Her whole life has been as systematic as a newborn’s routine. However, one day the routine she has created turns extremely chaotic by one person’s return at South High. Sandra then has to place all the puzzles back in place to fix her life, but what happens when she figures out that some bricks are missing?


1. Prologue



“Calculus is shit”, my friend Selina, stated, “what idea did Isaac Newton and that man starting with G or something have when they developed it?” “Like what is it good for?” “Mind fucking people?” “I used to be good at math until I took this subject.” “Wait does that mean I was never good at math?” “I hate math now.”


I ignored her constant complaining about math during calculus class. She does it at every single class. I hate calculus too but I’d rather pay attention to the lessons and fail instead of not paying attention and fail like my dear friend Selina.


“Sandra?” Selina said. I turned my head to look at her, “yeah?” “Umm, he’s coming back to South High”, she whispered to me. I furrowed my eyebrows together. “Who?” She sighed and lowly mumbled his name, aware that the name has a huge effect on my emotions. I stared down at my notebook, looking at the solved equation on it. Calculus is something I loathe but Reese Lane; there isn’t a word in the dictionary yet to describe my hate towards him. Not even in the devil’s dictionary.


He’s my ex but he’s probably the ex to seventy percent of South High’s girls. Yeah, stupid me for dating a player. However, I have to defend most girls who falls for a guy like Reese, those players know very well how to play their games with any girl. I thought he meant all the charming statements he was telling me because I believed I was different to him. Sadly, I was just another toy.


Long story told short: He came to me. Flirted with me. Asked me out. I said yes. We dated for a month. He took my virginity. And left me.


Literally left. He never showed up at school after it and it has been two years now. I can’t lie, I was glad he was gone. Seeing him at school after “it” would’ve made me go ape-shit to be honest.


“Just try to ignore his presence,” my other friend Yasmin told me before taking a gigantic bite of her sandwich. “He’s not inside here; maybe it’s just a sick lie that he’s returning.” Selina grumbled, while scanning the whole cafeteria.


Both Yasmin and Selina didn’t fall for his devilish brown orbs, they instead warned me ten thousand times about him while he was playing his ridiculous game on me.


“Guys, I’ll be fine. It has been two years and I’ve recovered from “it”.”


They both still looked at me with worry written across their faces. I can’t blame them, they had to see me like trash for two complete months before I came back on track again. I was never bothered with the fact that he left me because he didn’t mean that much to me but the fact that I lost my V-card to an asshole like him stabs my heart, still today.


“Besides he doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. He got what he wanted and now he’s just going to continue his life with new chicks.” I assured them. It’s the truth too.


“Sandra,” someone called. I turned my head around to look towards the high-pitched voice seeing Madison or in other words Medusa catwalking towards me. She’s South High’s queen bee. I rolled my eyes at her. “What does she want?” Yasmin asked me. I shrugged, “we’ll figure it out.”


When Madison approached us, I gave her a fake beam. She avoided my teeth and instead took a seat beside me with her back facing Selina and Yasmin. She crossed one leg over the other and placed her elbows on the table. I glanced at my friends to receive an annoyed look from Yasmin. Madison kept staring right in front of her and in the meantime, I scanned her outfit. She was wearing her cheerleading uniform and her blonde hair is falling down her shoulders with curls at the edges. Her foundation is thick and she had on extremely long lashes, which made her eyes look horrifying.


“What are you looking at?” she muttered to me, feeling my stare. “Nothing… Why are you here?” I questioned rudely. “I’m sure I can sit wherever I want”, she answered. And the annoying fact is that she can since her father is the principal of this school. Because of that, Madison owns this school.


“Okay let’s get to the point,” she started twisting her head slightly towards me but still keeping an eye on the entrance to the cafeteria. “Stay away from my man,” she sternly told me.


I looked at Selina and Yasmin with a puzzled face, whilst they both looked irritated. “Which man then? You have a lot of them.” Yasmin inquired, with an angry tone. We could see that Madison wasn’t too pleased about that comment. “At least I have men chasing me unlike you three ugly geeks,” she snapped. “Then you have nothing to worry about,” I smiled to piss her off more.


“True but you just better leave Reese alone.” That’s what this is about?


She snickered and added more, “he obviously doesn’t want anything to do with you anyways. I don’t know why I’m worrying about you. He used you and left—” “Let me recall that he used you as well,” Selina pointed out.


Madison looked taken aback by the statement but defended herself stupidly, “at least he likes me. Just wait he’ll be mine.” I rolled my eyes, “I honestly don’t care. Did I say I wanted him? No. So don’t waste our precious break and instead mind your own damn business.”


“I love my business,” she said cockily and stood up strolling away as if she was walking on a fashion show towards her table.


 “Bitch,” Yasmin muttered when she was sure Madison wouldn’t hear it. “I don’t get why she came to you out of all the girls he has slept with to be honest,” Selina admitted.


I was going to comment her but I realized everyone in the cafeteria suddenly turned quiet for some odd reason. Everyone was whispering now and someone’s walking steps were echoing in the corridors. It didn’t take long until the door into the cafeteria opened up, dangerously slow and the guy appeared through it. It was as a movie. I just had to look at him from toe to head as they film people in movies. He was wearing white Nike Air’s and tight black jeans that were ripped on each knee. As my eyes continued upwards his body, his white V-neck-shirt and a red and dark-blue flannel, which were unbuttoned, came in my sight. My eyes soon landed on his face and I knew exactly whom I was ogling.


It wasn’t a sick lie that he was coming back to South High.


My eyes are set on him as if I haven’t seen him for ten years and doesn’t recognize him at all. He has changed and for two years, it is awfully much difference from how he looked back then and now. His dirty blonde hair is gelled perfectly into a quiff that can compare with James Dean’s hairstyle in A Rebel Without a Cause. And I could tell by that famous half-smirk of his that he enjoyed the silent reaction of respect from the whole cafeteria as if The Godfather just stepped in here. Fortunately, his eyes are behind some black Ray-Bans hiding those brown irises that are his best weapon in his games with girls.


“Reese, I missed you!” That penetrating voice, which belongs to Madison, giggled. Ruining the stillness. She ran towards him and wrapped her arms around him. Reese didn’t react to the embrace right away, he was busy looking at all of us but the sunglasses made it impossible to know where he was eyeing.


I wetted my lips with my tongue and glanced at Selina and Yasmin ending my frozen gaze on him. They both cut their glare on him and looked at me. None of us said anything. We just stared at each other with facial expressions that were impossible to read.


The echoing we heard in the hallways repeated themselves in here. My eyes flipped to the side. I could feel a certain feeling of nervousness as he was walking in the direction towards me with Madison hanging onto his arm, “whispering” her slutty comments into his hear. We could all hear what she was saying. I turned my head around facing my friends to avoid him.


As he walked past me, I got a quick taste of his masculine cologne for a few seconds. With Madison by his side, he stopped in front of a table with freshmen. They all froze because none of them had seen Reese before nor heard about him.


That’s when the first word escaped his mouth, “move”.


No one moved, though.


“Didn’t I say to move?” he repeated, with a bitter tone.


However, they all sat there staring at him with bewildered expressions. Reese clearly didn’t appreciate how they all were looking at him with a “who does he think he is” look. Therefore, he decided to answer their question by gripping a freshman’s T-shirt and pulling him up to a standing position. He took off his sunglasses and hung them on his T-shirt to look right into the freshman’s eyes. The guy who had only been at this school for 2 month’s looked at Reese as if the devil was standing in front of him.


“Get your loser-friends to get the fuck off my table” Reese growled at him. Someone apparently woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. The freshman didn’t say or do anything.


 “ARE YOU DEAF?” Reese yelled impatient at his face. Instead of giving the chance to speak, Reese punched the poor guy on the cheek making him stumble backwards by the impact. Although, it was a successful action for Reese when all of the other freshmen were off the table within 10 seconds and running out of the cafeteria with the guy who just got hit by a senior.


Reese looked around the cafeteria since he had his sunglasses off I just took the chance to look at his beautiful mocha brown eyes.


“What are you all looking at?” he snapped at all of us since we were only watching him. Everyone instantly stopped staring wide eyed at Reese and went back to eating their lunch but I could hear that they all were discussing about the show Reese just pulled off.


“What a performance,” Yasmin sarcastically spoke.


I nodded in agreement. “He and Madison sure are going to conquer South High together.”


“That’s going to make this school worse than hell,” Selina added.


“It annoys me that a guy with such a fucked up personality has to be so attractive,” Yasmin, sighed before stuffing the rest of her sandwich into her mouth.


I peeked at Reese one last time, seeing him sitting at the table with Madison and two other guys who he used to hang out with before he left. As I was about to turn my head around to continue the conversation with Selina and Yasmin, his head moved around and his eyes immediately caught me.


Shit. Shit. Shit.


We both looked each other in the eyes. My lips slightly parted but his mouth was growing with a wicked smirk. Before I went to look toward my friends, I didn’t miss the sharp wink he sent me.


All I knew then was that I’ll without doubt come face to face with Reese Lane soon


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